Blush Novelties Luxe Mio Review

description textWhen looking through my collection of sex toys, the Luxe Mio dildo by Blush Novelties practically screams “one of these things is not like the others.”

Blush Novelties Luxe MioIt’s a short & squat little object, vaguely phallic and seemingly designed more for its girth than anything else. Rather than being curved for precise G-spot stimulation, the entire dildo tilts upward, ending with a pronounced ridge & wide, flattened head that will press or rub against the front wall of the vagina during use. Although the girth-focused design may be intimidating for some, the tip is nicely tapered to make initial insertion easier. And with a slight decrease in diameter near the base of the toy, the shape actually reminds me more of a vaginal plug than a dildo.

The Mio measures approximately 6″ on its longest side, leaving about 5.5″ of insertable length after accounting for the circular, suction cup base. (I’ve had mixed results with the suction cup, but the base itself does make the toy both anal safe & harness compatible.) With a 1.8″ diameter at its widest point, the Luxe Mio is the most girthy toy that I own — not counting the Traz Rhino Genesis, which only got used for my review.

So why did I, someone whose body is unskilled in the ways of girth, request that SheVibe send this item in exchange for an honest, unbiased review? For one, I have my eye set on a certain breath-takingly beautiful toy that sports a somewhat similar shape and a full 2″ diameter. (In other words: vagina training.) But also, the Luxe Mio is only $26.99! And as I stated in my review for the NS Novelties Colours Pleasure dildo, I am extremely passionate about finding affordable, nonporous & body safe sex toys that I can recommend to my readers — even if the manufacturer is also still creating items of a porous & generally questionable nature.

Luxe Mio urethraBlush Novelties advertises the Luxe Mio as being “pure silicone” and the flame-test does appear to confirm that. It is, however, the firmest & most unrelenting silicone dildo that I have ever felt. Seriously. This toy offers almost zero flexibility or squish. The surface is matte & velvety soft to the touch, rarely attracting dust, hair, or lint — but causing a bit of drag unless well-lubricated. There is a divot in the tip (where the urethra would be), which is a mild cleaning annoyance that serves no discernible purpose. There is also a visible seam that runs vertically down the middle of the toy, but I have never found either of these things to be noticeable during use.

Although it’s probably not a widespread issue, my Mio does have a couple of small dents on the shaft. It confuses me because I’m not sure if it’s surface damage, an imperfection within the original mold, or (and this is me being skeptically cautious) collapsed foam under a layer of silicone. At the moment, I’m refraining from cutting it open like I did my Cal Exotics butt plug. (Since the interior of the toy never comes into contact the body, the toy should still be body-safe. I would only take issue with the “pure silicone” claim.)

Luxe Mio imperfections

The Luxe Mio is available in only one color: a dark lavender. The packaging from Blush Novelties consists of a clear plastic box that offers basic toy information and is covered in pink & purple designs. (Not to worry: SheVibe will ship this item in a discreet cardboard box, of course.)

experience text

Luxe Mio packagingObviously, I expected to be challenged by the Luxe Mio‘s girth… but vaginas are magical — and mine totally surprised me.

Of course, it helps if I start with my Tantus Vamp: only slightly smaller (1.75″ diameter), but still completely comfortable to insert. And I definitely need to smother everything in a thick, cushiony lubricant such as Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked. But if I take things slow and give my body a moment’s rest at even the slightest hint of pain (which usually happens as I triumph over the thick head), then the Luxe Mio by Blush Novelties is surprisingly enjoyable. In fact, I think that I like this toy more & more every time I use it.

At first, I tried to thrust with it — like I do with most of my dildos. I knew that the short length & large head would confine me to slower, smaller motions but I still wanted to see if it would rub against my G-spot. There was just one small problem… Before I could make any sort of honest assessment, the muscles of my vagina would tighten and completely prevent any further movement. Suddenly I am The Eternal Masturbation Girl with a dildo literally stuck inside of my vagina.

So I gave up on thrusting.

Luxe Mio sizeAnd that’s when it all came together: This toy is perfect for hands-free power-clenching.

Normally, it is of upmost importance that I hold onto whatever dildo I am using at the point of orgasm. If I don’t, my vagina muscles will forcibly push it out of my body, which can be both distracting & disappointing. But because the Mio has a girthy & more “plug-like” design, it stays firmly in place — no matter how hard my muscles contract around it.

I get an amazing sensation with the Mio that I  honestly haven’t ever been able to experience in a pleasurable way before. I feel ever-so-slightly stretched but completely filled. It’s like my vagina is safe & secure, all wrapped up around the Mio’s bulking form.

Unfortunately, as I was finishing this review, Blush Novelties was the subject of quite the uproar on Twitter. Apparently, Blush has created (yet another) dildo that looks almost identical to Tantus designs. When Metis Black publicly expressed her distaste, Blush began accusing Tantus of being a copycat first & went on the attack — both to Metis AND any blogger who dared to believe/support Tantus instead of them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.30.09 PM


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.28.24 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.44.33 PM

Of course, Blush deleted all of these tweets before the night was over. They also sent me a direct message stating that the employee behind this fiasco has “been removed” from the company.

If you haven’t already seen the products that have been in question, Erika Lynae was VERY quick to create a helpful little visual chart. I’ll let my lovely readers form their own opinion.

Blush vs Tantus

bottom line text

I’m disappointed in the behavior of Blush Novelties. I truly enjoyed using the Luxe Mio dildo and was excited to be able to suggest an affordable silicone toy that offered a bit more than the “average” girth. But drama like this makes me pause. It makes me examine whether or not I want to personally & financially support a company that I consider to be unethical — and quite rude.

But regardless of my opinion, the fact remains that people can only buy what they can afford. I’d much rather my readers buy a body-safe silicone toy from a company that gives  me the creeps instead of settling for a porous or toxic toy that could put their health at risk. 


Pros: nonporous & body-safe silicone, very affordable, offers more than “average” girth, may provide G-spot stimulation for some, suction cup (your results may vary), safe for anal play & harness compatible

Cons: could be too girthy for some individuals, urethral divot collections bodily fluids, potential for small flaws in craftsmanship, manufacturer displays questionable behavior on multiple levels (creates porous toys, possibly copies other companies’ designs, verbally aggressive towards those in the sex toy industry & bloggers)

Special thanks to my lovely affiliate, SheVibe, for providing me with this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


If you decide to purchase the Luxe Mio — or if you decide to shop for other sex toys instead — please consider doing so through SheVibe. SheVibe is a fabulous company, created & run by individuals who are passionately dedicated to sex toy education, affordability, & body-safety. In no way do any negative opinions expressed within this review extend to them as a retailer.  

Tantus Silicone Paddles: Pelt & Wham Bam Review

Leather has long been the material of choice for impact play: paddles, floggers, whips, crops, even padded canes. I get it — the smell, the feel, the routine that develops with proper leather care; it can all be sexually intoxicating. But for those of us who are kink-inclined as well as being concerned about hygienic and/or vegan-friendly toys…there haven’t been many other options.

That is, until Tantus developed their line of silicone paddles. 

tantus paddles drawingSilicone is a fantastic material, and one that will last a lifetime with very minimal care from its owner. It’s body safe, hypoallergenic, & non-porous. It can be cleaned with soap & water/toy cleaner or it can be sanitized with boiling water, a solution of 10% bleach/90% water, or by placing it in the top rack of the dishwasher. With proper sanitizing between uses, it can safely be used with multiple partners. And as an added bonus, it’s surprisingly cool to the touch. This can feel rather glorious during use — soothing the warm & reddened skin that develops from continued spanking.

peltpackageTantus’ line of “silicone sensation toys” includes 5 different paddle designs: the Pelt, Thwack, Wham Bam, Snap Strap, and Plunge (very similar to the Thwack — but with an insertable, dildo-shaped handle). All are made from a velvety soft, matte-finish silicone that attracts hardly any dust, hair, or lint. All designs also include a small round hole near the end of the handle for ease of hanging/storing. Each paddle has a small raised Tantus logo, but packaging is extremely minimal. (If ordered from Tantus, your paddle will likely arrive in a clear plastic sleeve — but if found in a brick & mortar store, a simple hanging tag will probably be the only piece of branding.)

My review will focus on the Pelt & the Wham Bam. However, it you’d like to see all of the Tantus paddles in action, I highly suggest watching Ducky DooLittle’s short video review.

pelt label

pelt measurements_phixrThe Tantus Pelt resembles your stereotypical paddle. It is rather short and gently rounded; its impact area being more of an oval than a circle. It’s total length measures in at 11.5″, with approximately 5″ being used for the handle. The width of the paddle ranges from 1.25″ at the neck to approximately 3″ near the rounded tip. (The handle has a maximum width of 1.75″.) The silicone is thicker on the handle (0.5″) than it is on the face (0.25″), allowing it to be more flexible when swung. The Pelt is firm & short enough that it will easily maintain it’s shape when held vertically, not bending in either direction.

wham bam label

wham bam measurements_phixrThe Wham Bam is a rectangular paddle with a much longer and thinner shape, somewhat resembling a belt. In fact, it’s very similar to the Snap Strap — but not quite as long. The Wham Bam has a total length of 15″, with almost 2/3 of that space being devoted to impact area. The width ranges from 1.25″ at the neck to an even 2″ along the length of the face. The shape of the handle is identical to the Pelt, as is the thickness of the silicone. Even though the silicone is just as thick and firm, the added length makes it much more difficult for the Wham Bam to maintain its shape when held vertically. It easily wants to wobble and droop slightly to one side.

spanking label

Of the two, the Pelt is definitely the easiest to control. The shorter length gives it amazingly quick snapping power. With just a flick of the wrist, it lands firmly and evenly in the precise spot that was aimed for. In fact, I’ve found that there’s almost no reason to involve my elbow or my shoulder in swinging the Pelt as I can get all the intensity I need from simply changing the speed of my smaller movements.

whambamflopThe Wham Bam, on the other hand, takes a bit more practice. The long floppy shape can become awkward & anticlimactic with small movements, providing a disappointing experience for the receiver. The aim can also be tricky for inexperienced spankers — myself included. (There have been many apologies offered for accidentally hitting my partner too high or wrapping around his hip.) However, there does appear to be more variety available with this particular paddle. While it’s possible to control the Wham Bam with only quick flicks of the wrist (for less intense hits), it’s most effective when used with more of an exaggerated swing. The focus of the impact can even be changed so that it’s solely on the tip (similar to a whip) or spread out along the entire length (more like a paddle). However, as you can see in the video below, focusing impact on the area near the handle doesn’t give very good results.

being spanked label

If I could say only one thing about Tantus’ silicone paddles, it would be this: They are not for the faint of heart. The silicone provides a “bite” unlike any other implement I’ve ever experienced as part of my personal adventures in impact play. (This includes leather paddles, leather floggers, rubber floggers, and of course, hands. My experience with canes, whips, & crops is practically nonexistent.)

In fact, I actually bruised my leg while trying to get a decent video for this review. Experiencing growing amounts of pain & still unable to capture that lovely “pop!”, I eventually gave up and asked my wonderful partner to help me out.

Putting the final touches on my review for the @tantusinc Pelt & Wham Bam silicone paddles!

A video posted by Mandi (@erocentric) on

The Pelt, with its wider surface area, is ever-so-slightly less intense than the Wham Bam — but it still feels sharp & stingy (especially when compared to the “thuddyness” of stiffer leather paddles). My partner and I can best describe it as an amplified version of hand-spanking; more intense impact with less exertion on the part of the spanker. The Pelt is capable of a range of sensations, from surprisingly light warm-up taps to a rather intimidatingly loud snap. No matter the intensity, I have found the Pelt to be fairly manageable…at least for a while.

The Wham Bam, on the other hand, can very easily surpass my pain threshold. With its added length, it falls much heavier and the initial sting lasts longer — especially if the impact is focused in the tip. It’s almost impossible to get a nice, gentle warm-up; more often than not, the paddle either flops against the skin with no real impact at all or it jumps straight to making my body twitch in fear & my muscles tighten from the pain. My measly limits prevent my partner from getting in a good swing with the Wham Bam…and although he can certainly take more than I can, I have still occasionally put too much power behind my hits. It’s definitely not a “let loose” kind of toy for either of us. It provides the kind of impact that will jolt us out of our trance — not lull us into a sense of subspace.

bottom line text

This may not sound very beginner-friendly, but my best advice in the case of Tantus’ silicone paddles is to know what you like beforehand. The intensity of these paddles (especially the Wham Bam) is probably not going to be the right fit for a first time spankee — in fact, it could very well be terrifying. Take some time to get to know what types of sensation you enjoy and where your limits are. (How much warm-up do you need? How hard do you like to be spanked? Do you prefer “thud” or “sting”? How long can you endure? etc.) And for the person doing the spanking, it’ll probably be much easier to start out with tools that offer tighter control and provide a wider range of sensation.

With that being said, if you know that you enjoy stingy & rather intense impact play, the Tantus paddles seriously cannot be beat. They are of absolutely impeccable quality, completely hygienic, and they pack a major wallop. Plus, at approximately $50, they are some of the most affordable impact toys on the market.


Pros: body-safe & nonporous silicone, shareable, 5 designs offer a range of possibilities, provides very powerful impact with minimal exertion, high-quality yet affordable

Cons: might be too intense or stingy for some individuals, longer paddles (like the Wham Bam) can be a little difficult to control

Special thanks to my affiliate, Tantus, for providing me with the Pelt in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. (I had already purchased the Wham Bam some time ago.) If you would like to add any of Tantus’ silicone paddles to your own collection, please consider doing so here

Vamp Lola Review

description text

vamp1The Vamp Lola is a semi-realistically shaped dildo with a slight upward curve and a pronounced head/coronal ridge (complete with a design that hints at a urethral opening). However, that’s where the realism ends; the surface is completely smooth, without a single vein or wrinkle — and the color options are far more creative than your basic skin tones, including beautiful marbling.

Overall, the dildo measures 6.5″ in length (5.5″ of which is insertable) and has a 1.5″ diameter at its widest point. It arrives in a simple, clear plastic tube stickered with basic information about Vamp Silicone products. Unfortunately, my packaging tube had an internal height that was slightly smaller than the actual dildo inside, cramping my Lola and prevented the tube from completely closing.

Vamp’s “regular skin” is a very firm silicone (similar to many Tantus products) with almost no give when you try to squish it between your fingers, and more of a subtle ability to flex rather than bend. It has what I would call a “semi-shiny” finish that attracts a lot of hair & can create a fair amount of drag if not lubricated properly — but can also become incredibly slippery due to its lack of texture. It’s 100% body-safe (non-porous & phthalate free) with a large round base, making it both harness-compatible and safe for anal play. It also has a hole for the addition of a vibrating bullet.

Because Vamp Silicone is a small company who hand-crafts all of their products, colors will vary — and there are some slight imperfections. For example, the edge of my base is very crude & uneven, as is the bullet cavity. There’s also some rough spots where the shaft meets the base and a few small imperfections in the shaft that feel like a couple stands of hair made their way into the mold. (Bex was assured that these were only scratches.) None of these were large enough/in areas that were noticeable during use, but I was a little surprised to find so many issues with a $75-95 dildo; maybe Tantus has spoiled me.

vamp imperfections_phixrI received the Lola from my lovely affiliate company, SheVibe, who currently only offers a soft skin version in red & white marble. (For review purposes, I received the firmer “regular skin” version.) However, Vamp is known for their unique color combinations and offers an endless array of choices through other retailers and their own website.

Please be aware that several individuals have experienced very prolonged (and well-documented) issues when dealing directly with Vamp Silicone. To be safe, I’d recommend ordering through a third party retailer. 

experience text

vamppackSurprisingly enough, I love the Vamp Lola! When it first arrived, I scoffed at the slight curve in the shaft. “There’s no way that’ll do anything for my G-spot,” I thought. “But hey, at least it’s pretty.” Oh… the naivety.

This dildo is basically a G-spot ninja. Combining the barely curved shaft with the pronounced coronal ridge makes it perfect for nudging against my G-spot with every stroke (while also not getting hooked behind my pubic bone)— and the firmness of the “regular skin” silicone means that its shape/angle remains consistent throughout use. Of course it’s not as intense as my beloved Jopen Comet II, but that’s okay; sometimes I don’t want G-spot stimulation that’s so powerful I want to cry (happy tears) when I’m done masturbating. Sometimes I want a more gentle build-up that I can stretch out for longer amounts of time without overwhelming my senses.

Every session that I’ve had with the Vamp Lola has turned into a marathon, usually resulting in at least 5 orgasms. Part of that is because squirting feels so attainable. I just keep trying… again and again and again.

vamp2I never thought that I’d say this, but the fact that the Lola has a simplified phallic shape (and not a large, bulbous head) is actually proving to be beneficial to me — at least in an experimental way. Because it slides easily through my vaginal opening with no discomfort, I’m able to quickly pull the toy out as I begin orgasming, bearing down with my muscles in an attempt to ejaculate. I don’t think it’s happened yet (one orgasm was a tiny bit wetter than usual), but it’s still fun to play around and try new techniques.

And speaking of the head…I finally understand how that “popping” sensation can feel pleasurable! The coronal ridge is just prominent enough that it barely stretches my vaginal opening upon removal/insertion, literally sending shivers through my body. It allows me to choose between deep, short strokes (that put more focus on the G-spot) and slow, shallow strokes (that stimulate the vaginal entrance). I seriously can’t lose.

vampbulletThe bullet cavity is a nice touch, as the silicone transfers vibrations from my We-Vibe Tango surprisingly well. However, the cavity is rather shallow (and crooked), allowing plenty of the Tango to stick out from the base of the dildo. (Easy for removal, but definitely would not work when worn as a strap-on.) Personally, I enjoy the toy equally as much with or without vibrations — but I do appreciate the option.

My only complaint is that this toy seems to want to rotate an awful lot once inserted. I’m not sure what it is about this specific dildo and its relationship with my anatomy, but I find myself having to realign the curve with my G-spot more often than I’m used to. If I don’t hold onto the base for even a moment, the dildo will turn inside of me and the curve will start facing one of my legs… or eventually make its way toward my back. It’s not uncomfortable when this happens, but it does remove a giant aspect of what I find most pleasurable about this toy (G-spot stimulation).

bottom line textI was genuinely surprised by how much I liked this toy. Do I still think that the craftsmanship could be more refined for the cost? Definitely. Am I still hesitant to suggest ordering directly from the manufacturer? Yep. But if you’re looking for gentle G-spot stimulation from a relatively average-sized dildo (and enjoy beautifully marbled aesthetics)…the Vamp Lola is a fantastic choice.

vamp34starsPros: body-safe silicone, beautiful marbling, bullet cavity for added vibration, thick & sturdy base, average size (should be comfortable for many individuals), slight curve & pronounced head gently targets G-spot, prominent coronal ridge provides slight “popping” sensation without being large enough to cause discomfort

Cons: rough craftsmanship in spots, may not be curved/firm enough to provide adequate G-spot stimulation for some individuals, wants to spin a lot during use if not held tightly, manufacturer has had multiple customer complaints

Special thanks to my affiliate, SheVibe, for providing me with this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. If you would like to purchase the “soft skin” version of the Vamp Lola, please consider doing so here


Tantus Vamp Review


Description & First Impressions

The Tantus Vamp is a simple sex toy. There are no internal vibrating mechanisms. No fancy bumps, ripples, or curves along the shaft. The design is obviously phallic in nature, but without super-realistic veins, testicles, and skin-tone gradations. Measuring 7″ long with a 1.75″ diameter, it sits squarely in the middle of the size spectrum: girthy in a way that is comfortable for most, but certainly not winning any size queen awards.

Compared to other (more flashy) products, the Vamp is easy to overlook… but don’t let its simplicity fool you. This toy is like when a friend says they’ll bring mac & cheese to a potluck. At first, you roll your eyes and think, “Seriously?! I can get that from a box.” But then they show up with a magical concoction of white cheddar & truffles & bacon and all of a sudden you’re like, “Hey, I totally underestimated you! You’re invited to all of my dinner parties!” Except in this case, the Vamp is your friend and “dinner parties” is code for masturbation.

The Tantus Vamp is made entirely from nonporous & body-safe silicone that is surprisingly firm but flexible. Its thick, sturdy base makes this toy both harness-compatible and safe for anal use. And although the shiny finish does create a couple of mild annoyances (attracting loads of dust/hair and creating a fair amount of drag during use), a little soap & water/sex toy cleaner and added lubrication will fix those issues immediately.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always on the look out for affordable-but-safe sex toys, and the Vamp is one of my absolute favorites to recommend. Normally, this toy comes in two colors (cream & purple) and hovers around the $40 price point. But it’s also available as one of Tantus’ special Grab Bags. This means that for only $25 you can get the Vamp in a surprise color. (Sometimes they are beautiful combinations of colors, and other times they are pretty average-looking, like mine. But it’s always an exciting game of chance!)

So the Vamp is a high-quality, versatile sex toy that is easy on your wallet… but how it feels is obviously very important too. With its pronounced head & deep coronal ridge, this is where the true magic of the Vamp makes itself known.


vamp2The Tantus Vamp makes my G-spot very happy in a subtle, relaxing sort of way — a completely different sensation from more intense & overwhelming toys like the Jopen Key Comet II. Being primarily straight, the Vamp may not seem like an immediate choice for G-spot stimulation, but the head is so prominent that it does the job with ease. This is great if, like me, you enjoy thrusting with toys but have a pubic bone that tends to get “hooked” by more extreme curves.

Plus, as someone who recently discovered that she’s not a huge fan of large toys, the Vamp is the perfect size. The girth is just large enough to provide a nice feeling of fullness without being uncomfortable. And although there is a distinct ‘popping’ sensation during insertion (which I personally dislike), my body adjusts quickly and effortlessly. It is definitely my go-to “big toy.”

Bottom Line

The Tantus Vamp is a great, high quality dildo without a lot of the bells & whistles that complicate many other toys, making them tailored to very specific needs. Of course, that’s not to say that everyone will enjoy this toy; sexuality is very diverse. However, I do believe that the Vamp is capable of pleasing a wide range of individuals because of it’s beautiful simplicity.

If you’re looking for a girthy (but certainly not huge) “everyday” sort of dildo, this may just be it.


Pros: nonporous & body-safe silicone, on the large side of “average,” pronounced head may stimulate G-spot, thick & sturdy base

Cons: may still be too large or small for some individuals, pronounced head may be uncomfortable upon insertion, general straight shape may not be stimulating enough

If you are interested in purchasing the Tantus Vamp, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Tantus (who offers the regular, grab bag, and the new vibrating grab bag option), Peepshow Toys, or SheVibe!  

Sex Toy Materials – Silicone

What is silicone?

Chemistry has never been my strongpoint, so my knowledge of silicone does not go into deep, scientific detail. I can tell you the basics: that it is a synthetic compound created primarily from silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Silicone is inert, meaning that it does not undergo chemical reactions. It also comes in a variety of forms (from liquids to solids), and is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures. Silicone has a very wide range of uses. You may own rubber-like silicone cooking utensils/bakeware or you may use contact lenses made from silicone gel. For me, silicone happens to be my favorite material for sex toys.

Why are silicone sex toys so awesome?

silicone line-upFirst of all, the variety that you can get with silicone is amazing. These toys can be made from either 100% silicone or hard plastic with a soft silicone coating. Even the ones that are pure silicone range widely in softness, flexibility, color, and texture/finish. Some are very stiff with little give, while others are made to feel more squishy and “life-like.” Some are shiny and slick, while others are velvety and matte. Skin tone, neon colors, even rainbow combinations — silicone can do it all.

But the most important thing about silicone is that it’s body safe. Unlike many soft plastic sex toys, silicone is phthalates free. This means that you don’t need to worry about nasty side effects like chemical burn or potential toxicity. Silicone toys will not decompose over time, leaching oils and smelly chemicals into the air. In addition, silicone is essentially non-porous. I say “essentially” because while silicone does contain pores, they are much too small to harbor bacteria, fungus, molds, etc. (However, silicone may sometimes retain smells or stains.) This means that silicone can be completely sterilized.

How do I care for my silicone toys?

Cleaning: Most of the time, a simple wash with warm/hot water and mild soap will do the trick. (I suggest fragrance-free liquid soap to protect the vagina’s natural pH balance.) If you notice that your toy has retained some smells, would like to share Ripple Boilyour toy with a partner, plan to switch between vaginal and anal use, or you simply want to go the extra mile, you have several options…

If your toy does not have a vibrating motor, you can 1. Boil the toy for 2-3 minutes. (Awesome advice from Dangerous Lilly: Use a steamer basket to prevent the toy from coming into contact with the very hot bottom of the pot.) 2. If you have a dishwasher with a sanitize option, put the toy on the top rack. (Do not use any sort of dish detergent!) If your toy does have a vibrating motor, you can still wipe it down with a cloth and a 10% bleach/90% water solution. Just make sure to wipe it with plain ol’ water afterwards.

Storage: There’s a rather pervasive myth that silicone toys cannot be stored together without damaging effects. The truth is, if your toys are actual silicone, there shouldn’t be a problem. (Want photographic proof? Check out Dangerous Lilly’s silicone jar experiment.) The problem comes from when sex toy companies lie about what their Silicone drawerproducts are made of. Unsafe, porous toys that claim to be silicone (or a questionable “silicone blend”) do run the risk of melting/leaking on your real, quality silicone products. So before tossing everything together in a drawer, consider the company and whether you trust their materials. Personally, I store all of my Tantus, Lelo, and Fun Factory in one location and have never experienced an issue. (It’s important to note that some very soft silicone, like Vixskin, may bend if haphazardly crushed by other toys for extended periods of time.)

Lubrication: Many of us have also heard the “never use silicone lube with silicone toys” warning. The idea is that silicones will react with each other, and this will damage the toy. In reality, it can be a grey area. If both the toy and the lubrication are made from high quality silicone, they may not have any reaction whatsoever. To be safe, you can test your preferred brand of silicone or hybrid lube on a discreet area of the toy (ex: the base). Keep an eye out for any changes in the material, like a sticky or tacky feeling. Of course, to be extra safe, you can simply stick to using water-based lubricants with all of your silicone toys.

mona sliquid

How do I know if a toy is true silicone?

Like I’ve mentioned before, there are no sex toy regulations and companies lie to make money. There are many products made from porous and potentially toxic materials that get advertised as silicone. There are also companies that claim to have created a silicone “blend” with other materials. Who knows if this can even be done — let alone be body safe. So how can you tell the difference? First of all, examine the product. If it is completely clear, it is most likely not silicone. (“Clear” silicone will still be cloudy.) Does it have that new, plastic shower curtain smell? If so, run in the opposite direction, because whatever you have likely contains phthalates. (Silicone is essentially odorless.)

Still not sure? You can also do a flame test, but be aware that the results are not always 100% accurate. The idea is that most (but not all) silicones will not melt; they will only produce ash that can be wiped away. Of course, do the flame test at your own risk, and make sure to be very careful as some plastic products will go up in flame very quickly. If you would like more information on flame tests, I highly recommend Dangerous Lilly’s posts (here & here), which include several photo and video examples.

I also suggest that you keep up-to-date with Dildology and The Coalition Against Toxic Toys. Both are organizations that have actually had sex toys tested to find out what materials they are made from. (Unfortunately, these tests are super expensive and very few toys have been tested thus far.)

Silicone Sex Toy Manufacturers That I Trust

My number one piece of advice for making sure that a toy is made from real silicone? Shop from reputable stores and manufacturers. ShevibeGood Vibrations, Peepshow Toys, and Sexy Time Toys are all companies that I trust enough to be affiliates with. Other stores dedicated to body safety include Babeland, SheBop, Filthy Dirty, and Smitten Kitten. (Avoid Amazon at all costs, as counterfeit toys are quite common there.)

This is not an exhaustive manufacturer list by any means, but it will at least get you started.

If you want an even more in-depth look at silicone, I highly recommend Lorax of Sex’s Epic Silicone Post and Dangerous Lilly’s Ultimate Guide to Silicone Sex Toys