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Rub Me Massage Bar [review]

First Impressions & Description

Rub Me

Pleasure Works’ Rub Me massage bars are made from cocoa butter, shea butter, and various scented essential oils. (I received english lavender, but you can also choose from pomegranate mint, french vanilla, morning dew, coconut lime, amber rose, and chocolate mint.)

Because they are made from a bunch of fats and oils, massage bars have a very low melting point. Nothing more than you or your partner’s body heat is needed to set the melting process in motion. Of course, this convenience can also cause some problems for shipping & storage. On the Good Vibrations page, it warns that these products may melt during shipment in warm weather and advises expedited shipping as well as a cool delivery location. Being the overly cautious person that I am, I kept mine in the fridge until I had the chance to try it out. (You can even freeze them if you anticipate taking them somewhere warmer for a while!) I’ve since moved the bar to our bedroom for permanent storage, and room temperature has not caused any melty messes yet.

Rub Me openedThe Rub Me massage bars are wrapped in a thin outer layer of foil, with a simple & tasteful label on the front and very concise product information on the back. Inside the foil shell is a layer of wax paper that surrounds the bar itself. (Neither of these layers provide very adequate cover once opened. If your product arrives in a small ziplock baggie like mine did, hang onto it.) Each bar weighs 2 oz. and measures approximately 1″ thick with a 2.5″ diameter.

Having never used a massage bar before, my partner and I were not sure what to expect as far as consistency is concerned. I imagined a very soft oily bar that would form indentations if pressed with a finger. My partner was worried that it would be very hard, requiring a lot time and effort to make it melt. We were both pleasantly surprised to discover that the Rub Me massage bars fall perfectly in between the two extremes. Within mere seconds of continuous contact, the surface becomes oily — but the integrity of the bar remains strong and firm.


The only instructions on the Rub Me massage bar’s packaging are a very basic statement, “Body heat releases the intoxicating scent…” and a warning, “External use only. Not latex safe.” (Oil products will weaken and deteriorate latex, so if you’re using latex condoms, be careful not to get them in contact with the massage oil.) Good Vibration’s website adds that you can rub the bar in your hands or over your partner’s skin. To see what would work best, we tried both.

oilymassagebarWe didn’t have much luck with simply rubbing the bar on each other. It left behind a very light sheen of oil, but not enough to easily glide our hands over each other’s skin. Rubbing the bar between our hands as if it were a bar of soap worked much better. Because the bar melts rather slowly with body heat, there was never so much oil as to create a puddle of liquid. However, there was easily enough left on our hands to cover the other’s back. We were also able to enjoy 5-10 minute massages before needing to reapply.

The oil from the Rub Me massage bar was never sticky or tacky in the slightest, even as it started to dry out. Although greasy at first, it completely works itself into the skin over the course of the massage. Neither of us felt compelled to wipe or wash it off of our skin afterwards, either as the giver or receiver. Prior to this, my partner and I have tried a couple of massage candles which we love (including Shunga’s Caress by Candlelight) and one rather disappointing massage oil. This product felt similar to the candles in that it was almost waxy rather than watery thin and slippery. It would be a great alternative for someone who wants a thicker consistency but does not enjoy temperature play — or for a night when you simply don’t want to wait for a candle to melt.

My only complaint would be the fragrance strength. I’m not usually sensitive to smells, but I find the bar itself somewhat overpowering. As soon as I open the drawer where it is stored, the concentrated smell of lavender hits me — even through the wax paper and ziplock baggie. Although the smell does diffuse and become more relaxing during use, I still find myself wishing that it was slightly more subtle. (Not having used the other scents, this may just be a reaction I’m having to the english lavender. For example, I imagine that a scent like french vanilla may be more subdued.)

If you enjoy sensual massage, I highly suggest the Rub Me massage bars! Priced at only $7, each bar offers a great quality oil that will provide hours of pleasure. In fact, Good Vibrations says that these bars will last 10-12 massages. And although I have not exhausted mine in order to test that, it does seem like a realistic (and thrilling) estimate.


Pros: non-sticky, waxy rather than watery oil consistency, quickly & conveniently melts at body temperature, won’t break the bank

Cons: strong scent, may melt during transit/storage, does not provide the wider variety of sensation that is possible with massage candles

A big thanks to Good Vibrations for providing me with this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review!  

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