L’amourose Rosa Rouge Review

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L'amourose Rosa RougeThe L’amourose Rosa Rouge is a beautiful & modestly-sized G-spot vibrator known for its powerful rumbly vibrations. It has a gently curving shaft, a distinct edge on the bottom of its tapered head, and a relatively large oval base which serves as both a handle & a vibrating dual-stimulation option (if your anatomy lines up). But what makes this toy truly unique is that it heats up — on purpose! 

The Rosa Rouge has simple 3-button controls. The + and – buttons increase and decrease the vibration intensity along 12 different speeds, in addition to turning the toy on and off. These 2 buttons can also be used to lock the vibrator when pressed & held simultaneously. The middle button (a sort of yin-yang shape) controls both the heating function and the vibration patterns. With one prolonged press of the yin-yang symbol, the head of the Rosa Rouge will begin heating up to a level that is comfortably above body temperature (104-107 degrees Fahrenheit). If this button is pressed again, the toy will start cycling through its 9 vibration patterns: combinations of waves & pulses that often alternate between the two motors in the head & the base.

The toy measures 6″ in total length (approximately 4″ insertable) and 1.5″ in diameter at it’s widest point. Although the body of the toy is incredibly firm to the touch, the shaft does employ what L’amourose calls their “Flex & Shift” technology; simply meaning that the shaft will give a little in order to accommodate your body. It’s important to note that although this is often thought of as a vaginal vibrator, the base (1.75″ wide x 3″ long) makes it safe for anal play as well.

Like most high-quality toys, the Rosa Rouge is nonporous & body-safe, waterproof, and rechargeable. The majority of the toy is covered in a velvety smooth, matte silicone that doesn’t attract much dust/hair and creates very little drag. The bottom of the base and the charging dock are made from hard ABS plastic molded to look like a faceted gemstone. L’amourose reports that each 2-hour charge will give you up to 70 minutes of maximum speed/heated playtime, with an impressive 60-100 day standby when kept in storage. It is available in only one color: red (or rouge, obviously). However, if the heating ability doesn’t appeal to you, the regular Rosa is available in emerald (a beautiful teal color), cerise (hot pink), or black.

L’amourose prides themselves on being luxurious and the Rosa Rouge certainly arrives in style. Packaged within a ribbon-wrapped cardboard gift box, you’ll also receive a velvet storage/travel bag, magnetic charging dock & USB charging cord (complete with DC adaptor), water-based lube sample, user manual, and authenticity card (which will come in handy if you need to use the 18-month warranty or lifetime quality guarantee). Unwrapping this toy reminded me of buying my first Lelo product — except this time, I was actually impressed with the vibrations.

Unfortunately, that positive first impression didn’t last very long.

The Rosa Malfunction & Ensuing Communication Collapse

Rosa Rouge packaging

December 23rd 2014: I was contacted by L’amourose about reviewing some of their products. Although I eagerly responded the following day, I never received a confirmation or an update about shipping. After a couple of months, I simply assumed that they had changed their mind.

March 3rd 2015: I received an unexpected package from an unknown sender; L’amourose had graciously sent me not only the Rose Rouge, but the Paramour set as well!

After [im]patiently waiting for my new toys to charge, I started cycling through the different patterns… and the entire unit suddenly shut off. It wouldn’t turn back on. I poked at the buttons for a while, heartbroken & wondering what had happened. As a last resort, I put it back on the charging dock. The Rosa lit up again and I was able to power it on. But the toy suffered the same malfunction approximately half of the times that I tried to cycle through the patterns. I never knew when it would die on me and so it was essentially unusable.

Over the next couple of days, I corresponded with my contact at L’amourose to let them know about the faulty product and send them the specific serial number.

March 25th and April 24th: I sent follow-up e-mails. Silence.

April 29th: I decided to send an e-mail to Customer Care. My original contact was apparently no longer with the company (or at least in a “different role”), but I was promised a replacement product and put into contact with another employee.

June 15th: I was asked to confirm my address and was told I would be sent a shipping date.

October 10th and December 7th: More follow-up e-mails. More silence.

December 22nd 2015: A full year after my initial contact with the company, almost 10 months from receiving my defective Rosa Rouge, and more than 6 months since I had even heard from them… I received another mystery package containing the Rosa Rouge, the Prism VII, and a rather lovely hand-written note. Another gracious gift & a wonderful touch, that’s for sure — but to be honest, I had completely given up on them by this point.

Worth the wait?

Rosa Rouge doubleThe Rosa Rouge definitely has some hella powerful, rumbly AF vibrations. The only toy that I can even think to compare it to would be the We-Vibe Rave. When closely feeling for a difference, the Rave seems just a smidge more powerful to me. (Probably why I have a slightly easier time reaching clitoral orgasms with it.) But I would argue that the Rosa might actually have deeper and more thuddy/rumbly vibrations. Either way, both toys give me that ‘open-eyed, gasping in surprise’ reaction the moment they come into contact with my G-spot.

That’s another thing that I love about the Rosa Rouge; it is a master of finding & caressing my G-spot. The curve is perfect for my anatomy and the gentle ridge at the base of the head absolutely drives me wild as it drags across the front wall of my vagina. At first, I was concerned about the “Flex & Shift” technology. Pressure is usually what I need when aiming for a strong blended orgasm. (Hence my love for both the We-Vibe Rave & the Jopen Comet II.) But the Rosa Rouge surprised me.

The ever-so-slight give in the structure of this vibrator allows me to thrust it without pain or fear of getting the head hooked behind my pubic bone. Unlike most G-spot products, where the intense curve necessitates that I keep the toy stationary & squash my G-spot into submission, I can actually use the Rosa like a partner’s curved fingers.

And the patterns! Normally, vibration patterns do nothing for me; my vagina has a type and that type is ‘strong & consistent.’ But the Rosa’s vibrations are so powerful that when using a pulsing pattern, it gives me nearly the same sensation as if I were manually thrusting the toy. Instead of repeatedly moving the head towards & away from my G-spot, the vibrations simply start and stop. And with the pulse, I don’t risk losing rhythm when I’m about to orgasm. The Rosa Rouge just keeps humming along.

To be honest, there’s nothing about the Rosa Rouge that I absolutely hate; there’s just a few small aspects of the toy that do not work for me as an individual. And although I believe that these issues are easily overshadowed by the pure power of this crimson beast, they could easily create larger disappointments for others.

For example: The “dual stimulation” idea (with one motor in the base of the toy) doesn’t work for my body, because it simply cannot reach my clit. The base is also not the most comfortable handle; I can live with it, but I sometimes end my masturbation session with a case of  “the claw.” And the heating function? It’s okay for external vibrations (the only way I can really feel it), but I wouldn’t pay extra for this feature if I were buying the toy myself.

L'amourose Rosa RougeThe L’amourose Rosa Rouge is a high quality (and truly luxurious) sex toy with more oomph than most every other rechargeable vibrator on the market. However, this is one instance where you will most certainly pay for it. At $199-$249 ($159-$189 for the plain non-heating Rosa), this is officially one of the most expensive toys in my collection. It’s not exactly a price point that is within the average person’s budget… and that makes it hard for me to enthusiastically recommend this product to my readers. Especially when I believe that there are non-heating – but equally impressive – options that will save you a little cash!

I also can’t forget how long it took for L’amourose to get a replacement mailed out to me and how difficult that process was. I’d like to say that I have more faith in their ability to please paying customers, but on the other hand, bloggers have the unique power to tear down a company with bad publicity. I am simply not confident enough to promise that their warranty process would be easy were you to also receive a faulty toy.

If that risk is too big for you, or if you simply can’t justify/afford the cost of the Rosa Rouge, I do have other suggestions: The aforementioned We-Vibe Rave costs approximately $120 and the L’amourose Prism V sells for as low as $99. (I mention the Prism line because I will soon be reviewing the Prism VII and it also has some majorly swoon-worthy vibrations.)

And of course… If you’d simply like to feel better about purchasing any of these, remember that the Lelo Mona 2 has now increased in price to a ridiculous $170 and those vibrations are not even in the same universe.

Pros: nonporous & body-safe silicone with ABS plastic base, rechargeable, waterproof, heating function, curved specifically for G-spot stimulation, super powerful & rumbly vibrations, multiple intensities & patterns, easy controls, relatively quiet, very approachable size, anal safe

Cons: expensive, may be difficult/uncomfortable for some individuals to hold, relatively short battery life (70 minutes on high), L’amourose can be difficult to contact if there are problems


Special thanks to L’amourose for sending me this product (twice!) in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. If you would like to purchase this toy, please consider buying through one of my affiliates: SheVibe or Peepshow Toys

We-Vibe Thrill charge

We-Vibe Thrill [review]

I’ve been anxious to get my hands on a toy that offers dual stimulation for quite some time now. However, I’ve read enough reviews to know that dual stimulation toys only seem to satisfy a select few. I simply was not willing to risk a ton of money on a (body-safe) toy that may not align with my anatomy — or lower my standards for a cheap, but unsafe alternative. So when PinkCherry put the $130 We-Vibe Thrill on sale for only $30, I jumped at the opportunity!

First Impressions & Description

We-Vibe Thrill BoxThe We-Vibe Thrill comes in a sturdy cardboard storage box with rather nice, subdued product art and information. (If you require a certain level of discretion, removing the thin slip-case leaves you with a plain ruby box with only the product name visible.) Inside is a layer of foam that securely holds the toy itself. Underneath this layer of foam is where you’ll find the user manual, a travel/storage pouch, and the magnetic charging port with an included USB cord. (If you don’t want to rely on your computer for charging, I highly recommend purchasing a simple USB wall-adapter.)

We-Vibe Thrill packageI was pleasantly surprised that my charger was different from many of the older black ones that I had seen (including the one pictured on PinkCherry’s product page). Gone are the days of struggling for a strong magnetic attachment. Now, the We-Vibe Thrill simply stands on top of a magnetic base for it’s 90 minute charging time. (Each of which will give you approximately 2 hours of play.)

We-Vibe Thrill charge

The Thrill itself is mostly made of high-quality (non-porous & body-safe) silicone in a deep magenta or “ruby” color, with a small area of silvery hard plastic on the clitoral portion. It is completely waterproof, making it very simple to clean with soap and water.

There are 8 vibration modes to choose from: 4 constant vibrations of increasing intensities, 3 pulse settings (one that alternates between strong pulses and lighter but faster ones, another that just has constant & consistent quick pulses, and one that varies in a Cha Cha ChaChaCha pattern), plus one “wave” vibration mode. At its strongest (Ultra mode), the Thrill reaches 4800 RPM, making it quite strong for such a small toy — but also surprisingly quiet.

There is only one control button to simultaneously control both motors, which is located in between the magnetic charging connectors. This button will cycle through the various vibration modes and then turn off when pressed repeatedly. You can also turn off the unit by holding the button for 2 seconds. (If turned off in this way, the Thrill will resume your last vibration mode when turned back on.)


ComfortOne of my initial concerns was one of comfort. I didn’t know how flexible the silicone would be and was curious if insertion would be awkward or difficult — or if the C shape would feel tight during use. Turns out, while the Thrill is indeed firm, the middle is also very bendy. Not only was insertion easy, but I also found that it is super comfortable in both reclining and sitting positions.

VibrationsIt’s no secret around here that I enjoy rather strong vibrations. The Thrill actually surprised me with its intensity. The silicone seems surprisingly good at transferring vibrations. In fact, I actually wish that they would have made the handle out of hard plastic and kept the clitoral stimulator silicone, as the plastic seems to muffle the vibrations too much in its current location — while my hand has gone a bit tingly a couple of times. As for the pulses? I’m normally not a fan, but I’m actually digging experimenting with some of the unique variations that the Thrill has to offer.

AnatomyThe all-important question when dealing with dual stimulation toys. Did the We-Vibe Thrill “work” for me and my genitalia? …Kind of. While it’s not completely impossible for me to get both vibrating motors in exactly the right spot, it is difficult to keep them there. This leads to a lot of extended teasing and ultimate frustration on my part as I continuously lose the perfect positioning. I’ve also noticed that if I do manage to get close to climaxing with the Thrill, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the small, lubey G-spot end from being pushed out of my body.

Which reminds me… If you require a lot of pressure for proper G-spot stimulation, the little bump on the We-Vibe Thrill probably isn’t going to cut it. And while I have seen at least one review that suggested intercourse with this toy was possible (like the original We-Vibe), I would definitely not advise that for everyone. The mere attempt at providing pressure to the G-spot end with fingers was too uncomfortable for me to try again any time soon.

Would I recommend the We-Vibe Thrill? 

We-Vibe Thrill

I want to like this toy. I think it can provide some pretty glorious sensations when it’s working as intended, but for me…unfortunately, that is a rarity. Will I keep playing with it, experimenting to see if anything improves? Yes, at least for a while longer. But I’ve accepted that it may always be a warm-up toy and nothing more. My advice: if you’re looking to purchase the We-Vibe Thrill, keep your expectations low. If it ends up easily stimulating both your G-spot and clitoris, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Overall, the Thrill (just like a lot of other dual stimulators) is a risky purchase — one that I don’t think is worth the regular $130 price tag. But if you’re curious and can find it on sale, by all means go ahead and give it a try.


(Most websites have now removed the We-Vibe Thrill from their inventory, as it seems to be officially discontinued.) 

We-Vibe Thrill smile

It’s kind of adorable though… the way it just keeps smiling at you.