Traz Rhino: Sleek & Genesis [review]

Confession: I have a bit of a size queen fantasy.

I classify it as purely a fantasy because I’ve never actually had vaginal intercourse with anyone who is “above average.” My collection of vibrators & dildos doesn’t even include anything larger than 1.75″ in diameter and 7″ in length. But I do enjoy the sensation of being full, and I often seek out pornography with very well-endowed male actors.

A few years ago, my partner & I decided to explore my fantasy by purchasing a cheap cock sheath. Unfortunately, I knew absolutely nothing about body-safe sex toys, and the first time that we used it quickly became the last. The questionable material led to a burning sensation in my genitals, and the (very uncomfortable) strap broke once my partner tried to remove the toy. It was not an experience that either of us cared to repeat, and we hadn’t looked into extensions since.

But when Traz contacted me about reviewing their Rhino line, I was instantly intrigued. A silicone penis extender that doubles as a male masturbation sleeve?! How could I possibly say no?


Rhino PackagingThe Rhino by Traz comes in three different sizes, but my experience is limited to the Sleek (8″ long with a 1.5″ diameter) and the Genesis (8″ long with a 2″ diameter). I chose not to review the third size, the Stampede, because I found it much too intimidating. (According to the lovely Kara Sutra, the Stampede measures 8″ long with a 2.2″ diameter. It also has wider spaced internal ridges than the other two models.) Each size comes in three different color options: vanilla (pictured in this review), chocolate, and cinnamon. The Sleek is also available in a fun glow-in-the-dark version.

The Traz Rhino is packaged in a tastefully designed cardboard box, printed with basic product information and featuring a glimpse of the toy itself. Inside the box, you will find instructions for use and 3 main components: the hollow & internally ribbed extension, an inner “sizing core,” and a very small “no slip grip tip” plug. Every part of the Rhino extenders is made from body safe and non-porous silicone that is very flexible & squishy. (Just to be sure that it was in fact silicone, I flame-tested the sizing core and it passed with flying colors.) Its semi-matte finish also attracts a ridiculous amount of dust and hair, making my Lelo Toy Cleaning Spray very useful for this toy.

Rhino PartsThe instructions (viewable here and here) are lengthy, but pretty simple. First, trim the sizing core to fit the space between the tip of the penis and the tip of the hollow sleeve. (Although it says to use scissors, an X-acto knife seemed to create a more clean cut.) If the sleeve itself is too long, this can also be trimmed for a better fit. Then, with the help of some water-based lubricant, insert the sizing core and the penis. Finally, make sure that any excess air has been squeezed out and insert the plug into the small hole at the tip of the sleeve. This creates a vacuum seal and allows the extension to stay in place without the use of straps or buckles. It seriously works like magic! (Though I still wouldn’t take the risk and use it for anal play.)


Penile Masturbation

As my readers know, I do not have a penis. Therfore, this portion of my review is thanks to my awesome partner and his willingness to experiment.

Honestly, my partner did not have high expectations for this toy. He has a history of being underwhelmed by strokers like the Tenga Eggs, and he didn’t believe that this would be much different. He was also unconvinced that (1) his penis would fit comfortably into the extension, and (2) the plug would be enough to maintain suction.

Rhino Inside

He was pleasantly surprised to find that the Rhino fit him perfectly: easy to penetrate with the help of a little lubrication — but snug enough that the silicone gripped his penis with or without the use of the plug. This grippiness seems to allow for a unique masturbation experience that doesn’t require large stroking motions and also doesn’t overstimulate the genitals (like vibrations can). As someone who becomes severely hyper-sensitive after orgasm, this product provided the perfect amount of sensation throughout his entire experience.

Rhino Stretch

He did have a preference for using the Sleek rather than the Genesis. The thinner silicone allowed for more nuanced pressure and sensation from his hand. There were also benefits and drawbacks to using the sizing core. With the core inserted, he risked uncomfortably bumping into it. But without the core, the end of the extension was a little floppy and awkward. It’s really a matter of personal preference.


Vaginal Masturbation

sleek genesis compareBecause the size of the Traz Rhino extensions made me a little apprehensive, I decided to pair them with the most realistic & average sized dildo I own, the Tantus Bound. However, the Rhino sleeves are stretchy enough to accommodate larger sizes as well. (For example: With extra lube and a bit of muscle power, I was able to insert the Tantus Vamp‘s 1.75″ diameter into both sleeves.)

My masturbatory experience with the Sleek was essentially problem free… but sadly unremarkable. After a small amount of resistance during the initial insertion, thrusting was fairly easy and I experienced no discomfort. Unfortunately, without a curve or a distinct head, I also experienced no internal stimulation outside of feeling stretched. All claims to its “G-spot targeting” capabilities were lost on my anatomy.

Moving onto the Genesis proved to be much more of a challenge, no matter how much I warmed-up or added lubricant. Not only was there resistance during insertion, but I experienced actual discomfort due to the constant, unrelenting girth. I could not manage to insert the full length of the Genesis. And even with very cautious thrusting, there would be moments when I would move a certain way or my vagina would clench around the toy, causing a brief but very distinct pain.

Rhino SquishThe good news is that Traz’s choice of silicone provided an especially squishy layer that lubed up easily and did not create much drag during use. This, and the fact that there is no texture, definitely made the large size of these items a bit more manageable — especially for someone pushing their size limits.


Partnered Sex

I was surprised to find that using the Rhino extenders with a partner was very different from our experiences of using them alone.

The Sleek, while relatively easy to use during masturbation, was suddenly difficult and unpleasant with my partner inside of it. Although I was gradually able to adjust to the girth, the length was a major problem — painfully slamming into my cervix time and time again. My partner (who was experiencing decreased sensation through the sleeve) quickly became concerned about hurting me, causing his thrusts to be awkward & reserved, which significantly reduced his pleasure as well.

We did find that we had the best luck (and least pain) in the “spoons” position, where thrusting is much more limited. The added length even prevented him from accidentally slipping out. However, our lubricant dried out on both the interior and exterior of the sleeve long before either of us could reach a climax. (My partner suggests adding more lube than you think will be necessary in order to prevent feeling raw eventually.) In the end, every time we tried using the Rhino Sleek, we removed it because it created too many complications & not enough pleasure.

Sleek & Genesis

 As for the Genesis… We tried. We failed. And I am convinced that it is impossible. (Seriously, it’s a beast. With the Tantus Vamp inside, it is nearly the size of a damn soda can!)

On the bright side, all the awkwardness & experimentation did help us to test how well the product works during the loss of an erection. For the most part, it stayed fairly securely attached. (I might suggest keeping ahold of the base with one hand as an added precaution though.) Overall, if the receptive partner can handle the extra girth, it does seem like this toy might be a good option for those dealing with some types of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.



Despite silicone being non-porous, I still worried that cleaning the interior of the toy would be a hassle. However, I’ve found that briefly soaking the Rhino sleeve in a sink full of warm soapy water, while squishing water through the sleeve and out through the plug hole, does a wonderful job. Just to be safe, my advice is to slide out the sizing core and clean all the individual parts before lubrication and body fluids have a chance to dry inside the toy.


As a penile masturbation sleeve, I cannot recommend the Rhino enough. In fact, both my partner and I wish that Traz would abandon much of their “bigger is better” marketing (which we feel panders to male insecurities) and put more focus on the unique masturbatory experience that they offer. As I’ve mentioned, the Rhino extensions are made from high quality and body-safe silicone, which is super rare to find in penile toys, and that is something that Traz definitely deserves praise for!

As far as vaginal intercourse goes… Fantasies are sometimes better than reality, and unfortunately these toys were simply not for me. My vagina is way too inexperienced for it. However, if you love large toys, I think that this would be a very wonderful addition to partnered sex. It certainly adds a bit of novelty to an otherwise familiar experience, keeping sex fun.

However, if you’re looking for a toy to use primarily during female masturbation, my advice is to get a more detailed, girthy silicone dildo elsewhere. If nothing else, it’ll be much less of a hassle than handling 4 separate parts — and will probably be similarly priced ($50-$80).

Traz Rhino

A special thanks to Traz for sending me the Rhino Sleek & Genesis in exchange for an unbiased review! If you would like to purchase your own Rhino product, please consider ordering from my affiliate, SheVibe. If you would prefer the Glow-in-the-Dark Sleek or the Rhino Stampede, you can find those items at Traz’s website.

7 thoughts on “Traz Rhino: Sleek & Genesis [review]

  1. Thank you very much.I received your product sleek diameter 1.5″.My size diameter is 1″.How can I wear on penis and product looks very big and wide.Although your product is very extra ordinary and excellent.Please guide me.

  2. Hello Rajesh! Unfortunately, you have the wrong person. I simply reviewed the Traz Rhino; I did not create or sell it. I’m also not sure if you are having trouble inserting your penis or if you are unsatisfied with the end result, but I’ll try to help.

    From my personal experience with the product, my best advice for insertion is simply to lubricate the sizing core, slide that into the tip of the sleeve, and then lubricate your erect penis and slide that into the sleeve as well. As far as looking “very big and wide,” it really just depends on what you/your partner desires. The Sleek will certainly add diameter, but remember that it IS the smallest of the Traz Rhino sleeves. If you’re wanting a very large difference in diameter, the Stampede is their largest size. (I did not review that size, because even the mid-range Genesis was too large for me.)

    If you have other questions, you can contact Traz Rhino through their website at:

  3. it is a scam……I have ordered the Genesis and it’s almost 3 months now and I have not received the product….I’ve sent emails but no answer…. Please don’t buy and don’t waste your money

  4. Hi Carl! I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a negative experience with ordering directly from Traz. If you would like, you can e-mail me your order # and any other information you think might be helpful ( and I will message my contact at the company about this issue. I haven’t been in personal contact with them since this review was written, but I am more than willing to pass on your complaint & try to get some answers!

  5. Bought the Traz rhino sleek because I am 7in long and 1.85 in thick, I just wanted add a little extra to give my wife more pleasure. I got the product opened the package and noticed that the product was to small to fit my member. I would be in a lot of pain if I forced myself into it.

    I attempted to return the product and was told that Traz would take it back but charge me $35 to take the sleeve back, so I would get only $14 back. Traz has a terrible return policy and because of it I cannot recommend buying this product.

  6. I’m sorry that the Sleek didn’t work for you. However, most sex toy companies have a strict policy against returns due to the nature of their products. I am actually only aware of one company that will accept returns (especially after the product is opened) and that is Lovehoney.

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