L’amourose Rosa Rouge Review

description text

L'amourose Rosa RougeThe L’amourose Rosa Rouge is a beautiful & modestly-sized G-spot vibrator known for its powerful rumbly vibrations. It has a gently curving shaft, a distinct edge on the bottom of its tapered head, and a relatively large oval base which serves as both a handle & a vibrating dual-stimulation option (if your anatomy lines up). But what makes this toy truly unique is that it heats up — on purpose! 

The Rosa Rouge has simple 3-button controls. The + and – buttons increase and decrease the vibration intensity along 12 different speeds, in addition to turning the toy on and off. These 2 buttons can also be used to lock the vibrator when pressed & held simultaneously. The middle button (a sort of yin-yang shape) controls both the heating function and the vibration patterns. With one prolonged press of the yin-yang symbol, the head of the Rosa Rouge will begin heating up to a level that is comfortably above body temperature (104-107 degrees Fahrenheit). If this button is pressed again, the toy will start cycling through its 9 vibration patterns: combinations of waves & pulses that often alternate between the two motors in the head & the base.

The toy measures 6″ in total length (approximately 4″ insertable) and 1.5″ in diameter at it’s widest point. Although the body of the toy is incredibly firm to the touch, the shaft does employ what L’amourose calls their “Flex & Shift” technology; simply meaning that the shaft will give a little in order to accommodate your body. It’s important to note that although this is often thought of as a vaginal vibrator, the base (1.75″ wide x 3″ long) makes it safe for anal play as well.

Like most high-quality toys, the Rosa Rouge is nonporous & body-safe, waterproof, and rechargeable. The majority of the toy is covered in a velvety smooth, matte silicone that doesn’t attract much dust/hair and creates very little drag. The bottom of the base and the charging dock are made from hard ABS plastic molded to look like a faceted gemstone. L’amourose reports that each 2-hour charge will give you up to 70 minutes of maximum speed/heated playtime, with an impressive 60-100 day standby when kept in storage. It is available in only one color: red (or rouge, obviously). However, if the heating ability doesn’t appeal to you, the regular Rosa is available in emerald (a beautiful teal color), cerise (hot pink), or black.

L’amourose prides themselves on being luxurious and the Rosa Rouge certainly arrives in style. Packaged within a ribbon-wrapped cardboard gift box, you’ll also receive a velvet storage/travel bag, magnetic charging dock & USB charging cord (complete with DC adaptor), water-based lube sample, user manual, and authenticity card (which will come in handy if you need to use the 18-month warranty or lifetime quality guarantee). Unwrapping this toy reminded me of buying my first Lelo product — except this time, I was actually impressed with the vibrations.

Unfortunately, that positive first impression didn’t last very long.

The Rosa Malfunction & Ensuing Communication Collapse

Rosa Rouge packaging

December 23rd 2014: I was contacted by L’amourose about reviewing some of their products. Although I eagerly responded the following day, I never received a confirmation or an update about shipping. After a couple of months, I simply assumed that they had changed their mind.

March 3rd 2015: I received an unexpected package from an unknown sender; L’amourose had graciously sent me not only the Rose Rouge, but the Paramour set as well!

After [im]patiently waiting for my new toys to charge, I started cycling through the different patterns… and the entire unit suddenly shut off. It wouldn’t turn back on. I poked at the buttons for a while, heartbroken & wondering what had happened. As a last resort, I put it back on the charging dock. The Rosa lit up again and I was able to power it on. But the toy suffered the same malfunction approximately half of the times that I tried to cycle through the patterns. I never knew when it would die on me and so it was essentially unusable.

Over the next couple of days, I corresponded with my contact at L’amourose to let them know about the faulty product and send them the specific serial number.

March 25th and April 24th: I sent follow-up e-mails. Silence.

April 29th: I decided to send an e-mail to Customer Care. My original contact was apparently no longer with the company (or at least in a “different role”), but I was promised a replacement product and put into contact with another employee.

June 15th: I was asked to confirm my address and was told I would be sent a shipping date.

October 10th and December 7th: More follow-up e-mails. More silence.

December 22nd 2015: A full year after my initial contact with the company, almost 10 months from receiving my defective Rosa Rouge, and more than 6 months since I had even heard from them… I received another mystery package containing the Rosa Rouge, the Prism VII, and a rather lovely hand-written note. Another gracious gift & a wonderful touch, that’s for sure — but to be honest, I had completely given up on them by this point.

Worth the wait?

Rosa Rouge doubleThe Rosa Rouge definitely has some hella powerful, rumbly AF vibrations. The only toy that I can even think to compare it to would be the We-Vibe Rave. When closely feeling for a difference, the Rave seems just a smidge more powerful to me. (Probably why I have a slightly easier time reaching clitoral orgasms with it.) But I would argue that the Rosa might actually have deeper and more thuddy/rumbly vibrations. Either way, both toys give me that ‘open-eyed, gasping in surprise’ reaction the moment they come into contact with my G-spot.

That’s another thing that I love about the Rosa Rouge; it is a master of finding & caressing my G-spot. The curve is perfect for my anatomy and the gentle ridge at the base of the head absolutely drives me wild as it drags across the front wall of my vagina. At first, I was concerned about the “Flex & Shift” technology. Pressure is usually what I need when aiming for a strong blended orgasm. (Hence my love for both the We-Vibe Rave & the Jopen Comet II.) But the Rosa Rouge surprised me.

The ever-so-slight give in the structure of this vibrator allows me to thrust it without pain or fear of getting the head hooked behind my pubic bone. Unlike most G-spot products, where the intense curve necessitates that I keep the toy stationary & squash my G-spot into submission, I can actually use the Rosa like a partner’s curved fingers.

And the patterns! Normally, vibration patterns do nothing for me; my vagina has a type and that type is ‘strong & consistent.’ But the Rosa’s vibrations are so powerful that when using a pulsing pattern, it gives me nearly the same sensation as if I were manually thrusting the toy. Instead of repeatedly moving the head towards & away from my G-spot, the vibrations simply start and stop. And with the pulse, I don’t risk losing rhythm when I’m about to orgasm. The Rosa Rouge just keeps humming along.

To be honest, there’s nothing about the Rosa Rouge that I absolutely hate; there’s just a few small aspects of the toy that do not work for me as an individual. And although I believe that these issues are easily overshadowed by the pure power of this crimson beast, they could easily create larger disappointments for others.

For example: The “dual stimulation” idea (with one motor in the base of the toy) doesn’t work for my body, because it simply cannot reach my clit. The base is also not the most comfortable handle; I can live with it, but I sometimes end my masturbation session with a case of  “the claw.” And the heating function? It’s okay for external vibrations (the only way I can really feel it), but I wouldn’t pay extra for this feature if I were buying the toy myself.

L'amourose Rosa RougeThe L’amourose Rosa Rouge is a high quality (and truly luxurious) sex toy with more oomph than most every other rechargeable vibrator on the market. However, this is one instance where you will most certainly pay for it. At $199-$249 ($159-$189 for the plain non-heating Rosa), this is officially one of the most expensive toys in my collection. It’s not exactly a price point that is within the average person’s budget… and that makes it hard for me to enthusiastically recommend this product to my readers. Especially when I believe that there are non-heating – but equally impressive – options that will save you a little cash!

I also can’t forget how long it took for L’amourose to get a replacement mailed out to me and how difficult that process was. I’d like to say that I have more faith in their ability to please paying customers, but on the other hand, bloggers have the unique power to tear down a company with bad publicity. I am simply not confident enough to promise that their warranty process would be easy were you to also receive a faulty toy.

If that risk is too big for you, or if you simply can’t justify/afford the cost of the Rosa Rouge, I do have other suggestions: The aforementioned We-Vibe Rave costs approximately $120 and the L’amourose Prism V sells for as low as $99. (I mention the Prism line because I will soon be reviewing the Prism VII and it also has some majorly swoon-worthy vibrations.)

And of course… If you’d simply like to feel better about purchasing any of these, remember that the Lelo Mona 2 has now increased in price to a ridiculous $170 and those vibrations are not even in the same universe.

Pros: nonporous & body-safe silicone with ABS plastic base, rechargeable, waterproof, heating function, curved specifically for G-spot stimulation, super powerful & rumbly vibrations, multiple intensities & patterns, easy controls, relatively quiet, very approachable size, anal safe

Cons: expensive, may be difficult/uncomfortable for some individuals to hold, relatively short battery life (70 minutes on high), L’amourose can be difficult to contact if there are problems


Special thanks to L’amourose for sending me this product (twice!) in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. If you would like to purchase this toy, please consider buying through one of my affiliates: SheVibe or Peepshow Toys

We-Vibe Rave Review

I am a power queen.

Whenever I turn on a new sex toy for the first time, I immediately max out the vibrations. I know that most of my vibrators will never be used on anything less than their highest setting. And even then, many will simply get passed over for my 2 favorites: the We-Vibe Tango or Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s not necessarily that I can’t climax without the power of ten billion buzzing bees between my legs1, it’s that I usually don’t want to. I’d rather spend my time aiming for multiple orgasms than struggling to my first.

When I heard that We-Vibe (makers of the most powerful bullet vibe in the world!) was releasing their first G-spot vibrator, I got super excited. So far, my strongest vibrators have not been insertable. And while I don’t typically require as much internal vibration to have a good time, I was still really hoping for a chance to rattle my G-spot into a state of utter exhaustion. description text

We-Vibe RaveThe We-Vibe Rave is a strange looking toy. It’s entirely asymmetrical — swooping slightly to the left on the handle & to the right towards the head, all while bending upwards to create an almost boomerang-like angle. There is also a slight twist in the design, forming an edge that is much sharper on one side than the other. It measures approximately 7.5″ long with a 1.25″ diameter.

The Rave is covered with a thin layer of body-safe & nonporous silicone that has a matte finish and is velvety soft to the touch. It lubricates easily to minimize drag and it doesn’t attract very much dust, lint, or hair in-between uses. The inner structure is incredibly firm, offering absolutely no bend or give.

On the front of the vibrator, there are 3 small, raised buttons. The + and – buttons are used to increase and decrease the vibration intensity. The o in the middle cycles through the 10 different vibration modes, offering a variety of pulses & waves. Any button will turn the toy on, starting immediately at whichever setting you used last. You can turn it off by either pressing & holding the o button or by cycling through all of the patterns.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.04.27 AMAbove the control buttons is another small bullseye shape. This is the “self healing” charging port. (An area of silicone that you can poke the charger through without permanently damaging the toy.) Impaling a high-price toy always makes me uneasy, but that’s exactly how these sorts of chargers work. The idea is that the port will recover & protect itself against water without the need for a plug — although it’s important to notice that the Rave is only “splash-proof.” It is NOT fully waterproof. We-Vibe advertises that a 90 minute charge lasts for up to 2 hours of use.

We-Vibe Rave - ButtonsAs with many other We-Vibe products that have been released recently, the Rave is compatible with their We-Connect app. This allows you to pair the vibrator with your phone via Bluetooth and then connect with “lovers” via the app, chatting with them & giving them control over the toy’s settings. We-Connect also allows you to create your own custom vibration patterns.

The We-Vibe Rave is available in one color (purple) and comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with tasteful photos of the product & basic information printed on the outside. Included with the Rave is a USB charging cord (AC adaptor not included), storage bag, instruction booklet, and 1-year warranty.

experience text

We-Vibe Rave - PackagingThis really shouldn’t come as a surprise: I absolutely love the vibrations! The Rave make me gasp every single time that I insert & position it before turning it on. It rumbles against my G-spot in such a way that the vibrations seem to travel through my whole body — or at least my entire pelvic region. My partner believes that it has the deepest, most penetrating vibrations of The We-Vibe Trifecta. Its vibration intensity is not quite Tango level… but still much stronger than the Touch. I actually have trouble selecting a good clit vibe to pair with it, because it tends to overshadow anything with less power. (Definitely a problem that I’m okay with having.)

The asymmetrical shape, on the other hand, did not win me over. I know that plenty of people will love the unique sensations it can create, but the sharp edges are a serious turn off for me. I can’t roll the toy across the front wall of my vagina (a technique I learned to love from the Key Jopen Comet II) without feeling like I am scraping out my insides. And the curve is just a little too intense to lose myself in thrusting. (At least it doesn’t get painfully hooked behind my pubic bone!)

We-Vibe RaveMy solution? I enjoy the complete absence of motion with the Rave. I might experiment a little here or there with very subtle movements, but most of the time I resort to pure unadulterated pressure. Its form is so solid that I can press down on the handle and shove the inserted end upwards with all of my might. I get the most pleasure from holding it there, allowing the vibrations to rattle through my body. My hand & arm eventually cramping from the force I’m exerting; my G-spot pleasurably sore after a few orgasms.

The only way that I can enjoy the asymmetrical shape is during clitoral stimulation — which the Rave also excels at. Externally, the different surfaces of the toy provide options depending on what type of stimulation you find most pleasurable. Broad, flat surface? Yep. Thin, pointed edge? It has you covered. And the curved length gives you a wonderful handle too.

The only across-the-board downside that I can find with the Rave is in the little things: the charging port & the We-Connect app.

We-Vibe Rave - ChargingNot only is the charging port what prevents this toy from being waterproof, it’s also in the worst possible place to get loads of lube & bodily fluids caked in & around it. (Seriously. Why place it right by the entrance to the

The app — well, it’s just frustrating. I tried testing it with both my partner & my best friend. My friend couldn’t even get the invite link to work on her phone. Fail. My partner managed to successfully connect as my “lover” and even do a video call with me… but the custom vibration modes never would work for either of us. Long-distance, wirelessly controlled sex toys are an awesome idea, but this one simply was not user-friendly or sexy — unless you get turned on by being horribly frustrated with technology. The only thing I enjoyed about the app was that it displays a percentage for how much charge my Rave has left.

bottom line text

Even with the torture-chamber edges that totally scare my vagina and one of the most poorly designed charging ports in sex toy history, the Rave is still one of the best vibrators I have ever used. (Especially once I deleted the mobile app.)

The G-sport curve is spot on for my body & the toy is firm enough to apply loads of intense, unrelenting pressure. Add on some of the most rumbly, powerful vibrations that I have ever felt in an insertable vibrator and I am basically transported to my own personal Shangri-La.

Once again, We-Vibe proves that they know how to please the power queens of the world. And I am completely smitten.


Pros: incredibly strong & rumbly vibrations, curved for G-spot stimulation, firm enough to apply lots of pressure, asymmetry offers multiple options for clitoral stimulation, body-safe & nonporous silicone, easy controls, 10 vibration patterns, relatively quiet, rechargeable

Cons: not waterproof, charging port easily collects lube & bodily fluids, mobile/long-distance app is not user friendly, edges might feel uncomfortably sharp during internal use


Huge thanks to my wonderful affiliate, Good Vibrations, for sending me this product in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. 

If you would like to purchase the We-Vibe Rave, please consider supporting my blog by doing so here.

  1. One sex toy origin story (which is almost certainly a myth) states that the first-ever vibrator was created when Cleopatra filled a gourd with live bees. As you can imagine, this would require a whole hell of a lot of bees — and plenty of prayers that the gourd would not break.

Vamp Lola Review

description text

vamp1The Vamp Lola is a semi-realistically shaped dildo with a slight upward curve and a pronounced head/coronal ridge (complete with a design that hints at a urethral opening). However, that’s where the realism ends; the surface is completely smooth, without a single vein or wrinkle — and the color options are far more creative than your basic skin tones, including beautiful marbling.

Overall, the dildo measures 6.5″ in length (5.5″ of which is insertable) and has a 1.5″ diameter at its widest point. It arrives in a simple, clear plastic tube stickered with basic information about Vamp Silicone products. Unfortunately, my packaging tube had an internal height that was slightly smaller than the actual dildo inside, cramping my Lola and prevented the tube from completely closing.

Vamp’s “regular skin” is a very firm silicone (similar to many Tantus products) with almost no give when you try to squish it between your fingers, and more of a subtle ability to flex rather than bend. It has what I would call a “semi-shiny” finish that attracts a lot of hair & can create a fair amount of drag if not lubricated properly — but can also become incredibly slippery due to its lack of texture. It’s 100% body-safe (non-porous & phthalate free) with a large round base, making it both harness-compatible and safe for anal play. It also has a hole for the addition of a vibrating bullet.

Because Vamp Silicone is a small company who hand-crafts all of their products, colors will vary — and there are some slight imperfections. For example, the edge of my base is very crude & uneven, as is the bullet cavity. There’s also some rough spots where the shaft meets the base and a few small imperfections in the shaft that feel like a couple stands of hair made their way into the mold. (Bex was assured that these were only scratches.) None of these were large enough/in areas that were noticeable during use, but I was a little surprised to find so many issues with a $75-95 dildo; maybe Tantus has spoiled me.

vamp imperfections_phixrI received the Lola from my lovely affiliate company, SheVibe, who currently only offers a soft skin version in red & white marble. (For review purposes, I received the firmer “regular skin” version.) However, Vamp is known for their unique color combinations and offers an endless array of choices through other retailers and their own website.

Please be aware that several individuals have experienced very prolonged (and well-documented) issues when dealing directly with Vamp Silicone. To be safe, I’d recommend ordering through a third party retailer. 

experience text

vamppackSurprisingly enough, I love the Vamp Lola! When it first arrived, I scoffed at the slight curve in the shaft. “There’s no way that’ll do anything for my G-spot,” I thought. “But hey, at least it’s pretty.” Oh… the naivety.

This dildo is basically a G-spot ninja. Combining the barely curved shaft with the pronounced coronal ridge makes it perfect for nudging against my G-spot with every stroke (while also not getting hooked behind my pubic bone)— and the firmness of the “regular skin” silicone means that its shape/angle remains consistent throughout use. Of course it’s not as intense as my beloved Jopen Comet II, but that’s okay; sometimes I don’t want G-spot stimulation that’s so powerful I want to cry (happy tears) when I’m done masturbating. Sometimes I want a more gentle build-up that I can stretch out for longer amounts of time without overwhelming my senses.

Every session that I’ve had with the Vamp Lola has turned into a marathon, usually resulting in at least 5 orgasms. Part of that is because squirting feels so attainable. I just keep trying… again and again and again.

vamp2I never thought that I’d say this, but the fact that the Lola has a simplified phallic shape (and not a large, bulbous head) is actually proving to be beneficial to me — at least in an experimental way. Because it slides easily through my vaginal opening with no discomfort, I’m able to quickly pull the toy out as I begin orgasming, bearing down with my muscles in an attempt to ejaculate. I don’t think it’s happened yet (one orgasm was a tiny bit wetter than usual), but it’s still fun to play around and try new techniques.

And speaking of the head…I finally understand how that “popping” sensation can feel pleasurable! The coronal ridge is just prominent enough that it barely stretches my vaginal opening upon removal/insertion, literally sending shivers through my body. It allows me to choose between deep, short strokes (that put more focus on the G-spot) and slow, shallow strokes (that stimulate the vaginal entrance). I seriously can’t lose.

vampbulletThe bullet cavity is a nice touch, as the silicone transfers vibrations from my We-Vibe Tango surprisingly well. However, the cavity is rather shallow (and crooked), allowing plenty of the Tango to stick out from the base of the dildo. (Easy for removal, but definitely would not work when worn as a strap-on.) Personally, I enjoy the toy equally as much with or without vibrations — but I do appreciate the option.

My only complaint is that this toy seems to want to rotate an awful lot once inserted. I’m not sure what it is about this specific dildo and its relationship with my anatomy, but I find myself having to realign the curve with my G-spot more often than I’m used to. If I don’t hold onto the base for even a moment, the dildo will turn inside of me and the curve will start facing one of my legs… or eventually make its way toward my back. It’s not uncomfortable when this happens, but it does remove a giant aspect of what I find most pleasurable about this toy (G-spot stimulation).

bottom line textI was genuinely surprised by how much I liked this toy. Do I still think that the craftsmanship could be more refined for the cost? Definitely. Am I still hesitant to suggest ordering directly from the manufacturer? Yep. But if you’re looking for gentle G-spot stimulation from a relatively average-sized dildo (and enjoy beautifully marbled aesthetics)…the Vamp Lola is a fantastic choice.

vamp34starsPros: body-safe silicone, beautiful marbling, bullet cavity for added vibration, thick & sturdy base, average size (should be comfortable for many individuals), slight curve & pronounced head gently targets G-spot, prominent coronal ridge provides slight “popping” sensation without being large enough to cause discomfort

Cons: rough craftsmanship in spots, may not be curved/firm enough to provide adequate G-spot stimulation for some individuals, wants to spin a lot during use if not held tightly, manufacturer has had multiple customer complaints

Special thanks to my affiliate, SheVibe, for providing me with this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. If you would like to purchase the “soft skin” version of the Vamp Lola, please consider doing so here


Jopen Key Comet II Review


Created for targeted G-spot stimulation, the Key Comet by Jopen features a slight J-shaped curve with a very pronounced rounded head. The original Comet is a beautiful glass dildo with a partial silicone coating. The newer Comet II is a lighter vibrating version made from hard, ABS plastic in place of glass. Both have a diameter of 1.5″ at their widest point. However, the Comet II measures 5.25″ in length, making it a quarter of an inch longer than its predecessor. Both models are available in the same three colors: hot pink, purple, and a beautiful shade of turquoise.

Although it is my understanding that the differences between the two are rather minimal (sans vibration capability), my personal experience is limited to the Comet II.


As I already mentioned, the Comet II is made from high quality, nonporous & body-safe materials. The smooth matte silicone doesn’t attract much dust, and the only time that I have noticed a small amount of drag is after prolonged use (once lubrication has had a chance to dry out). It’s waterproof and, like most luxury toys, it is rechargeable. Every 4-hour charge should lead to 2-3 hours of use.

Jopen’s packaging for the Comet II is simple, tasteful, and gender neutral. Its cardboard box features basic product information, as well as a non-discreet photograph of the toy itself. Included is a travel/storage pouch, magnetic USB charging cable, and a single sheet of instructions. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

keybutton3The Comet II features only one button, the silver Key by Jopen logo at the very end of the handle. (Which, in my experience, can be a little stiff & difficult to press at times.) To turn the toy on/off, press and hold the button for approximately 3 seconds. When the power is on, each quick press of the button will switch to the next vibration setting. The toy has 7 vibration settings in all: 1 constant vibration and 6 different patterns of pulses & waves. Of course, the downside of simple one-button controls is that you have to cycle through all of the settings if you accidentally pass the one you were looking for.


As I learned with the Lelo Ella, my anatomy is iffy when it comes to G-spot toys with large or drastic curves. Things have a tendency to get uncomfortably hooked behind my pubic bone, forcing me to avoid thrusting and therefore change the way that I masturbate…which is rarely worth the effort. With its swooping curve & bulbous head, it’s no surprise that the Comet II was one of those toys that took some getting used to.

My initial concern was that insertion would be uncomfortable due to the Comet’s large, rounded head. I was happy to discover that although I do occasionally experience a brief moment of discomfort, this is a rare & completely manageable occurrence. In fact, it could probably be remedied altogether if I would slow down and allow myself to get more physically aroused before jumping into insertion. (This, of course, might not be the case for everyone.)

comet chargerOnce inserted, the Comet magically found my G-spot without any of my usual wiggling around in search of perfection. It was like the shape of the toy was simply made to fit my body. Turning on the vibrations solidified in my mind that this was money well spent. Although it’s no powerhouse like the We-Vibe Tango, I do find it very satisfying for internal stimulation (where I typically require less intense vibrations). In fact, it actually made me let out a quick little “Oh!” reminiscent of the very first time I experienced G-spot stimulation at the hands of my partner.

With thrusting out of the question, I did have to experiment with other — much more subtle — motions. Pushing down on the handle, which in turn pushes the rounded end firmly against my G-spot, works well. Combined with the vibrations, this pressure (whether constant or in the form of a quick pattern) is enough to lead me to a solid blended orgasm when combined with clitoral stimulation.

However, what really works for me is moving the handle side-to-side, causing the bulbous head to sort of roll across the front wall of my vagina. Honestly, this is a sensation like nothing I have ever felt before or since. The pleasure builds up until it is so intense that I don’t think I can handle another second. I get physically overwhelmed; my nerves on fire, like after one of those orgasms that makes you cry & laugh & shake all at the same time. I’ve even given up trying to watch porn while using this toy because I simply cannot concentrate on anything besides the glorious magic that is happening to my genitals.

Although I always swear it’s about to happen, I still haven’t squirted. I still don’t know if it’s even possible for me… but I don’t really care. The Comet leaves me exhausted, barely able to stand or even think straight. That’s all that really matters.

Jopen Key Comet

 The Bottom Line

For intense G-spot stimulation, I cannot recommend the Jopen Key Comet II enough. It’s shaped in such a way that finding your G-spot is almost foolproof. It’s more affordable (and in my opinion, less intimidating) than the stainless steel njoy Pure Wand. It even has the added bonus of vibrations — although if vibrations aren’t your thing, you can still get the cheaper, original Comet.

If the cost (approximately $75) is outside of your budget, don’t give up! I’ve seen this toy for as low as $45 online before, which is an amazing deal for a luxury silicone vibrator that will last you many, many years. So, as always…Keep an eye on sales!


Pros: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic, waterproof, rechargeable, fantastic curved shape & bulbous head for G-spot stimulation, hard enough material to provide steady pressure, satisfying & quiet vibrations, quite affordable with sales

Cons: cannot change intensity of vibrations, one-button control can be annoying, some individuals may find the bulbous head or the large curve uncomfortable

 If you’re interested in purchasing the Key Comet II by Jopen, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Good VibrationsSheVibe, & Peepshow Toys!

Lelo Mona 2 Review

As some of you might remember, I was one of the lucky winners of Epiphora’s great Mona summer party giveaway last year. Lelo was kind enough to send me the coveted Mona 2, as well as their (awesome) toy cleaning spray, water-based lubricant, and a Lelo notepad & pen set. Not only was the stationary nerd in me totally wooed, but for the first time, I was deeply impressed with a Lelo “pleasure object.”


Mona in box

The Lelo Mona 2 is curved specifically for G-spot stimulation, but it’s appearance is much more subtle than many other G-spot toys that are on the market. For one thing, the end is tapered, not bulbous & round. Instead of having an intense C-shape (like the njoy Pure Wand or the Jopen Key Comet), the Mona’s curve is gentle with a strategically placed bulge. Overall, it’s an unassuming & moderate sized toy with a diameter of 1.25″ at its widest point and a total length of 7.75″ (approximately 4.5″ of which is insertable).

The Mona 2 is available in three different colors: purple, red, and cerise (hot pink). Both the handle and the inner core of the vibrator are made from hard ABS plastic, meaning that there isn’t any flex or give to the toy. However, the insertable portion is covered in a layer of Lelo’s signature velvety silicone. It’s matte, does not attract much dust/hair/lint, and lubricates easily in order to minimize drag. Both materials are nonporous and body-safe.

The controls for the Mona are easy and intuitive. The handle has 4 buttons: +, -, ^, and v. To turn the toy on, press the + button and hold it until the desired vibration intensity is reached. To turn it off, press and hold the – button. The ^ and v button are used to cycle back and forth through Mona’s 5 patterns of various pulses and waves. The toy can also be locked and unlocked by pressing and holding both the – and + buttons at the same time for approximately 3 seconds.

Mona contentsTypical of Lelo products, the Mona 2 arrives in dual layers of packaging: a thin cardboard box featuring a photo of the toy & a sturdier box that is appropriate for extended storage. In addition to the toy itself, Lelo also includes a travel/storage pouch, charger, user manual, 1-year warranty registration card, and lubricant sample. According to Lelo’s website, each 2 hour charge should lead to 2-4 hours of use.


I’ll be honest; the first time that I used the Lelo Mona 2, I was disappointed. There was so much hype surrounding it that I suppose I naively expected a G-spot orgasm that was both effortless and magical. It never happened. In reality, the Mona 2 was my first G-spot vibrator. I didn’t know how to use it in ways that would provide me with the most pleasure. And to make matters worse, I was hanging onto an idealized view of the “vaginal orgasm” — when my body absolutely requires clitoral stimulation.

Now that I’ve become more in tune with my body (including my G-spot area), I can safely say that the Mona 2 greatly surpasses my expectations in the realm of blended orgasms. I have proudly joined the sex blogging cult that worships the Mona 2. I’ve even nicknamed my Mona & Tango the “wonder twins,” because they are so perfect together.


For a power queen like me, the most important thing about the Mona 2 is that its vibration intensity is leaps and bounds beyond Lelo’s older products like the (disappointing & barely discernible) Lily. While it’s nowhere near as rumbly as the We-Vibe Tango, it is still strong enough for me to use clitorally without getting frustrated. And since I don’t require as much power for G-spot stimulation, the Mona 2 has more than enough ‘oomph!‘ internally.

Secondly, the shape is pure genius. The subtle bulge nudges against my G-spot effortlessly, and I simply have to push down on the handle (raising the internal portion of the toy) if I require more intense pressure. Because the curve is not extreme, the Mona 2 does not get painfully hooked behind my pubic bone like the Lelo Ella does. This makes thrusting not only possible, but comfortable. The only problem that I have experienced is that occasionally, depending on my level of arousal and my enthusiasm, the tapered end can feel a little pokey.

Lelo Mona 2It may seem surprising, but if you’re looking for a toy with variety, the Mona 2 has got you covered! Although it’s designed for internal use, the gentle shape also complements the natural curves of the vulva quite nicely for external stimulation. (The handle/length of the toy can even be beneficial for those who have difficulty with their flexibility or reach.) Plus, since the vibration intensity & patterns are controlled separately, the Mona 2 has a huge range of settings, allowing each individual to select their perfect combination.

Bottom Line

To be honest, Lelo rarely impresses me. I generally think that their “innovation” sounds cooler than it actually is, their mechanics are mediocre, and their prices are too high. The simple fact that I will 100% stand behind the Mona 2 should be a testament as to how much I enjoy this toy.

Its full range of vibration intensities make it a good fit for individuals who prefer sensations that are soft, strong, or anywhere in between. Its gentle, bulging curve and modest size are not so extreme as to prevent thrusting or intimidate its user. And it can easily and comfortably double as an internal & external toy. Overall, I think that the Lelo Mona 2 is capable of pleasing a wide range of individuals — including G-spot beginners and experts alike.


Pros: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic, wide range of vibrations & patterns, easy to use controls, curved design that is effective but not extreme, quiet, rechargeable, & waterproof

Cons: fairly high price tag, may not be enough for those that need very deep, rumbly vibrations or bulbous C-shaped toys for more focused G-spot pressure & stimulation

Thanks again to Epiphora & Lelo for gifting me with this fantastic toy! If you’re interested in purchasing the Mona 2, please consider ordering from my affiliates: Good VibrationsSheVibe, Peepshow Toys, or Sexy Time Toys.