Vamp Lola Review

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vamp1The Vamp Lola is a semi-realistically shaped dildo with a slight upward curve and a pronounced head/coronal ridge (complete with a design that hints at a urethral opening). However, that’s where the realism ends; the surface is completely smooth, without a single vein or wrinkle — and the color options are far more creative than your basic skin tones, including beautiful marbling.

Overall, the dildo measures 6.5″ in length (5.5″ of which is insertable) and has a 1.5″ diameter at its widest point. It arrives in a simple, clear plastic tube stickered with basic information about Vamp Silicone products. Unfortunately, my packaging tube had an internal height that was slightly smaller than the actual dildo inside, cramping my Lola and prevented the tube from completely closing.

Vamp’s “regular skin” is a very firm silicone (similar to many Tantus products) with almost no give when you try to squish it between your fingers, and more of a subtle ability to flex rather than bend. It has what I would call a “semi-shiny” finish that attracts a lot of hair & can create a fair amount of drag if not lubricated properly — but can also become incredibly slippery due to its lack of texture. It’s 100% body-safe (non-porous & phthalate free) with a large round base, making it both harness-compatible and safe for anal play. It also has a hole for the addition of a vibrating bullet.

Because Vamp Silicone is a small company who hand-crafts all of their products, colors will vary — and there are some slight imperfections. For example, the edge of my base is very crude & uneven, as is the bullet cavity. There’s also some rough spots where the shaft meets the base and a few small imperfections in the shaft that feel like a couple stands of hair made their way into the mold. (Bex was assured that these were only scratches.) None of these were large enough/in areas that were noticeable during use, but I was a little surprised to find so many issues with a $75-95 dildo; maybe Tantus has spoiled me.

vamp imperfections_phixrI received the Lola from my lovely affiliate company, SheVibe, who currently only offers a soft skin version in red & white marble. (For review purposes, I received the firmer “regular skin” version.) However, Vamp is known for their unique color combinations and offers an endless array of choices through other retailers and their own website.

Please be aware that several individuals have experienced very prolonged (and well-documented) issues when dealing directly with Vamp Silicone. To be safe, I’d recommend ordering through a third party retailer. 

experience text

vamppackSurprisingly enough, I love the Vamp Lola! When it first arrived, I scoffed at the slight curve in the shaft. “There’s no way that’ll do anything for my G-spot,” I thought. “But hey, at least it’s pretty.” Oh… the naivety.

This dildo is basically a G-spot ninja. Combining the barely curved shaft with the pronounced coronal ridge makes it perfect for nudging against my G-spot with every stroke (while also not getting hooked behind my pubic bone)— and the firmness of the “regular skin” silicone means that its shape/angle remains consistent throughout use. Of course it’s not as intense as my beloved Jopen Comet II, but that’s okay; sometimes I don’t want G-spot stimulation that’s so powerful I want to cry (happy tears) when I’m done masturbating. Sometimes I want a more gentle build-up that I can stretch out for longer amounts of time without overwhelming my senses.

Every session that I’ve had with the Vamp Lola has turned into a marathon, usually resulting in at least 5 orgasms. Part of that is because squirting feels so attainable. I just keep trying… again and again and again.

vamp2I never thought that I’d say this, but the fact that the Lola has a simplified phallic shape (and not a large, bulbous head) is actually proving to be beneficial to me — at least in an experimental way. Because it slides easily through my vaginal opening with no discomfort, I’m able to quickly pull the toy out as I begin orgasming, bearing down with my muscles in an attempt to ejaculate. I don’t think it’s happened yet (one orgasm was a tiny bit wetter than usual), but it’s still fun to play around and try new techniques.

And speaking of the head…I finally understand how that “popping” sensation can feel pleasurable! The coronal ridge is just prominent enough that it barely stretches my vaginal opening upon removal/insertion, literally sending shivers through my body. It allows me to choose between deep, short strokes (that put more focus on the G-spot) and slow, shallow strokes (that stimulate the vaginal entrance). I seriously can’t lose.

vampbulletThe bullet cavity is a nice touch, as the silicone transfers vibrations from my We-Vibe Tango surprisingly well. However, the cavity is rather shallow (and crooked), allowing plenty of the Tango to stick out from the base of the dildo. (Easy for removal, but definitely would not work when worn as a strap-on.) Personally, I enjoy the toy equally as much with or without vibrations — but I do appreciate the option.

My only complaint is that this toy seems to want to rotate an awful lot once inserted. I’m not sure what it is about this specific dildo and its relationship with my anatomy, but I find myself having to realign the curve with my G-spot more often than I’m used to. If I don’t hold onto the base for even a moment, the dildo will turn inside of me and the curve will start facing one of my legs… or eventually make its way toward my back. It’s not uncomfortable when this happens, but it does remove a giant aspect of what I find most pleasurable about this toy (G-spot stimulation).

bottom line textI was genuinely surprised by how much I liked this toy. Do I still think that the craftsmanship could be more refined for the cost? Definitely. Am I still hesitant to suggest ordering directly from the manufacturer? Yep. But if you’re looking for gentle G-spot stimulation from a relatively average-sized dildo (and enjoy beautifully marbled aesthetics)…the Vamp Lola is a fantastic choice.

vamp34starsPros: body-safe silicone, beautiful marbling, bullet cavity for added vibration, thick & sturdy base, average size (should be comfortable for many individuals), slight curve & pronounced head gently targets G-spot, prominent coronal ridge provides slight “popping” sensation without being large enough to cause discomfort

Cons: rough craftsmanship in spots, may not be curved/firm enough to provide adequate G-spot stimulation for some individuals, wants to spin a lot during use if not held tightly, manufacturer has had multiple customer complaints

Special thanks to my affiliate, SheVibe, for providing me with this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. If you would like to purchase the “soft skin” version of the Vamp Lola, please consider doing so here


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