My Rating Scale

The primary way that I rate my toys is based off of subjective experience. However, I also try to give toys the benefit of the doubt for their ability to please other individuals & this will sometimes bump a toy up or down a notch. Remember: Everyone experiences sexuality differently.

5starsCompared to other sex toys I’ve tried, this one is exemplary. It’s a favorite of mine & one that I return to very often for some of the best, consistent orgasms.

4starsThis toy impresses me and I enjoy it a lot. However, I may not always reach for it because there are other toys I like better. I’d definitely still recommend it though.

3starThis toy is …okay. Sure, it may have made me orgasm & I may have liked it well enough, but it just doesn’t stand out.2starI did not like this toy. I’ll admit that it has redeeming qualities & I think others could potentially enjoy it. But it definitely wasn’t for me.

1starreally didn’t like this toy because of some major, fundamental issue: unsafe, barely worked, etc. I can’t, in good faith, recommend it to my readers.