EROcentric  ‘er-ˌō-‘sen-trik  adj. 1 Concentrating on sexual love or desire in thoughts, words, and/or actions 2 Embracing that sexual love or desire is a significant part of life experience

Why Blog About Sex?

After a long, difficult journey to escape the land of sexual repression, I have come to believe the following:

  • Sex should not be shameful or full of guilt. Sex should be safe, consensual, and fun!
  • Sex can mean different things to different people. Fantasies, practices, and reasons for being sexually active differ widely from person to person.
  • By remaining open to new experiences, sex can become a wonderful activity with endless exploration.
  • To have the best sex, we need to be educated about it, honest with ourselves about our desires, and comfortable communicating with others.

My reason for creating EROcentric is to spread sexual literacy with a candid & sex positive attitude. Topics on this blog will range from rather “vanilla” sex and relationship tips to information on kinks and fetishes. I’ll be reviewing specific products and discussing broad issues of sex/gender and society. You can also follow me on Twitter!

Who Am I Anyway?

I have an obsession with hoarding sexual knowledge. My personal library is continuously growing, as is my stack of notes. While most of my academic interests are in non-mainstream sexualities like BDSM and fetishism, I’m also very passionate about destroying rape culture, providing comprehensive sex education, and advocating for reproductive rights.  I am currently taking courses in sexuality, gender, and reproduction while I narrow down my choices for a graduate program in the field of either sexology or sex education.

I swear that I have hobbies unrelated to sex though! I enjoy traveling and exploring the world with Andrew (the domestic partner). I have a nagging need for creative endeavorswhether it’s in the form of painting/drawing, sewing, or taking photos. And I love spending a relaxing day curled up in bed with a movie or piece of controversial fiction (especially if the cat will grace me with her general presence).

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