Tantus Vamp Review


Description & First Impressions

The Tantus Vamp is a simple sex toy. There are no internal vibrating mechanisms. No fancy bumps, ripples, or curves along the shaft. The design is obviously phallic in nature, but without super-realistic veins, testicles, and skin-tone gradations. Measuring 7″ long with a 1.75″ diameter, it sits squarely in the middle of the size spectrum: girthy in a way that is comfortable for most, but certainly not winning any size queen awards.

Compared to other (more flashy) products, the Vamp is easy to overlook… but don’t let its simplicity fool you. This toy is like when a friend says they’ll bring mac & cheese to a potluck. At first, you roll your eyes and think, “Seriously?! I can get that from a box.” But then they show up with a magical concoction of white cheddar & truffles & bacon and all of a sudden you’re like, “Hey, I totally underestimated you! You’re invited to all of my dinner parties!” Except in this case, the Vamp is your friend and “dinner parties” is code for masturbation.

The Tantus Vamp is made entirely from nonporous & body-safe silicone that is surprisingly firm but flexible. Its thick, sturdy base makes this toy both harness-compatible and safe for anal use. And although the shiny finish does create a couple of mild annoyances (attracting loads of dust/hair and creating a fair amount of drag during use), a little soap & water/sex toy cleaner and added lubrication will fix those issues immediately.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always on the look out for affordable-but-safe sex toys, and the Vamp is one of my absolute favorites to recommend. Normally, this toy comes in two colors (cream & purple) and hovers around the $40 price point. But it’s also available as one of Tantus’ special Grab Bags. This means that for only $25 you can get the Vamp in a surprise color. (Sometimes they are beautiful combinations of colors, and other times they are pretty average-looking, like mine. But it’s always an exciting game of chance!)

So the Vamp is a high-quality, versatile sex toy that is easy on your wallet… but how it feels is obviously very important too. With its pronounced head & deep coronal ridge, this is where the true magic of the Vamp makes itself known.


vamp2The Tantus Vamp makes my G-spot very happy in a subtle, relaxing sort of way — a completely different sensation from more intense & overwhelming toys like the Jopen Key Comet II. Being primarily straight, the Vamp may not seem like an immediate choice for G-spot stimulation, but the head is so prominent that it does the job with ease. This is great if, like me, you enjoy thrusting with toys but have a pubic bone that tends to get “hooked” by more extreme curves.

Plus, as someone who recently discovered that she’s not a huge fan of large toys, the Vamp is the perfect size. The girth is just large enough to provide a nice feeling of fullness without being uncomfortable. And although there is a distinct ‘popping’ sensation during insertion (which I personally dislike), my body adjusts quickly and effortlessly. It is definitely my go-to “big toy.”

Bottom Line

The Tantus Vamp is a great, high quality dildo without a lot of the bells & whistles that complicate many other toys, making them tailored to very specific needs. Of course, that’s not to say that everyone will enjoy this toy; sexuality is very diverse. However, I do believe that the Vamp is capable of pleasing a wide range of individuals because of it’s beautiful simplicity.

If you’re looking for a girthy (but certainly not huge) “everyday” sort of dildo, this may just be it.


Pros: nonporous & body-safe silicone, on the large side of “average,” pronounced head may stimulate G-spot, thick & sturdy base

Cons: may still be too large or small for some individuals, pronounced head may be uncomfortable upon insertion, general straight shape may not be stimulating enough

If you are interested in purchasing the Tantus Vamp, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Tantus (who offers the regular, grab bag, and the new vibrating grab bag option), Peepshow Toys, or SheVibe!  

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