Tantus Vamp Review


Description & First Impressions

The Tantus Vamp is a simple sex toy. There are no internal vibrating mechanisms. No fancy bumps, ripples, or curves along the shaft. The design is obviously phallic in nature, but without super-realistic veins, testicles, and skin-tone gradations. Measuring 7″ long with a 1.75″ diameter, it sits squarely in the middle of the size spectrum: girthy in a way that is comfortable for most, but certainly not winning any size queen awards.

Compared to other (more flashy) products, the Vamp is easy to overlook… but don’t let its simplicity fool you. This toy is like when a friend says they’ll bring mac & cheese to a potluck. At first, you roll your eyes and think, “Seriously?! I can get that from a box.” But then they show up with a magical concoction of white cheddar & truffles & bacon and all of a sudden you’re like, “Hey, I totally underestimated you! You’re invited to all of my dinner parties!” Except in this case, the Vamp is your friend and “dinner parties” is code for masturbation.

The Tantus Vamp is made entirely from nonporous & body-safe silicone that is surprisingly firm but flexible. Its thick, sturdy base makes this toy both harness-compatible and safe for anal use. And although the shiny finish does create a couple of mild annoyances (attracting loads of dust/hair and creating a fair amount of drag during use), a little soap & water/sex toy cleaner and added lubrication will fix those issues immediately.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always on the look out for affordable-but-safe sex toys, and the Vamp is one of my absolute favorites to recommend. Normally, this toy comes in two colors (cream & purple) and hovers around the $40 price point. But it’s also available as one of Tantus’ special Grab Bags. This means that for only $25 you can get the Vamp in a surprise color. (Sometimes they are beautiful combinations of colors, and other times they are pretty average-looking, like mine. But it’s always an exciting game of chance!)

So the Vamp is a high-quality, versatile sex toy that is easy on your wallet… but how it feels is obviously very important too. With its pronounced head & deep coronal ridge, this is where the true magic of the Vamp makes itself known.


vamp2The Tantus Vamp makes my G-spot very happy in a subtle, relaxing sort of way — a completely different sensation from more intense & overwhelming toys like the Jopen Key Comet II. Being primarily straight, the Vamp may not seem like an immediate choice for G-spot stimulation, but the head is so prominent that it does the job with ease. This is great if, like me, you enjoy thrusting with toys but have a pubic bone that tends to get “hooked” by more extreme curves.

Plus, as someone who recently discovered that she’s not a huge fan of large toys, the Vamp is the perfect size. The girth is just large enough to provide a nice feeling of fullness without being uncomfortable. And although there is a distinct ‘popping’ sensation during insertion (which I personally dislike), my body adjusts quickly and effortlessly. It is definitely my go-to “big toy.”

Bottom Line

The Tantus Vamp is a great, high quality dildo without a lot of the bells & whistles that complicate many other toys, making them tailored to very specific needs. Of course, that’s not to say that everyone will enjoy this toy; sexuality is very diverse. However, I do believe that the Vamp is capable of pleasing a wide range of individuals because of it’s beautiful simplicity.

If you’re looking for a girthy (but certainly not huge) “everyday” sort of dildo, this may just be it.


Pros: nonporous & body-safe silicone, on the large side of “average,” pronounced head may stimulate G-spot, thick & sturdy base

Cons: may still be too large or small for some individuals, pronounced head may be uncomfortable upon insertion, general straight shape may not be stimulating enough

If you are interested in purchasing the Tantus Vamp, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Tantus (who offers the regular, grab bag, and the new vibrating grab bag option), Peepshow Toys, or SheVibe!  

Jopen Key Comet II Review


Created for targeted G-spot stimulation, the Key Comet by Jopen features a slight J-shaped curve with a very pronounced rounded head. The original Comet is a beautiful glass dildo with a partial silicone coating. The newer Comet II is a lighter vibrating version made from hard, ABS plastic in place of glass. Both have a diameter of 1.5″ at their widest point. However, the Comet II measures 5.25″ in length, making it a quarter of an inch longer than its predecessor. Both models are available in the same three colors: hot pink, purple, and a beautiful shade of turquoise.

Although it is my understanding that the differences between the two are rather minimal (sans vibration capability), my personal experience is limited to the Comet II.


As I already mentioned, the Comet II is made from high quality, nonporous & body-safe materials. The smooth matte silicone doesn’t attract much dust, and the only time that I have noticed a small amount of drag is after prolonged use (once lubrication has had a chance to dry out). It’s waterproof and, like most luxury toys, it is rechargeable. Every 4-hour charge should lead to 2-3 hours of use.

Jopen’s packaging for the Comet II is simple, tasteful, and gender neutral. Its cardboard box features basic product information, as well as a non-discreet photograph of the toy itself. Included is a travel/storage pouch, magnetic USB charging cable, and a single sheet of instructions. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

keybutton3The Comet II features only one button, the silver Key by Jopen logo at the very end of the handle. (Which, in my experience, can be a little stiff & difficult to press at times.) To turn the toy on/off, press and hold the button for approximately 3 seconds. When the power is on, each quick press of the button will switch to the next vibration setting. The toy has 7 vibration settings in all: 1 constant vibration and 6 different patterns of pulses & waves. Of course, the downside of simple one-button controls is that you have to cycle through all of the settings if you accidentally pass the one you were looking for.


As I learned with the Lelo Ella, my anatomy is iffy when it comes to G-spot toys with large or drastic curves. Things have a tendency to get uncomfortably hooked behind my pubic bone, forcing me to avoid thrusting and therefore change the way that I masturbate…which is rarely worth the effort. With its swooping curve & bulbous head, it’s no surprise that the Comet II was one of those toys that took some getting used to.

My initial concern was that insertion would be uncomfortable due to the Comet’s large, rounded head. I was happy to discover that although I do occasionally experience a brief moment of discomfort, this is a rare & completely manageable occurrence. In fact, it could probably be remedied altogether if I would slow down and allow myself to get more physically aroused before jumping into insertion. (This, of course, might not be the case for everyone.)

comet chargerOnce inserted, the Comet magically found my G-spot without any of my usual wiggling around in search of perfection. It was like the shape of the toy was simply made to fit my body. Turning on the vibrations solidified in my mind that this was money well spent. Although it’s no powerhouse like the We-Vibe Tango, I do find it very satisfying for internal stimulation (where I typically require less intense vibrations). In fact, it actually made me let out a quick little “Oh!” reminiscent of the very first time I experienced G-spot stimulation at the hands of my partner.

With thrusting out of the question, I did have to experiment with other — much more subtle — motions. Pushing down on the handle, which in turn pushes the rounded end firmly against my G-spot, works well. Combined with the vibrations, this pressure (whether constant or in the form of a quick pattern) is enough to lead me to a solid blended orgasm when combined with clitoral stimulation.

However, what really works for me is moving the handle side-to-side, causing the bulbous head to sort of roll across the front wall of my vagina. Honestly, this is a sensation like nothing I have ever felt before or since. The pleasure builds up until it is so intense that I don’t think I can handle another second. I get physically overwhelmed; my nerves on fire, like after one of those orgasms that makes you cry & laugh & shake all at the same time. I’ve even given up trying to watch porn while using this toy because I simply cannot concentrate on anything besides the glorious magic that is happening to my genitals.

Although I always swear it’s about to happen, I still haven’t squirted. I still don’t know if it’s even possible for me… but I don’t really care. The Comet leaves me exhausted, barely able to stand or even think straight. That’s all that really matters.

Jopen Key Comet

 The Bottom Line

For intense G-spot stimulation, I cannot recommend the Jopen Key Comet II enough. It’s shaped in such a way that finding your G-spot is almost foolproof. It’s more affordable (and in my opinion, less intimidating) than the stainless steel njoy Pure Wand. It even has the added bonus of vibrations — although if vibrations aren’t your thing, you can still get the cheaper, original Comet.

If the cost (approximately $75) is outside of your budget, don’t give up! I’ve seen this toy for as low as $45 online before, which is an amazing deal for a luxury silicone vibrator that will last you many, many years. So, as always…Keep an eye on sales!


Pros: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic, waterproof, rechargeable, fantastic curved shape & bulbous head for G-spot stimulation, hard enough material to provide steady pressure, satisfying & quiet vibrations, quite affordable with sales

Cons: cannot change intensity of vibrations, one-button control can be annoying, some individuals may find the bulbous head or the large curve uncomfortable

 If you’re interested in purchasing the Key Comet II by Jopen, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Good VibrationsSheVibe, & Peepshow Toys!

Lelo Mona 2 Review

As some of you might remember, I was one of the lucky winners of Epiphora’s great Mona summer party giveaway last year. Lelo was kind enough to send me the coveted Mona 2, as well as their (awesome) toy cleaning spray, water-based lubricant, and a Lelo notepad & pen set. Not only was the stationary nerd in me totally wooed, but for the first time, I was deeply impressed with a Lelo “pleasure object.”


Mona in box

The Lelo Mona 2 is curved specifically for G-spot stimulation, but it’s appearance is much more subtle than many other G-spot toys that are on the market. For one thing, the end is tapered, not bulbous & round. Instead of having an intense C-shape (like the njoy Pure Wand or the Jopen Key Comet), the Mona’s curve is gentle with a strategically placed bulge. Overall, it’s an unassuming & moderate sized toy with a diameter of 1.25″ at its widest point and a total length of 7.75″ (approximately 4.5″ of which is insertable).

The Mona 2 is available in three different colors: purple, red, and cerise (hot pink). Both the handle and the inner core of the vibrator are made from hard ABS plastic, meaning that there isn’t any flex or give to the toy. However, the insertable portion is covered in a layer of Lelo’s signature velvety silicone. It’s matte, does not attract much dust/hair/lint, and lubricates easily in order to minimize drag. Both materials are nonporous and body-safe.

The controls for the Mona are easy and intuitive. The handle has 4 buttons: +, -, ^, and v. To turn the toy on, press the + button and hold it until the desired vibration intensity is reached. To turn it off, press and hold the – button. The ^ and v button are used to cycle back and forth through Mona’s 5 patterns of various pulses and waves. The toy can also be locked and unlocked by pressing and holding both the – and + buttons at the same time for approximately 3 seconds.

Mona contentsTypical of Lelo products, the Mona 2 arrives in dual layers of packaging: a thin cardboard box featuring a photo of the toy & a sturdier box that is appropriate for extended storage. In addition to the toy itself, Lelo also includes a travel/storage pouch, charger, user manual, 1-year warranty registration card, and lubricant sample. According to Lelo’s website, each 2 hour charge should lead to 2-4 hours of use.


I’ll be honest; the first time that I used the Lelo Mona 2, I was disappointed. There was so much hype surrounding it that I suppose I naively expected a G-spot orgasm that was both effortless and magical. It never happened. In reality, the Mona 2 was my first G-spot vibrator. I didn’t know how to use it in ways that would provide me with the most pleasure. And to make matters worse, I was hanging onto an idealized view of the “vaginal orgasm” — when my body absolutely requires clitoral stimulation.

Now that I’ve become more in tune with my body (including my G-spot area), I can safely say that the Mona 2 greatly surpasses my expectations in the realm of blended orgasms. I have proudly joined the sex blogging cult that worships the Mona 2. I’ve even nicknamed my Mona & Tango the “wonder twins,” because they are so perfect together.


For a power queen like me, the most important thing about the Mona 2 is that its vibration intensity is leaps and bounds beyond Lelo’s older products like the (disappointing & barely discernible) Lily. While it’s nowhere near as rumbly as the We-Vibe Tango, it is still strong enough for me to use clitorally without getting frustrated. And since I don’t require as much power for G-spot stimulation, the Mona 2 has more than enough ‘oomph!‘ internally.

Secondly, the shape is pure genius. The subtle bulge nudges against my G-spot effortlessly, and I simply have to push down on the handle (raising the internal portion of the toy) if I require more intense pressure. Because the curve is not extreme, the Mona 2 does not get painfully hooked behind my pubic bone like the Lelo Ella does. This makes thrusting not only possible, but comfortable. The only problem that I have experienced is that occasionally, depending on my level of arousal and my enthusiasm, the tapered end can feel a little pokey.

Lelo Mona 2It may seem surprising, but if you’re looking for a toy with variety, the Mona 2 has got you covered! Although it’s designed for internal use, the gentle shape also complements the natural curves of the vulva quite nicely for external stimulation. (The handle/length of the toy can even be beneficial for those who have difficulty with their flexibility or reach.) Plus, since the vibration intensity & patterns are controlled separately, the Mona 2 has a huge range of settings, allowing each individual to select their perfect combination.

Bottom Line

To be honest, Lelo rarely impresses me. I generally think that their “innovation” sounds cooler than it actually is, their mechanics are mediocre, and their prices are too high. The simple fact that I will 100% stand behind the Mona 2 should be a testament as to how much I enjoy this toy.

Its full range of vibration intensities make it a good fit for individuals who prefer sensations that are soft, strong, or anywhere in between. Its gentle, bulging curve and modest size are not so extreme as to prevent thrusting or intimidate its user. And it can easily and comfortably double as an internal & external toy. Overall, I think that the Lelo Mona 2 is capable of pleasing a wide range of individuals — including G-spot beginners and experts alike.


Pros: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic, wide range of vibrations & patterns, easy to use controls, curved design that is effective but not extreme, quiet, rechargeable, & waterproof

Cons: fairly high price tag, may not be enough for those that need very deep, rumbly vibrations or bulbous C-shaped toys for more focused G-spot pressure & stimulation

Thanks again to Epiphora & Lelo for gifting me with this fantastic toy! If you’re interested in purchasing the Mona 2, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Good VibrationsSheVibe, Peepshow Toys, or Sexy Time Toys.

Tantus Bound Review

The Vibeology line of sex toys is a collaboration between two of my amazing affiliate companies, Tantus and SheVibe. The Bound, released in 2014, is the first (and currently the only) toy to be released by the creative duo.


Tantus Bound

As the name implies, the Bound resembles a penis wrapped tightly in ropes. It features a very pronounced head in addition to lots of veins, wrinkles, and bulges. It’s highly textured, very aesthetically pleasing, and truly unlike any other sex toy that I have ever seen!

Manufactured by Tantus, the Bound is a high quality dildo made from 100% body-safe silicone. It’s a very realistically sized toy, measuring 6.25″ long with a 1.5″ diameter, and is available in three semi-natural colors (cream, cocoa, and black). The silicone itself is very matte, doesn’t attract much dust or hair, and gives the toy a slight amount of flex and squish. If not lubricated sufficiently, it can also create a lot of drag — a problem that is compounded by the added texture.

Bound Flex

My Vibeology Bound arrived in Tantus’ new standard packaging: a simple and gender-neutral cardboard box, showcasing the product inside a plastic clamshell interior.

ExperienceBound Box

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t instantly want this toy simply because of its appearance. I’m a huge fan of erotic art, especially if it involves bondage or other kinks. The Bound goes beyond just being a beautifully crafted dildo; it is a silicone sculpture with a very practical & pleasurable purpose.

By all accounts, the Bound seemed like an intriguing toy. I’m a thruster, and it is definitely a toy that is made to be thrust; the bulges and rope-like texture provide lots of internal stimulation. Unfortunately, it was my first experience with a textured toy and despite my enthusiasm & curiosity, it proved to be way too intense for me. Far from being pleasurable, the Bound simply feels abrasive — like it’s scraping the walls of my vaginal canal.

I obviously had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

I’ve tried warming up with a larger toy. I’ve tried adding a ridiculous amount of thick cushiony lubricant. I’ve even tried to distract myself with super powerful clitoral vibrations. All that I’ve been able to accomplish is bringing the ‘downright painful’ sensations into the ‘weird and mildly uncomfortable’ range. And to make matters worse, if I’m not absolutely vigilant about lubrication, I experience a slight (but nevertheless annoying) raw sensation after I’m finished.

Although the Bound is obviously not for me, I’m still cautiously curious about other textured toys. On one hand, I appreciate the moderate size and soft material of the Bound, which definitely makes the texture more manageable — even if it’s not enjoyable. On the other hand, the matte silicone is rather rough and makes me wonder if a slicker material (glass or metal) would feel more pleasant.

Bound DetailA note on cleaning: Because of the extremely textured surface, the Bound retains alot of dried lubricant and bodily fluids. Reaching all of the tiny creases and crevices can be very difficult with your standard washing routine. For the most thorough cleaning, Tantus recommends boiling or placing the toy in the dishwasher. I’ve also occasionally used a very soft toothbrush with mild soap & warm water.

Bottom Line

To me, the Bound seems like a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ type of toy, depending on your opinion of textured dildos. My negative experience makes me hesitant to suggest it to anyone who is a texture novice — but I also recognize that many individuals will love the intense sensation that it can provide.

Regardless of where you stand on the texture issue, this is a very detailed & well-crafted sex toy, raising the bar for silicone manufacturers everywhere. Although it saddens me that my Bound will rarely get used, I do hope that some day I will have the chance to display its beauty.


Pros: body-safe silicone, absolutely beautiful design, moderate size makes texture more manageable

Cons: very intense texture (subjective/can be painful), very difficult to clean completely

If you would like to purchase the Bound, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Tantus, Peepshow Toys, or SheVibe.

Traz Rhino: Sleek & Genesis [review]

Confession: I have a bit of a size queen fantasy.

I classify it as purely a fantasy because I’ve never actually had vaginal intercourse with anyone who is “above average.” My collection of vibrators & dildos doesn’t even include anything larger than 1.75″ in diameter and 7″ in length. But I do enjoy the sensation of being full, and I often seek out pornography with very well-endowed male actors.

A few years ago, my partner & I decided to explore my fantasy by purchasing a cheap cock sheath. Unfortunately, I knew absolutely nothing about body-safe sex toys, and the first time that we used it quickly became the last. The questionable material led to a burning sensation in my genitals, and the (very uncomfortable) strap broke once my partner tried to remove the toy. It was not an experience that either of us cared to repeat, and we hadn’t looked into extensions since.

But when Traz contacted me about reviewing their Rhino line, I was instantly intrigued. A silicone penis extender that doubles as a male masturbation sleeve?! How could I possibly say no?


Rhino PackagingThe Rhino by Traz comes in three different sizes, but my experience is limited to the Sleek (8″ long with a 1.5″ diameter) and the Genesis (8″ long with a 2″ diameter). I chose not to review the third size, the Stampede, because I found it much too intimidating. (According to the lovely Kara Sutra, the Stampede measures 8″ long with a 2.2″ diameter. It also has wider spaced internal ridges than the other two models.) Each size comes in three different color options: vanilla (pictured in this review), chocolate, and cinnamon. The Sleek is also available in a fun glow-in-the-dark version.

The Traz Rhino is packaged in a tastefully designed cardboard box, printed with basic product information and featuring a glimpse of the toy itself. Inside the box, you will find instructions for use and 3 main components: the hollow & internally ribbed extension, an inner “sizing core,” and a very small “no slip grip tip” plug. Every part of the Rhino extenders is made from body safe and non-porous silicone that is very flexible & squishy. (Just to be sure that it was in fact silicone, I flame-tested the sizing core and it passed with flying colors.) Its semi-matte finish also attracts a ridiculous amount of dust and hair, making my Lelo Toy Cleaning Spray very useful for this toy.

Rhino PartsThe instructions (viewable here and here) are lengthy, but pretty simple. First, trim the sizing core to fit the space between the tip of the penis and the tip of the hollow sleeve. (Although it says to use scissors, an X-acto knife seemed to create a more clean cut.) If the sleeve itself is too long, this can also be trimmed for a better fit. Then, with the help of some water-based lubricant, insert the sizing core and the penis. Finally, make sure that any excess air has been squeezed out and insert the plug into the small hole at the tip of the sleeve. This creates a vacuum seal and allows the extension to stay in place without the use of straps or buckles. It seriously works like magic! (Though I still wouldn’t take the risk and use it for anal play.)


Penile Masturbation

As my readers know, I do not have a penis. Therfore, this portion of my review is thanks to my awesome partner and his willingness to experiment.

Honestly, my partner did not have high expectations for this toy. He has a history of being underwhelmed by strokers like the Tenga Eggs, and he didn’t believe that this would be much different. He was also unconvinced that (1) his penis would fit comfortably into the extension, and (2) the plug would be enough to maintain suction.

Rhino Inside

He was pleasantly surprised to find that the Rhino fit him perfectly: easy to penetrate with the help of a little lubrication — but snug enough that the silicone gripped his penis with or without the use of the plug. This grippiness seems to allow for a unique masturbation experience that doesn’t require large stroking motions and also doesn’t overstimulate the genitals (like vibrations can). As someone who becomes severely hyper-sensitive after orgasm, this product provided the perfect amount of sensation throughout his entire experience.

Rhino Stretch

He did have a preference for using the Sleek rather than the Genesis. The thinner silicone allowed for more nuanced pressure and sensation from his hand. There were also benefits and drawbacks to using the sizing core. With the core inserted, he risked uncomfortably bumping into it. But without the core, the end of the extension was a little floppy and awkward. It’s really a matter of personal preference.


Vaginal Masturbation

sleek genesis compareBecause the size of the Traz Rhino extensions made me a little apprehensive, I decided to pair them with the most realistic & average sized dildo I own, the Tantus Bound. However, the Rhino sleeves are stretchy enough to accommodate larger sizes as well. (For example: With extra lube and a bit of muscle power, I was able to insert the Tantus Vamp‘s 1.75″ diameter into both sleeves.)

My masturbatory experience with the Sleek was essentially problem free… but sadly unremarkable. After a small amount of resistance during the initial insertion, thrusting was fairly easy and I experienced no discomfort. Unfortunately, without a curve or a distinct head, I also experienced no internal stimulation outside of feeling stretched. All claims to its “G-spot targeting” capabilities were lost on my anatomy.

Moving onto the Genesis proved to be much more of a challenge, no matter how much I warmed-up or added lubricant. Not only was there resistance during insertion, but I experienced actual discomfort due to the constant, unrelenting girth. I could not manage to insert the full length of the Genesis. And even with very cautious thrusting, there would be moments when I would move a certain way or my vagina would clench around the toy, causing a brief but very distinct pain.

Rhino SquishThe good news is that Traz’s choice of silicone provided an especially squishy layer that lubed up easily and did not create much drag during use. This, and the fact that there is no texture, definitely made the large size of these items a bit more manageable — especially for someone pushing their size limits.


Partnered Sex

I was surprised to find that using the Rhino extenders with a partner was very different from our experiences of using them alone.

The Sleek, while relatively easy to use during masturbation, was suddenly difficult and unpleasant with my partner inside of it. Although I was gradually able to adjust to the girth, the length was a major problem — painfully slamming into my cervix time and time again. My partner (who was experiencing decreased sensation through the sleeve) quickly became concerned about hurting me, causing his thrusts to be awkward & reserved, which significantly reduced his pleasure as well.

We did find that we had the best luck (and least pain) in the “spoons” position, where thrusting is much more limited. The added length even prevented him from accidentally slipping out. However, our lubricant dried out on both the interior and exterior of the sleeve long before either of us could reach a climax. (My partner suggests adding more lube than you think will be necessary in order to prevent feeling raw eventually.) In the end, every time we tried using the Rhino Sleek, we removed it because it created too many complications & not enough pleasure.

Sleek & Genesis

 As for the Genesis… We tried. We failed. And I am convinced that it is impossible. (Seriously, it’s a beast. With the Tantus Vamp inside, it is nearly the size of a damn soda can!)

On the bright side, all the awkwardness & experimentation did help us to test how well the product works during the loss of an erection. For the most part, it stayed fairly securely attached. (I might suggest keeping ahold of the base with one hand as an added precaution though.) Overall, if the receptive partner can handle the extra girth, it does seem like this toy might be a good option for those dealing with some types of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.



Despite silicone being non-porous, I still worried that cleaning the interior of the toy would be a hassle. However, I’ve found that briefly soaking the Rhino sleeve in a sink full of warm soapy water, while squishing water through the sleeve and out through the plug hole, does a wonderful job. Just to be safe, my advice is to slide out the sizing core and clean all the individual parts before lubrication and body fluids have a chance to dry inside the toy.


As a penile masturbation sleeve, I cannot recommend the Rhino enough. In fact, both my partner and I wish that Traz would abandon much of their “bigger is better” marketing (which we feel panders to male insecurities) and put more focus on the unique masturbatory experience that they offer. As I’ve mentioned, the Rhino extensions are made from high quality and body-safe silicone, which is super rare to find in penile toys, and that is something that Traz definitely deserves praise for!

As far as vaginal intercourse goes… Fantasies are sometimes better than reality, and unfortunately these toys were simply not for me. My vagina is way too inexperienced for it. However, if you love large toys, I think that this would be a very wonderful addition to partnered sex. It certainly adds a bit of novelty to an otherwise familiar experience, keeping sex fun.

However, if you’re looking for a toy to use primarily during female masturbation, my advice is to get a more detailed, girthy silicone dildo elsewhere. If nothing else, it’ll be much less of a hassle than handling 4 separate parts — and will probably be similarly priced ($50-$80).

Traz Rhino

A special thanks to Traz for sending me the Rhino Sleek & Genesis in exchange for an unbiased review! If you would like to purchase your own Rhino product, please consider ordering from my affiliate, SheVibe. If you would prefer the Glow-in-the-Dark Sleek or the Rhino Stampede, you can find those items at Traz’s website.