Hitachi Magic Wand

The (Former) Hitachi Magic Wand [review]

Hitachi Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand was introduced to America in 1968 — not as a sex toy, but as a “massager.” It didn’t take long, however, for people to discover that a “massager” that will turn your aching muscles to jelly will also make you come like a hurricane when used on your genitalia. To many happy consumers, “Hitachi” is synonymous with orgasmic pleasure despite the fact that the company wanted to be known for their electronics and appliances. In 2013 they finally decided to remove their name from the infamous massager. As I purchased mine right before the switch, my experience is limited to the old Hitachi Magic Wand. However, the improvements that were made to the new “Original Magic Wand,” seem minor enough that this review should still be useful.


As a product straight out of the ’60s, the Hitachi definitely isn’t the prettiest sex toy. It’s mostly white, with blue detail on the power switch and the flexible neck. The long handle is hard plastic, but the vibrating ball-shaped head is made from a comfortable, texturized rubber. (Unfortunately, the rubber cannot be completely sterilized and has been known to stain or simply discolor/yellow with age.) Instead of using batteries, a 6 ft electrical cord powers the Hitachi. Although this can be somewhat inconvenient, it does provide consistent and strong vibrations. There are only 2 intensities, but both are very powerful: low (5000 rpm) and high (6000 rpm). Both settings are also very loud, making this toy potentially embarrassing for those with prudish roommates.


There are also plenty of attachments made specifically for the Hitachi Magic Wand. These range from simple silicone (sterilizable) caps, insertables for G-spot as well as anal pleasure, and male masturbatory sleeves. For a fantastic (and body safe) selection of these attachments, check out Shevibe’s Wand Vibrator Accessories page and Good Vibration’s Pop Top selection. (I own the Pop Top Deluxe Silicone G-Spotter and I really enjoy it!)


The most common complaint about the Hitachi is that it is simply too much. It’s certainly true that the vibrations will rattle your entire vulva — and it’s the popular toy used in forced orgasm porn for a reason. With direct contact, it can easily jump the line from “Oh, that feels good…” to “Holy shit, make it stop!” If you have a sensitive clitoris, this toy might not be the perfect match. However, if you’re like me (whose genitals barely even register the vibrations from the Lelo Lily), the Hitachi could easily become your favorite toy.

Masturbation: Using the Hitachi by myself usually makes for a quick session. Desensitization doesn’t become an issue for me. I do, however, feel remarkably lazy at times. Fast orgasms are not always the most pleasurable. Sometimes there is little physical build-up and not much time to enjoy sexual fantasies. It’s also more difficult to ride a slow comedown, as the vibrations immediately become overwhelmingly uncomfortable. But I keep coming back because it’s so effortless.

Partner sex: I find using the Hitachi with a partner to be more complicated. It is difficult for a partner to apply the nuanced pressure and positioning that I find pleasurable. However, staying on the low setting and/or using a buffer can help. Some place a towel between their body and the Hitachi in order to muffle the sensations. Others put a clean sock over the head. There are even dimmer switches to allow for better control. (There is some debate on whether this harms the product.) My personal favorite is simply to wear a sexy pair of panties. As for intercourse, the size and cord are a bit cumbersome, but positions like doggy and cowgirl are quite accommodating.

Male pleasure: This is not a strictly female vibrator! Even without purchasing an attachment that is made for male pleasure, the Hitachi can be used externally on male genitalia. Not all men are going to enjoy vibration (especially at this intensity), but it can be fun to experiment.

Traditional use: I suffer from a lot of back pain, and the Hitachi has definitely improved my day-to-day comfort. The vibrations get deep into the muscles, smoothing out areas that harbor the effects of physical or emotional stress. To avoid overheating, the instructions advise not to use it for more than 25 minutes (with a 30 minute break), and this is almost always satisfactory. Bonus: since it’s marketed for external stimulation of any body part (and does not resemble a disembodied penis), you can accidentally leave it out without disturbing your guests…too much.

Closing thought: I love it!

I think the Hitachi Original Magic Wand is a fantastic purchase, especially for those that experience some difficulty reaching orgasm. The amount of power, the wide range of possible uses, and the long lifespan of this toy all make it well worth the price. It’s been over a year since I bought mine, and it has rarely left its spot on my nightstand since.


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  1. Yeah everybody wished that the Hitachi magic wand would be less noisy…. for sure it is not a discreet vibrator, but to have such powerful vibration you have no choice but to be noisy…

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