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The Fun Factory Bootie is a tiny little butt plug, which is great for the novice anal explorers of the world. It measures in at only 3″ long with a 1″ diameter at its widest point, just slightly thicker than a finger’s width. Plus, it features a gentle curve that could prove pleasurable for individuals with a prostate.

The Bootie is made out of body-safe & nonporous silicone with a velvety matte finish. It’s 100% sterilizable, so it won’t harbor bacteria —which is very important for anal toys. It also has a 3″ long, thin base that makes it safe for anal use. While this should be a given for all anal toys, there are unfortunately still plenty of products on the market that run the risk of getting lost in the colons of unsuspecting individuals. Remember folks: If it doesn’t have a sturdy base, don’t stick it in your butt. You don’t want to end your night in the ER.

The Bootie is available in either black or purple and the packaging is plain & simple — though not exactly discreet. It arrives in a small, thin cardboard box featuring images of the toy. It also comes with a “user manual” which feels more like an advertisement from Fun Factory than anything else. However, for a toy so simple, there really isn’t a lot that you need to know.


bootiebox2Once upon a time, I could experiment with anal toys whenever I wanted and not get butt-shy. However, with a couple of mild hemorrhoid flare-ups that I’ve experienced recently, all of that has changed. I’ve had to back-off on the size of my toys. I’ve had to remind myself to slow down and pay closer attention to my body. Basically, I have to be much more careful about the entire process and accept that some days it’s altogether impossible. (If you are struggling with hemorrhoids, I strongly suggest reading A Porn Star’s Irreverent Guide to Hemorrhoids by Kitty Stryker. It’s amazing.)

To be honest, the Fun Factory Bootie is the only anal toy that I haven’t been intimidated by over the past few months. Its size is perfect: I feel a slight stretch around the bulb, but then it gets sucked right in without a problem and doesn’t budge. I don’t feel the visually obvious seam that runs around the toy or the Fun Factory emblem. And because the base is thin and fits snuggly between my ass cheeks, it’s super comfortable to wear for extended periods. In fact, I barely even notice it when I sit or walk around. The only time that the Bootie was not comfortable was when I tried pointing the curve towards my back rather than my stomach. (This will certainly not be the case for everyone. Fellow sex blogger, Penny, actually prefers to use the Bootie this way.)

bootiehandAlthough the size is perfect for beginners, the flexibility of this plug can make insertion a little tricky. The silicone is not soft enough to “squish” between your fingers, but the base and stem do bend very easily under pressure. I have to hold the Bootie very tightly and try to keep it relatively straight in order to insert it. (Obviously, this becomes more difficult when everything is covered in lube.) Because of the extreme flexibility and the fact that the tip is only slightly tapered, a close friend of mine was completely unable to use this toy — despite the fact that they can insert other, larger anal toys.

Using the Bootie during intercourse was an interesting experience… but probably not something that I will seek out again. It definitely made my partner feel larger and it made me feel tighter/more full. However, I kept feeling like the toy was going to get pulled out of me when my partner’s thrusts came into contact with the base. (When I started to remove the toy, I discovered that it had been turned inside of me.) Despite my fascination with the taboo of double penetration, I couldn’t truly relax and enjoy the experience.

bootielogo2Also, it’s important to remember that even though silicone is nonporous, it can retain smells. If you notice that your Fun Factory Bootie is getting a little funky & that bothers you, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, sanitizing it in the dishwasher (top rack, sans detergent) or boiling it for a few minutes should help.

Bottom Line

As a plug, the Fun Factory Bootie does exactly what it’s meant to do. It is a great choice for beginner’s anal play — or individuals like me who feel more comfortable with small insertables. It’s body-safe, very affordable (approximately $35), and not intimidating at all.


Pros: small size, comfortable shape, long/thin base, affordable, great for extended wear, body-safe & nonporous

Cons: flexibility can make insertion tricky, tip is only slightly tapered, may be too small for some individuals, may feel too “boring” if you enjoy more active anal stimulation (in which case, I suggest the Tantus Ripple)

If you’d like to purchase the Fun Factory Bootie, please consider buying from my affiliates: Good Vibrations, Sexy Time Toys, Peepshow Toys, or SheVibe

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