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Tantus Ripple – Small [review]

If I’m being perfectly honest, I have never found anal pleasure to be really pleasurable. It’s always been more of a mental turn-on: the feeling of submission and vulnerability that comes from being the receptive partner, the slight taboo of anal play in general. But as far as pure physical pleasure goes? Meh. It’s okay. At least that’s how I felt before trying the Tantus Ripple.


Tantus RippleThe Tantus Ripple is a slender toy with 4 rounded “bead-like” shapes that gradually increase in size. The new model also has a very thick, round base to prevent it from accidentally getting sucked inside the rectum. (Because a trip to the emergency room to get something removed from your butt is never fun.) Made from one solid piece of Tantus’s premium silicone, this toy is completely body-safe and non-porous. Obviously, porosity is a very serious concern for anal toys because of the potential for bacteria growth. The Ripple can be cleaned with soap and water, wiped down with a 10% bleach solution, boiled, or even put in the top rack of a dishwasher. It offers a great safe alternative to traditional anal beads, many of which are made from questionable material and/or connected with an impossible-to-clean cloth string.

The Ripple comes in two sizes: large and small. The large has a diameter ranging from 0.8″ to 1.5″ with a total length of 6.85″. The small has a diameter ranging from 0.5″ to 1″ with a total length of 4.95″. My review will be based on the small, because that is the only size that I have personal experience with.


Tantus RippleDespite some previous anal play, I still consider myself a novice — especially in the size department. I’m meticulous about toy dimensions, because I know that even a plug that is considered “small” can cause me some mild discomfort at its widest point. The small Ripple, however, is entirely unthreatening. In fact, the most difficult part about insertion is not about size — but flexibility. Although the silicone itself is rather firm, the toy is so narrow that it bends easily. Once lubricant is added, you have a very slippery toy that does not stand up to pressure. The easiest method of insertion seems to be to hold the Ripple very close to the first “bead,” so that you can firmly guide the tip into your body. After that, controlling the toy by holding onto the base becomes much easier.

Because of its rippled shape, but overall very small size, this toy begs to be moved. If you’re looking for an anal plug that will give you a feeling of “fullness,” the small Tantus Ripple will almost certainly not satisfy you. Even when paired with an insertable vaginal vibrator or worn during PIV intercourse, it may not provide any additional pleasurable sensation. It’s simply too unobtrusive. Also, if you enjoy wearing anal plugs during your daily routine, the large round base can make sitting and walking a little awkward and uncomfortable.

No, the real joy of the Tantus Ripple is in the sensation you get from thrusting — especially since the shiny silicone stays lubricated very well and does not create any drag. (It does, however, attract a lot of dust and hair in storage.) The varying sizes of the bead-shaped forms provide a lot of stimulation, especially near the opening of the anus. For me, it created a very pleasurable full-body tingling sensation that was almost epiphanic in a “So this is why people like butt play!” sort of way. Still, I can see how someone else might consider this sensation overwhelming or maybe even irritating. Instead of a constant thrusting, some individuals may prefer to wait until the moment of climax to remove the Ripple, or simply allow it to naturally be pushed out of the body during orgasm.

Tantus RippleWould I suggest the Tantus Ripple?

Yes, yes, yes! I believe that the small Tantus Ripple is a truly fantastic toy for anal beginners. It’s body-safe, it’s very small and unthreatening, and the different sizes of the ripples allow for a person to test their physical limits while also safely stopping at any time. Plus, with a larger version of the same toy on the market, there’s always the opportunity to move up when you’re ready for bigger plugs.

Best of all, the Tantus Ripple offers very high quality at a reasonable price. Through Shevibe‘s website, you can purchase the Ripple Small for $29.99 and the Large for $35.99. (Both sizes have the color options of black or midnight purple.) Ordering the standard colors directly from Tantus‘s website is a little more expensive. But if you are interested in the small size & comfortable with receiving a random color, you can save even more money by ordering through Tantus’s grab bag section for only $16.99! At that price, it’s totally worth a try if you’re even the tiniest bit curious about the “anal bead” sensation. You can also find the Ripple in both sizes at Peepshow Toys.

Tantus Ripple

Pros: non-porous & body safe silicone, thick round base, perfect size for beginners, very affordable options

Cons: may not be ideal for individuals who prefer “fullness” to active anal stimulation


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