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Fun Factory Bouncer Review

Fun Factory Bouncer

The Fun Factory Bouncer is a unique dildo in a surprisingly simple “Why did no one ever think of this before?!” sort of way.  At first glance, it seems like a fairly typical non-realistic dildo: sporting a wavy shape & a gentle curve. Although aesthetically pleasing, what makes this toy special is not apparent until you have it in your hands. Then the 3 weighted balls begin to jiggle around inside and suddenly you’re all like, I absolutely must know how this feels inside of my body right this instant. Lubricant! Porn! Go! ...Or maybe that’s just me.

Of course, there are other reasons to appreciate the Bouncer aside from its awesome “shake dildo” status. It’s made from body-safe & nonporous silicone with a velvety soft, matte finish. (Firm to the touch, but still quite flexible.) It has a large, flat base that not only makes it both harness compatible & anal safe, but also offers some suction attachment possibilities.  Plus, at 7″ long with a 1.5″ diameter, it’s a rather happy medium for many individuals; not too small to be boring, but not too large to be intimidating either.

The Bouncer is available in three colors: black, red, and “candy rose” (the pale pink color shown here). It arrives in a thin, dual layered cardboard box with photos of the product on the outer sleeve.  Included inside is a “user manual” that offers very basic information about the toy…but seeing as it’s a dildo, there really isn’t a lot of instruction necessary.


With the added weight of the 3 spheres moving around inside, I had secretly hoped that the Fun Factory Bouncer would feel similar to their Stronic line of toys — the difference being that my own thrusting power would make the unique “thuddy” sensation even stronger.

I was incredibly wrong…but not entirely disappointed.

Under most circumstances, it’s difficult for my oblivious little vagina to register the weights and their movement. Unless I’m thrusting with intensely wild abandon, the sensation is felt much more strongly in my hand (which I find somewhat distracting). However, as I increase my speed near climax, the extra jiggling sensation does provide me with a nice little push over the edge.

Honestly though, what I enjoy most about the Bouncer are the bumps & curve. The toy is curved just enough to gently massage my G-spot while still allowing me to thrust without fear of “hooking” my pubic bone. The large, wavy bumps also provide pleasant stimulation to the nerves surrounding my vaginal entrance. Without a doubt, it’s a great toy for when I’m craving a very active & thrusty masturbation session.

The only downside is that with all of this movement, the Bouncer doesn’t always stay lubricated for very long. If I’m not paying careful attention, the silicone can get dry & “draggy” causing the constant insertion/removal of the 3 lumps to make me feel slightly sore after prolonged use. (Fun Factory silicone also attracts a decent amount of dust & hair — especially since their toys do not come with storage pouches. I always keep toy cleaner or a spray bottle of water nearby.)

As for the “suction” capabilities of the base, I unfortunately don’t have much to offer. I never get any use out of this feature on toys, because I’m the type of person that needs to be relaxed & on their back in order to reach orgasm. However, when I did attempt to stick the Bouncer to a ton of different surfaces all over my apartment and wiggle it around, it seemed a little finicky. It would definitely stick to my clawfoot tub without a problem, but almost everything else (tables, hardwood floors, drywall, etc.) was hit or miss. Plus, the connection was almost always broken if I just barely tilted the dildo in any given direction.

Bottom Line

Overall, I found the movement of the weighted balls to be a very subtle addition to my masturbation experience; a pleasant experience that I could nonetheless live without. And although I enjoyed the curved & wavy shape, it is not unique or innovative on its own. There are plenty of other (cheaper) silicone dildos with similar shapes that I probably would have enjoyed just as much.

My advice? The Fun Factory Bouncer can be a great addition to your toy collection if you’re specifically looking for something new & exciting to spend your money on — or if you know that you really like wavy dildos and a lot of thrusting action. However, if pure intensity is what you’re after…I can’t help but think that this toy will leave you lacking.


Pros: innovative design with weighted “kegel balls” inside, curve that may stimulate G-spot and/or prostate, wavy shape offers more varied sensation when thrusting, body-safe & nonporous silicone, high quality & trustworthy brand (Fun Factory), anal-safe & harness compatible

Cons: movement of inner balls may not be felt very strongly inside body/may be felt too strongly in hand, silicone can become draggy if not sufficiently lubricated, noticeable seam that you may feel if very sensitive (although I could not), suction base doesn’t seem to maintain a strong hold on most surfaces, innovation is often expensive — and at $100, this toy is no exception

Special thanks to my lovely affiliate, Good Vibrations, for sending me the Fun Factory Bouncer in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. If you would like to purchase this toy, please consider doing so here

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