Lelo Ella [review]

First Impressions 

The Lelo Ella seems to be a classic beginner’s favorite among the sex blogging world, as far as G-spot toys go. It’s created by a reputable manufacturer of non-porous & body-safe sex toys. It’s relatively inexpensive, despite the fact that Lelo is considered a “luxury” brand. It’s not as intimidating as the rigid steel of the njoy Pure Wand. And the curve is very pronounced, made to effortlessly provide direct G-spot stimulation — without vibration. With everyone gushing (both literally & figuratively) over the Lelo Ella, I simply couldn’t resist trying it out for myself.


Like all Lelo products, the Ella comes packaged in multiple layers. On the outside is a thin cardboard box, featuring an elegant photo of the “pleasure object” and some basic product descriptions. Inside is another, much sturdier (and plain) cardboard box that is perfect for long-term storage. Also included is a storage/travel pouch, a user manual, and an authenticity card for warranty purposes.

The first thing I noticed about the Lelo Ella was just how small it is. At only 7″ long and under an inch & a half at its widest point, it is certainly a petite piece of sexual equipment. However, one of the most appealing things about this toy is that it’s double-sided. One end is slim and tapered for easy insertion and warm-up. The other end features the beloved curve and flattened tip for focused G-spot stimulation.

As per usual, the Ella is made from Lelo’s fabulous velvety silicone. Although Lelo products are hit-or-miss with me, this is the one facet about them that I am never disappointed with. It’s matte, provides little-to-no drag during use, and magically doesn’t attract dust, lint, or hair. (Honestly, I sometimes just like touching it or rubbing it over my body; it’s that awesome.)

Because it’s made from silicone, the Lelo Ella is considered a soft toy. However, when compared with other silicone toys, it’s very firm. There is no squish to the Ella and only a slight amount of flexibility along its “neck.” For many people, this is very important in G-spot toys because it provides stronger pressure.

It’s also important to note that while the Ella is seamless, there is a small ‘LELO’ imprint on each side. Although this isn’t noticeable during use, it does like to collect a lot of lubricant and bodily fluids, requiring more focused cleaning.

ExperienceLelo Ella + pouch

Unfortunately, my experience with the Ella did not live up to the hype. I did not have a sudden G-spot epiphany, mastering this controversial spot and swearing by its magical powers. I certainly did not experience a G-spot orgasm. No, to put it simply: the Lelo Ella did not ‘wow’ me.

The Tapered Side: I will admit that the small and sleek tapered end does offer a nice warm-up before the more awkward-to-insert G-spot end or other, larger toys. It also appears to fit my vaginal anatomy quite nicely, making it feel very comfortable and natural to insert. Unfortunately, the fact remains that it is small, straight, and boring. Even the beautiful & gentle swell near the middle doesn’t provide much pleasure for me (compared with other toys). The absolute worst part, however, is that I actually have to be cautious when using this end. It’s just pointy enough to be painful if I get too enthusiastic with my thrusts.

The G-spot SideI wish I could say that using the G-spot end is less of a lackluster (and potentially painful) experience for me…but unfortunately, that would be a lie. Sure, it does find the right spot — and sometimes even produces pleasurable sensations that help lead to orgasm. But my first time using the Lelo Ella was so horrible that my vagina just can’t trust it. It’s the only time a sex toy has almost sent me into a panic, because it was causing me pain and I couldn’t seem to remove it without that pain getting worse.

For me, the problem appears to be in the curve. It’s simply too drastic and “hook-like” for my anatomy. Insertion is often uncomfortable, motion is highly restricted or else it gets hooked behind my pubic bone, and removal is almost always a difficult and/or painful experience. (Although I have discovered that turning it so that the hook faces one of my legs makes this a little easier.)  

The Bottom Line: If I want G-spot stimulation, I reach for a different toy. The bulbous head of the Tantus G-spot is able to provide the right amount of stimulation, without getting hooked behind my pubic bone. It allows me to thrust as much and as quickly as I want, which is how I experience the most pleasure. I also just recently purchased the Jopen Key Comet II. Its gentle & swooping curve instantly finds my G-spot and the vibrations counteract my inability to thrust with it. The Lelo Ella forces me to change the way that I masturbate, and it’s not remarkable enough to make up for it.

Lelo Ella


A lot of people really love the Lelo Ella. If you know that your anatomy allows for drastic curves without getting uncomfortably hooked behind your pubic bone, or it you don’t require thrusting or vibration for pleasurable G-spot stimulation, this toy could be a good purchase for you. At the very least, it is a quality product that is both body-safe and affordable. However, if you’re like me, I suggest saving your money for a toy that will better match your anatomy and/or masturbation style.


Pros: made from Lelo’s fabulous silicone (non-porous & body safe), affordable & high quality, curved design & flattened tip reach the G-spot without much effort

Cons: “hook-like” curve can catch behind one’s pubic bone and/or make insertion & removal uncomfortable or even painful, tapered end can feel too pointy, both of these issues can prevent thrusting or large movements

If you would like to purchase the Lelo Ella, you can do so through my affiliates, Shevibe, Peepshow Toys, or Sexy Time Toys. In addition to black, the Ella also comes in white & rose. 

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