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Created for targeted G-spot stimulation, the Key Comet by Jopen features a slight J-shaped curve with a very pronounced rounded head. The original Comet is a beautiful glass dildo with a partial silicone coating. The newer Comet II is a lighter vibrating version made from hard, ABS plastic in place of glass. Both have a diameter of 1.5″ at their widest point. However, the Comet II measures 5.25″ in length, making it a quarter of an inch longer than its predecessor. Both models are available in the same three colors: hot pink, purple, and a beautiful shade of turquoise.

Although it is my understanding that the differences between the two are rather minimal (sans vibration capability), my personal experience is limited to the Comet II.


As I already mentioned, the Comet II is made from high quality, nonporous & body-safe materials. The smooth matte silicone doesn’t attract much dust, and the only time that I have noticed a small amount of drag is after prolonged use (once lubrication has had a chance to dry out). It’s waterproof and, like most luxury toys, it is rechargeable. Every 4-hour charge should lead to 2-3 hours of use.

Jopen’s packaging for the Comet II is simple, tasteful, and gender neutral. Its cardboard box features basic product information, as well as a non-discreet photograph of the toy itself. Included is a travel/storage pouch, magnetic USB charging cable, and a single sheet of instructions. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

keybutton3The Comet II features only one button, the silver Key by Jopen logo at the very end of the handle. (Which, in my experience, can be a little stiff & difficult to press at times.) To turn the toy on/off, press and hold the button for approximately 3 seconds. When the power is on, each quick press of the button will switch to the next vibration setting. The toy has 7 vibration settings in all: 1 constant vibration and 6 different patterns of pulses & waves. Of course, the downside of simple one-button controls is that you have to cycle through all of the settings if you accidentally pass the one you were looking for.


As I learned with the Lelo Ella, my anatomy is iffy when it comes to G-spot toys with large or drastic curves. Things have a tendency to get uncomfortably hooked behind my pubic bone, forcing me to avoid thrusting and therefore change the way that I masturbate…which is rarely worth the effort. With its swooping curve & bulbous head, it’s no surprise that the Comet II was one of those toys that took some getting used to.

My initial concern was that insertion would be uncomfortable due to the Comet’s large, rounded head. I was happy to discover that although I do occasionally experience a brief moment of discomfort, this is a rare & completely manageable occurrence. In fact, it could probably be remedied altogether if I would slow down and allow myself to get more physically aroused before jumping into insertion. (This, of course, might not be the case for everyone.)

comet chargerOnce inserted, the Comet magically found my G-spot without any of my usual wiggling around in search of perfection. It was like the shape of the toy was simply made to fit my body. Turning on the vibrations solidified in my mind that this was money well spent. Although it’s no powerhouse like the We-Vibe Tango, I do find it very satisfying for internal stimulation (where I typically require less intense vibrations). In fact, it actually made me let out a quick little “Oh!” reminiscent of the very first time I experienced G-spot stimulation at the hands of my partner.

With thrusting out of the question, I did have to experiment with other — much more subtle — motions. Pushing down on the handle, which in turn pushes the rounded end firmly against my G-spot, works well. Combined with the vibrations, this pressure (whether constant or in the form of a quick pattern) is enough to lead me to a solid blended orgasm when combined with clitoral stimulation.

However, what really works for me is moving the handle side-to-side, causing the bulbous head to sort of roll across the front wall of my vagina. Honestly, this is a sensation like nothing I have ever felt before or since. The pleasure builds up until it is so intense that I don’t think I can handle another second. I get physically overwhelmed; my nerves on fire, like after one of those orgasms that makes you cry & laugh & shake all at the same time. I’ve even given up trying to watch porn while using this toy because I simply cannot concentrate on anything besides the glorious magic that is happening to my genitals.

Although I always swear it’s about to happen, I still haven’t squirted. I still don’t know if it’s even possible for me… but I don’t really care. The Comet leaves me exhausted, barely able to stand or even think straight. That’s all that really matters.

Jopen Key Comet

 The Bottom Line

For intense G-spot stimulation, I cannot recommend the Jopen Key Comet II enough. It’s shaped in such a way that finding your G-spot is almost foolproof. It’s more affordable (and in my opinion, less intimidating) than the stainless steel njoy Pure Wand. It even has the added bonus of vibrations — although if vibrations aren’t your thing, you can still get the cheaper, original Comet.

If the cost (approximately $75) is outside of your budget, don’t give up! I’ve seen this toy for as low as $45 online before, which is an amazing deal for a luxury silicone vibrator that will last you many, many years. So, as always…Keep an eye on sales!


Pros: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic, waterproof, rechargeable, fantastic curved shape & bulbous head for G-spot stimulation, hard enough material to provide steady pressure, satisfying & quiet vibrations, quite affordable with sales

Cons: cannot change intensity of vibrations, one-button control can be annoying, some individuals may find the bulbous head or the large curve uncomfortable

 If you’re interested in purchasing the Key Comet II by Jopen, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Good VibrationsSheVibe, & Peepshow Toys!

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  1. Yes! The rocking, pumping up and down motion or just constant pressure is how I like to use toys shaped like this. I don’t thrust with them. I’ll have to try that side to side technique.

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