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As some of you might remember, I was one of the lucky winners of Epiphora’s great Mona summer party giveaway last year. Lelo was kind enough to send me the coveted Mona 2, as well as their (awesome) toy cleaning spray, water-based lubricant, and a Lelo notepad & pen set. Not only was the stationary nerd in me totally wooed, but for the first time, I was deeply impressed with a Lelo “pleasure object.”


Mona in box

The Lelo Mona 2 is curved specifically for G-spot stimulation, but it’s appearance is much more subtle than many other G-spot toys that are on the market. For one thing, the end is tapered, not bulbous & round. Instead of having an intense C-shape (like the njoy Pure Wand or the Jopen Key Comet), the Mona’s curve is gentle with a strategically placed bulge. Overall, it’s an unassuming & moderate sized toy with a diameter of 1.25″ at its widest point and a total length of 7.75″ (approximately 4.5″ of which is insertable).

The Mona 2 is available in three different colors: purple, red, and cerise (hot pink). Both the handle and the inner core of the vibrator are made from hard ABS plastic, meaning that there isn’t any flex or give to the toy. However, the insertable portion is covered in a layer of Lelo’s signature velvety silicone. It’s matte, does not attract much dust/hair/lint, and lubricates easily in order to minimize drag. Both materials are nonporous and body-safe.

The controls for the Mona are easy and intuitive. The handle has 4 buttons: +, -, ^, and v. To turn the toy on, press the + button and hold it until the desired vibration intensity is reached. To turn it off, press and hold the – button. The ^ and v button are used to cycle back and forth through Mona’s 5 patterns of various pulses and waves. The toy can also be locked and unlocked by pressing and holding both the – and + buttons at the same time for approximately 3 seconds.

Mona contentsTypical of Lelo products, the Mona 2 arrives in dual layers of packaging: a thin cardboard box featuring a photo of the toy & a sturdier box that is appropriate for extended storage. In addition to the toy itself, Lelo also includes a travel/storage pouch, charger, user manual, 1-year warranty registration card, and lubricant sample. According to Lelo’s website, each 2 hour charge should lead to 2-4 hours of use.


I’ll be honest; the first time that I used the Lelo Mona 2, I was disappointed. There was so much hype surrounding it that I suppose I naively expected a G-spot orgasm that was both effortless and magical. It never happened. In reality, the Mona 2 was my first G-spot vibrator. I didn’t know how to use it in ways that would provide me with the most pleasure. And to make matters worse, I was hanging onto an idealized view of the “vaginal orgasm” — when my body absolutely requires clitoral stimulation.

Now that I’ve become more in tune with my body (including my G-spot area), I can safely say that the Mona 2 greatly surpasses my expectations in the realm of blended orgasms. I have proudly joined the sex blogging cult that worships the Mona 2. I’ve even nicknamed my Mona & Tango the “wonder twins,” because they are so perfect together.


For a power queen like me, the most important thing about the Mona 2 is that its vibration intensity is leaps and bounds beyond Lelo’s older products like the (disappointing & barely discernible) Lily. While it’s nowhere near as rumbly as the We-Vibe Tango, it is still strong enough for me to use clitorally without getting frustrated. And since I don’t require as much power for G-spot stimulation, the Mona 2 has more than enough ‘oomph!‘ internally.

Secondly, the shape is pure genius. The subtle bulge nudges against my G-spot effortlessly, and I simply have to push down on the handle (raising the internal portion of the toy) if I require more intense pressure. Because the curve is not extreme, the Mona 2 does not get painfully hooked behind my pubic bone like the Lelo Ella does. This makes thrusting not only possible, but comfortable. The only problem that I have experienced is that occasionally, depending on my level of arousal and my enthusiasm, the tapered end can feel a little pokey.

Lelo Mona 2It may seem surprising, but if you’re looking for a toy with variety, the Mona 2 has got you covered! Although it’s designed for internal use, the gentle shape also complements the natural curves of the vulva quite nicely for external stimulation. (The handle/length of the toy can even be beneficial for those who have difficulty with their flexibility or reach.) Plus, since the vibration intensity & patterns are controlled separately, the Mona 2 has a huge range of settings, allowing each individual to select their perfect combination.

Bottom Line

To be honest, Lelo rarely impresses me. I generally think that their “innovation” sounds cooler than it actually is, their mechanics are mediocre, and their prices are too high. The simple fact that I will 100% stand behind the Mona 2 should be a testament as to how much I enjoy this toy.

Its full range of vibration intensities make it a good fit for individuals who prefer sensations that are soft, strong, or anywhere in between. Its gentle, bulging curve and modest size are not so extreme as to prevent thrusting or intimidate its user. And it can easily and comfortably double as an internal & external toy. Overall, I think that the Lelo Mona 2 is capable of pleasing a wide range of individuals — including G-spot beginners and experts alike.


Pros: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic, wide range of vibrations & patterns, easy to use controls, curved design that is effective but not extreme, quiet, rechargeable, & waterproof

Cons: fairly high price tag, may not be enough for those that need very deep, rumbly vibrations or bulbous C-shaped toys for more focused G-spot pressure & stimulation

Thanks again to Epiphora & Lelo for gifting me with this fantastic toy! If you’re interested in purchasing the Mona 2, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Good VibrationsSheVibe, Peepshow Toys, or Sexy Time Toys.

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  1. I recently was gifted a Lelo Mona 2 so now I can finally see what the fuss was all about. Well, it’s a good toy and I look forward to fully figuring it out. I’ve even had a couple lovely clitoral orgasms with it. Was it worth the original price of $139? Maybe, but to me that’s stretching it. It’s definitely not worth the new price hike of $169. (Nice going Lelo.) Overall, I too am unimpressed with most of what Lelo’s got out. It’s just a fancy price tag and name, but not a ton of power for the most part… And I could rant on and on. Mona 2 is a decent vibe. I appreciate the power and the length. But all the hype around this toy kinda ruined it to me.

    Great review! 🙂

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