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Tantus Perfect Plug Kit Review

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Tantus Perfect Plug Kit - Packaging

The Perfect Plug Kit by Tantus is packaged within a clear plastic clamshell case with a single sheet of basic information and contains 2 different anal toys: the smaller, original Perfect Plug and the larger, vibrating Perfect Plug Plus (3-speed waterproof bullet vibrator included). Although they vary in size, each plug features the same basic design: a tapered end followed by a rounded bulge, a straight shaft, and a long skinny base that is made to fit comfortably between one’s asscheeks. Both plugs are made from 100% high quality, body-safe silicone which the packaging aptly describes as “plush” and “velvety.” (It actually reminds me a lot of Lelo’s famous silicone, reducing drag and fending off large amounts of dust, lint, & hair.) The silicone is firm to the touch, but the toys themselves are thin enough to bend & flex with your body. Each plug — or plug set — is available in two colors: black & purple.

Perfect Plug

With its incredibly small size and gently tapered point, the Perfect Plug was created with the first-time anal player in mind.  It has a total length of 3.5″ and a diameter of just 0.75″ at its widest insertable point. At almost the exact same size as a single finger, it’s definitely one of the most unassuming anal toys that I’ve ever seen. Plus, the thin diamond-shaped base offers a sturdy 2.5″ in length; you won’t have to worry about these butt plugs escaping into your colon and sending you to the ER.

Perfect Plug & Perfect Plug Plus

 Perfect Plug Plus

The Perfect Plug Plus, although slightly larger than the original, is still relatively small and beginner-friendly when compared to the overall anal plug market. The Plus has a total length of 4″ and a diameter of 1.2″ at it’s widest insertable point. The base measures in at approximately 2.75″ long. Instead of being solid silicone, the bottom half of the Plus is hollowed out to accommodate a vibrating bullet. It snuggly holds the included Tantus bullet as well as my beloved We-Vibe Tango. (Although the Tango is a slightly tighter fit with a bit of extra length poking out.) Both are still easy to remove with or without lubricant, which seems to be incredibly rare for bullet-compatible toys.

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Like I mentioned in my review for the Fun Factory Bootie, anal play isn’t an activity that I often engage in anymore. At the ripe old age of about 25, my body decided to develop minor internal hemorrhoids that — even if they’re not currently acting up — have put the fear of god in me. (Or at least the fear of a painfully itchy booty.) My ass has gradually gone from a source of taboo pleasure to a desexualized, off-limits area. I have to be extremely aware of the diameter of toys I want to try. I have to constantly remind myself to slow down and take deep breaths. I basically have to start from square one.

Perfect Plug

Perfect Plug BaseAs a butt-shy, second-time-around anal beginner, the Perfect Plug was exactly that: perfect. The tip is so small and the taper is so gradual that with the help of a little lubricant, the plug just slips right in there without a problem. No pain, no discomfort; it doesn’t challenge my body at all — which I consider to be a very good thing right now.

Once inserted, the Perfect Plug rests comfortably inside of me, quietly asserting its presence without screaming for attention. I can walk or sit down and it doesn’t interfere at all. It even remains unobtrusive during PIV intercourse; I never did feel like it was going to pop out simply because my partner’s thrusts were nudging the base. Overall, it’s almost like this plug is invisible. While my partner really enjoyed the experience of wearing it while walking up & down stairs, I failed to find it “pleasurable” in any context — but that’s the case with all anal toys right now. For me, it is a simple & very comfortable stepping stone for taking my ass back. That’s all I’m asking for right now.

Perfect Plug Plus

The Perfect Plug Plus, on the other hand, was a bit of a challenge. The increase in size is less gradual with this plug, and that caused my partner to write it off after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at insertion. I was suddenly afraid. Although shape is often more of a determining factor for him than size, he has in general been much more successful with anal play than I have been lately. If it wasn’t working for him…how in the world would it work for me?!

Perfect Plug Plus with Vibes

I’m happy to say that forging ahead with the Perfect Plug Plus was not nearly as scary as I had imagined. At the same time, I must admit that I probably won’t be using it again any time soon. Inserting the Plus is not easy for me. I experience a fair amount of resistance as well as the occasional brief moment of discomfort. Once the plug is finally in place, it takes me a long time to get used to the size — if I ever do. Walking & sitting doesn’t feel natural anymore. It’s distracting and just a bit too much for my body overall.

As expected, the Plus is slightly less inconspicuous during PIV intercourse or vaginal masturbation, but it never made either activity uncomfortable; it simply felt like my partner might dislodge the plug when thrusting. By far, my favorite part about the Perfect Plug Plus was the vibrations and their effect on my partner. The 3-speed Tantus bullet was enough to take some time off of his endurance — but he was truly a lost cause with the addition of the We-Vibe Tango! (I’m not a huge fan of anal vibrations, but I also enjoyed the Tango somewhat more. It was powerful enough for the vibrations to travel to my vagina — and it was much less buzzy/itchy.)

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Perfect Plug Plus & Bullet

The Perfect Plug Kit by Tantus is a fantastic choice for anal beginners or those individuals who simply prefer smaller butt toys. Both plugs sport a very sleek, body-conforming shape that helps with easy insertion as well as comfortable extended wear. The Perfect Plug Plus even allows for experimentation with vibrations, which is not as easy to find in small anal toys! Best of all, you get TWO body-safe & nonporous butt plugs for one affordable price ($68 through the Tantus website).

Although the Plus isn’t extremely comfortable for my body at this time, this will certainly not be the case for everyone — not even for all anal beginners. If, however, you are extremely concerned about size (or already know that you cannot handle more than a finger and don’t care to try), I still highly recommend the Perfect Plug on its own ($33.60). On the other hand, if there’s any chance that you’d like to work up to something larger over time, my advice is to go ahead and get the Kit. It’ll save you some money in the long run!


Pros: small with beginner-friendly shapes, two sizes allow for anal experimentation & advancement, larger plug is bullet compatible (vibrations!), body-safe & nonporous silicone, long/thin base for safe & comfortable wear, affordable price, can buy plugs separately if you know that one size just isn’t for you

Cons: larger plug can still be too large/not tapered enough for absolute anal beginners

Special thanks to Tantus for sending me this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review! 


If you would like to purchase the Perfect Plug Kit, please consider doing so through one of my affiliates: Tantus or SheVibe.

Fun Factory Bootie Review



The Fun Factory Bootie is a tiny little butt plug, which is great for the novice anal explorers of the world. It measures in at only 3″ long with a 1″ diameter at its widest point, just slightly thicker than a finger’s width. Plus, it features a gentle curve that could prove pleasurable for individuals with a prostate.

The Bootie is made out of body-safe & nonporous silicone with a velvety matte finish. It’s 100% sterilizable, so it won’t harbor bacteria —which is very important for anal toys. It also has a 3″ long, thin base that makes it safe for anal use. While this should be a given for all anal toys, there are unfortunately still plenty of products on the market that run the risk of getting lost in the colons of unsuspecting individuals. Remember folks: If it doesn’t have a sturdy base, don’t stick it in your butt. You don’t want to end your night in the ER.

The Bootie is available in either black or purple and the packaging is plain & simple — though not exactly discreet. It arrives in a small, thin cardboard box featuring images of the toy. It also comes with a “user manual” which feels more like an advertisement from Fun Factory than anything else. However, for a toy so simple, there really isn’t a lot that you need to know.


bootiebox2Once upon a time, I could experiment with anal toys whenever I wanted and not get butt-shy. However, with a couple of mild hemorrhoid flare-ups that I’ve experienced recently, all of that has changed. I’ve had to back-off on the size of my toys. I’ve had to remind myself to slow down and pay closer attention to my body. Basically, I have to be much more careful about the entire process and accept that some days it’s altogether impossible. (If you are struggling with hemorrhoids, I strongly suggest reading A Porn Star’s Irreverent Guide to Hemorrhoids by Kitty Stryker. It’s amazing.)

To be honest, the Fun Factory Bootie is the only anal toy that I haven’t been intimidated by over the past few months. Its size is perfect: I feel a slight stretch around the bulb, but then it gets sucked right in without a problem and doesn’t budge. I don’t feel the visually obvious seam that runs around the toy or the Fun Factory emblem. And because the base is thin and fits snuggly between my ass cheeks, it’s super comfortable to wear for extended periods. In fact, I barely even notice it when I sit or walk around. The only time that the Bootie was not comfortable was when I tried pointing the curve towards my back rather than my stomach. (This will certainly not be the case for everyone. Fellow sex blogger, Penny, actually prefers to use the Bootie this way.)

bootiehandAlthough the size is perfect for beginners, the flexibility of this plug can make insertion a little tricky. The silicone is not soft enough to “squish” between your fingers, but the base and stem do bend very easily under pressure. I have to hold the Bootie very tightly and try to keep it relatively straight in order to insert it. (Obviously, this becomes more difficult when everything is covered in lube.) Because of the extreme flexibility and the fact that the tip is only slightly tapered, a close friend of mine was completely unable to use this toy — despite the fact that they can insert other, larger anal toys.

Using the Bootie during intercourse was an interesting experience… but probably not something that I will seek out again. It definitely made my partner feel larger and it made me feel tighter/more full. However, I kept feeling like the toy was going to get pulled out of me when my partner’s thrusts came into contact with the base. (When I started to remove the toy, I discovered that it had been turned inside of me.) Despite my fascination with the taboo of double penetration, I couldn’t truly relax and enjoy the experience.

bootielogo2Also, it’s important to remember that even though silicone is nonporous, it can retain smells. If you notice that your Fun Factory Bootie is getting a little funky & that bothers you, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, sanitizing it in the dishwasher (top rack, sans detergent) or boiling it for a few minutes should help.

Bottom Line

As a plug, the Fun Factory Bootie does exactly what it’s meant to do. It is a great choice for beginner’s anal play — or individuals like me who feel more comfortable with small insertables. It’s body-safe, very affordable (approximately $35), and not intimidating at all.


Pros: small size, comfortable shape, long/thin base, affordable, great for extended wear, body-safe & nonporous

Cons: flexibility can make insertion tricky, tip is only slightly tapered, may be too small for some individuals, may feel too “boring” if you enjoy more active anal stimulation (in which case, I suggest the Tantus Ripple)

If you’d like to purchase the Fun Factory Bootie, please consider buying from my affiliates: Good Vibrations, Sexy Time Toys, Peepshow Toys, or SheVibe

Tantus Ripple

Tantus Ripple – Small [review]

If I’m being perfectly honest, I have never found anal pleasure to be really pleasurable. It’s always been more of a mental turn-on: the feeling of submission and vulnerability that comes from being the receptive partner, the slight taboo of anal play in general. But as far as pure physical pleasure goes? Meh. It’s okay. At least that’s how I felt before trying the Tantus Ripple.


Tantus RippleThe Tantus Ripple is a slender toy with 4 rounded “bead-like” shapes that gradually increase in size. The new model also has a very thick, round base to prevent it from accidentally getting sucked inside the rectum. (Because a trip to the emergency room to get something removed from your butt is never fun.) Made from one solid piece of Tantus’s premium silicone, this toy is completely body-safe and non-porous. Obviously, porosity is a very serious concern for anal toys because of the potential for bacteria growth. The Ripple can be cleaned with soap and water, wiped down with a 10% bleach solution, boiled, or even put in the top rack of a dishwasher. It offers a great safe alternative to traditional anal beads, many of which are made from questionable material and/or connected with an impossible-to-clean cloth string.

The Ripple comes in two sizes: large and small. The large has a diameter ranging from 0.8″ to 1.5″ with a total length of 6.85″. The small has a diameter ranging from 0.5″ to 1″ with a total length of 4.95″. My review will be based on the small, because that is the only size that I have personal experience with.


Tantus RippleDespite some previous anal play, I still consider myself a novice — especially in the size department. I’m meticulous about toy dimensions, because I know that even a plug that is considered “small” can cause me some mild discomfort at its widest point. The small Ripple, however, is entirely unthreatening. In fact, the most difficult part about insertion is not about size — but flexibility. Although the silicone itself is rather firm, the toy is so narrow that it bends easily. Once lubricant is added, you have a very slippery toy that does not stand up to pressure. The easiest method of insertion seems to be to hold the Ripple very close to the first “bead,” so that you can firmly guide the tip into your body. After that, controlling the toy by holding onto the base becomes much easier.

Because of its rippled shape, but overall very small size, this toy begs to be moved. If you’re looking for an anal plug that will give you a feeling of “fullness,” the small Tantus Ripple will almost certainly not satisfy you. Even when paired with an insertable vaginal vibrator or worn during PIV intercourse, it may not provide any additional pleasurable sensation. It’s simply too unobtrusive. Also, if you enjoy wearing anal plugs during your daily routine, the large round base can make sitting and walking a little awkward and uncomfortable.

No, the real joy of the Tantus Ripple is in the sensation you get from thrusting — especially since the shiny silicone stays lubricated very well and does not create any drag. (It does, however, attract a lot of dust and hair in storage.) The varying sizes of the bead-shaped forms provide a lot of stimulation, especially near the opening of the anus. For me, it created a very pleasurable full-body tingling sensation that was almost epiphanic in a “So this is why people like butt play!” sort of way. Still, I can see how someone else might consider this sensation overwhelming or maybe even irritating. Instead of a constant thrusting, some individuals may prefer to wait until the moment of climax to remove the Ripple, or simply allow it to naturally be pushed out of the body during orgasm.

Tantus RippleWould I suggest the Tantus Ripple?

Yes, yes, yes! I believe that the small Tantus Ripple is a truly fantastic toy for anal beginners. It’s body-safe, it’s very small and unthreatening, and the different sizes of the ripples allow for a person to test their physical limits while also safely stopping at any time. Plus, with a larger version of the same toy on the market, there’s always the opportunity to move up when you’re ready for bigger plugs.

Best of all, the Tantus Ripple offers very high quality at a reasonable price. Through Shevibe‘s website, you can purchase the Ripple Small for $29.99 and the Large for $35.99. (Both sizes have the color options of black or midnight purple.) Ordering the standard colors directly from Tantus‘s website is a little more expensive. But if you are interested in the small size & comfortable with receiving a random color, you can save even more money by ordering through Tantus’s grab bag section for only $16.99! At that price, it’s totally worth a try if you’re even the tiniest bit curious about the “anal bead” sensation. You can also find the Ripple in both sizes at Peepshow Toys.

Tantus Ripple

Pros: non-porous & body safe silicone, thick round base, perfect size for beginners, very affordable options

Cons: may not be ideal for individuals who prefer “fullness” to active anal stimulation