We-Vibe Tango: Old Version [review]

The We-Vibe Tango is the little darling among the sex blogging crowd. I had read many reviews singing the praises of its powerful and rumbly vibrations, but I still wasn’t entirely convinced. I mean…it couldn’t possibly be as strong as my beloved (electrically powered) Magic Wand Original — and for a significantly higher price?! No, I waited until the new & improved Tango was released and I was able to snag an older, discounted version from Sex Toys Canada. (Although my review will be based on the older model, I will also comment on the aspects that have been improved upon.)


The We-Vibe Tango is your typical bullet vibrator, shaped very similarly to a tube of lipstick, angled tip and all. It measures 3.5″ long by .75″ wide. Because of this standard size, it can be paired with most (if not all) toys that have a bullet cavity — including many amazing Tantus products.

My Tango came packaged in a tastefully designed cardboard box, featuring a photo of the toy and some basic product information. Inside was the Tango itself, the infamous magnetic charging cord, a small instruction manual, and a surprisingly large storage pouch.

While my photos will be of the old rose-colored version, the new Tango is available in hot pink, blue, and white (if ordered as part of the Pleasure Mate Collection). All versions, old & new, are made of hard ABS plastic. They are non-porous and body-safe, smooth to touch, waterproof, and easy to clean.


We-Vibe Tango PatternsThe Tango has a reputation for being the “world’s most powerful mini-vibe” and that’s NOT just a marketing ploy. I’ve never had a vibrator that spins and rotates and bounces as much as this one when I lay it down somewhere. There are 8 different vibration modes: 4 levels of constant vibration and 4 patterns. The Tango only has one button, which cycles through all of the vibration modes and then turns the toy off. However, if you press & hold the button for a couple of seconds, the Tango will turn off immediately and remember your vibration mode for next time.

ExperienceWe-Vibe Tango

It’s no secret that I’m a power queen when it comes to vibration… and despite how skeptical I was at first, the We-Vibe Tango did not disappoint! In fact, it rivals the Magic Wand Original for me, perfect for those times when I want to slow down and really enjoy my pleasure. (Or when I prefer a smaller toy, like during partnered sex.) Because the vibrations are deeper and more rumbly, I can even reach orgasm on lower settings without a lot of frustration.

Although I don’t often pair it with bullet-compatible toys, I’ve been genuinely surprised by how well the Tango’s vibrations travel through the thick silicone of my Tantus G-Spot vibrating dildo. The bad news is that, when using the Tango alone, these vibrations will also travel through your hand. It’s definitely a toy that can cause numbness, and We-Vibe actually suggests not using it in one spot for more than 15 minutes at a time. For all of its power, the We-Vibe Tango is amazingly quiet. And although it definitely warms up during use, I’ve never had it get “hot.”

DSC03302My biggest issue with the Tango so far has been its poor battery life. Although We-Vibe claims that the product lasts for 2 hours (on every 90 minute charge), that estimate varies greatly depending on which vibration setting you use. For example, my Tango only lasts 45 minutes on “ultra.” While this is usually enough to get me through 2-3 sessions, I do need to constantly remind myself to charge it — unlike many of my other toys. It doesn’t help that the old-style magnetic charger is notorious for being finicky and will lose its connection at the slightest jostle. (The new model has improved upon this design, thereby creating a stronger connection. It also has a blinking indicator light for when the battery becomes low.)

Lastly, there’s a couple of craftsmanship issues that need mentioning. Many Tangos (mine included) have a tiny imperfection near the tip that occurs during the molding process. It’s only a pinpoint-sized divot, so I have never been able to notice it during use. But it is something to be aware of. Secondly, although I haven’t experienced any DSC03306trouble as of yet, many others have reported a relatively short lifespan for their beloved Tangos. According to We-Vibe, this issue has been addressed in the internal workings of the new version. However, it’s still pretty early to know for sure. My advice is to hang onto those serial numbers — just incase you need to use the 1-year warranty.


The We-Vibe Tango is definitely the most powerful vibrator of it’s size. It takes bullet-compatible toys to a whole new level, it’s perfect for partnered sex, and it’s great for travel (just be aware that it doesn’t have a locking function). Although it might seem pricey for a bullet, it’s well worth it if you’re looking for intense, rumbly vibrations. It’s quickly become a favorite of mine, and I find it hard to believe that any other bullet will ever compare.


Pros: small, unobtrusive during partner sex, standard size for bullet-compatible toys, extremely intense & rumbly vibrations, body-safe ABS plastic, quiet, rechargeable, & waterproof

Cons: rather short battery life on highest setting, finicky magnetic charger, some reports of product defects

If you’re interested in purchasing the We-Vibe Tango, please consider ordering from my affiliates: SheVibe, Sexy Time Toys, Peepshow ToysGood Vibrations, or Lovehoney.

2 thoughts on “We-Vibe Tango: Old Version [review]

  1. Is the we-vibe r tango good for couple play? Do you have to hold them the entire time for each position? Which one is better for doggie style and missionary positions? Thanks so much for your help…I’ve spent hours reading online reviews but everyone says the same things. Nobody writes it from the perspective of someone new to all of this so they don’t include instructions ,pictures, ideas for positions, etc. I’d be so grateful!

  2. The We-Vibe Tango is great for couple’s play! Because of its small size, the Tango remains fairly inconspicuous — even in the closest face-to-face positions, like missionary. In positions where partners are NOT facing each other (such as doggie style), there is a much wider range of toys that are comfortable to use. In these positions, the receiving partner may even have enough space to accommodate the largest wand vibrators without feeling inconvenienced.

    Although everyone’s anatomy is different, I would venture to say that unless you or your partner have very pronounced labia (large enough to securely nestle the Tango in between), then you will probably need to hold the vibrator in place — or reposition it often, due to the thrusting motions of intercourse. (You could also try to squish the toy in between your bodies and have less vigorous sex, but the hard ABS plastic may feel uncomfortable with this sort of pressure.)

    If you are looking for a hands-free option, I would suggest looking into the original We-Vibe: a U-shaped toy where one end is inserted into the vagina and the other rests on the clitoris. However, keep in mind that because everyone’s genital anatomy is different, it does not always work as it was designed to. (And if you’re looking for powerful vibrations, I’ve heard that it’s no where near as strong as the Tango.)

    I hope that this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions! 🙂

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