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Lelo Lily [review]

The Lelo Lily was my first sex toy crush. It’s small, sleek, and resembles a sculpture more so than a vibrator. Plus, it concentrates on the clitoris instead of being insertable. Despite some opinions that the vibrations were too weak, I couldn’t get over my infatuation. I spent years swooning over Lily, keeping an eye on various website sales and trying to convince myself that a sex toy was worth the better part of $100. Finally, the desire for a vibrator that was less cumbersome & more intercourse-friendly swayed me to place an order.

First Impressions

Lelo certainly puts effort into making their packaging fit the “luxury” ideal, even if it is somewhat excessive to those of us who try to live green. Upon receiving my Lily, I was greeted with a discreet, shiny black cardboard box. No porn star models & cheap plastic here! Inside the cardboard was a nicer and sturdier black box that can be used as permanent storage.

Lelo Lily

Included inside, along with Lily, was a white satin travel bag, a wall charger (having a rechargeable battery cancels out the amount of packaging, right?), the Lily/Nea/Yva user manual, a 1 year warranty, and a 10 year quality guarantee.

Lelo Lily

The Lily has a wonderfully soft, almost skin-like texture. It easily fits into the palm of your hand, and its shape is made to complement the intimate curves of the female genitals. There are only two buttons that control on/off, vibration intensity, and 5 stimulation modes (continuous, extended/intermediate/short pulses, and one called “before & after” that makes me think of revving a car). Using these two buttons, the Lily can also be locked to prevent accidental loss of battery life. I have been able to lock mine and keep it in my nightstand for weeks, if not months, between uses without any need to recharge. (According to Lelo, there are 4 hours of use for every 2-hour charge.)


The Good: Lily is very quiet. Unless you share a bedroom, nobody will be able to tell that you are enjoying some quality alone time. I also found the Lily very comfortable to hold; not flush against my body, but lifted up a bit so that the vibrations felt stronger (on the pleasure point) and I had easy access to the buttons.

The Bad: It is way too weak for my body. At its highest intensity setting, the Lily is drastically more subdued than any other vibrator I have owned. At the lowest, I am not even able to feel the vibrations. I only recognize that it is still on by a high-pitched electronic squeal. It definitely falls more within the higher “buzzy” category than low & “rumbly.” Although I can orgasm while using the Lily, it’s a long process — full of moments where I lose the perfect sensation and ending with a mediocre climax. More often than not, it simply gets passed over for a toy that I know will do the job in a timely manner and not lead to frustration.

Partner Sex

I had hopes that even if the Lily wouldn’t do the job for me on its own that it would still be enough to tip me over the edge during sex. Sadly, the opposite was true. While it is the perfect size and shape to be unobtrusive, I found that the vibrations from Lily become entirely overpowered during intercourse so that I barely notice them at all, even on the highest setting. However, although Lily is marketed to women, it’s a good size and shape to cradle a male’s testicles while resting the tip against his perineum as well.

Would I suggest the Lelo Lily?

It’s definitely not for everyone. I doubt that I will ever pay the high price for another Lelo product, simply because I fear that all of them will be too weak for my needs. However, if you are very sensitive and easily overwhelmed by genital vibrations, the Lily will probably be a good sex toy for you. Go to your local sex toy store, and see if they have a display model so that you can test out the vibrations before you spend your money.


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