Lovehoney Desire Wand Review

If there is one type of sex toy that I can almost guarantee that I will enjoy, it’s the wand vibrator. As a group, wands just seem to have so much more power. And no matter if the vibrations are buzzy or rumbly, my vulva really seems to enjoy lots of intensity across a broad area. By focusing the vibrations on my labia or on top of my mons, I am able to enjoy indirect clitoral stimulation & remove the possibility of becoming overly sensitive. Wands are basically my secret weapon for multiple orgasms.

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Lovehoney Desire WandThe Desire Wand is part of Lovehoney‘s line of luxury, USB rechargeable sex toys — aptly named the “Desire” collection. All Desire products are made from body-safe & nonporous silicone, are completely waterproof, and range in price from $70-$100. With the exception of the cock ring, these toys also include a hard-shell travel/storage case and are only available in one color (purple).

The wand vibrator boasts 12 vibration speeds and 8 patterns. Its controls are incredibly simple. The + and – buttons control the intensity, while the circular button in the middle cycles through the patterns. Pressing and holding the + or – buttons also acts as a power switch — which unfortunately means that there is no way to turn this toy off instantly. It can, however, be locked by pressing and holding both the + and – buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds.

The Desire Wand measures nearly 8.5″ long with a head that is approximately 2″ across. This makes it much smaller than traditional electrical wands such as the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Doxy, but it’s also significantly lighter and easier to hold. The seamless silicone finish is matte and velvety soft to the touch. The handle features a smooth & shiny piece of black plastic inset on one side — although I’m not sure why.

Lovehoney Desire Wand packageOn the very bottom of the wand is the “self-healing” charging port (an area of silicone where you poke the charger through and it magically reseals itself once the plug is removed). Unlike the We-Vibe Rave, Lovehoney promises that their self-healing port will remain waterproof; I’m personally too scared to submerge my wand and find out. (It does makes for stress-free cleaning though.) The instruction manual says that a 120-minute charge will last for up to 60 minutes of use or up to 90 days when left untouched in storage.

The Desire Wand comes packaged in a large black & purple cardboard box, featuring a tasteful photo of the product and a basic description. Also included is a small instruction booklet, the USB charging cord (no AC adaptor), and the aforementioned black, hard-shell storage case. (The storage case even has a tiny lock-compatible zipper & a small hole in one corner for “discreet charging.” Maybe it’s just me, but I imagine that a cord disappearing into a locked box would simply create more curiosity.)

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What can I say about Lovehoney’s Desire Wand? It’s a pretty simple toy that I enjoy using… but there’s nothing special about it to make me scream from the rooftop: “YOU MUST BUY THIS NAO!”

Lovehoney Desire Wand caseDoes it offer the strongest vibrations I’ve ever felt? No. But it’s still quite impressive for being rechargeable. In fact, my partner & I felt like the Desire Wand’s highest setting was very similar to the lowest setting of the Magic Wand Original. (It also seems more rumbly than the Magic Wand or the Doxy on their highest settings, yet buzzier than the Doxy’s lowest). It’s enough to bring me to orgasm without frustration, but I’m definitely going to need to work at it for more than a minute or two — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Unlike many wand-style vibrators, the Desire Wand doesn’t harken back to the 1970s. It has the look & feel of a high quality, modern day sex toy with nothing cheap or tacky about the design or craftsmanship. It’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or getting tangled up in cords while masturbating. It’s lighter and less tiring to hold than the larger electrical wands. And it doesn’t overheat in 20 minutes like the Original Magic Wand (or simply shut off like the Magic Wand Rechargeable).

My only complaint is the noise level. Normally, the vibrations are pretty quiet… but if you’re a “grinder” during masturbation, the extra pressure on the head makes the entire toy pretty rattley. It’s actually loud enough that I find myself getting distracted from whatever porn I’m watching — or, worst of all, from my own pleasure. It’s important to mention that the vibrations also travel through the handle, which could be an issue for some individuals as well.

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The Desire Wand is convenient to use & does a great job of slowing me down just enough so that an orgasm isn’t ripped out of my body before I’m even aroused. It’s a toy that I’m sure I will reach for often (which is a testament in itself, considering how many toys I have amassed and how often they languish in the bottom of a drawer). But the bottom line as to whether or not I can suggest this toy really comes down to the price.

Lovehoney Desire WandLovehoney’s Desire Wand is a $100 vibrator; that’s about $40 more expensive than the Original Magic Wand and only about $20-30 cheaper than the Doxy or the Magic Wand Rechargeable — depending on where you buy them from. It’s also more expensive than plenty of other wand-style options available through Lovehoney‘s website (although I can’t speak for the vibration strength or quality of the others).

In my opinion, the Desire Wand would be good for someone who doesn’t want the most powerful bang for their buck; someone looking for a small(ish), rechargeable unit that boasts a “luxury” feel and doesn’t technically climb into the triple digits — by one little penny.

If it were me, there would be no contest: I would rather save the extra money and purchase a Magic Wand. …But you all already knew I would say that, didn’t you?


Pros: acceptable (but not overwhelming) vibration intensity, multiple settings & patterns, simple controls, rechargeable — with good battery life, waterproof, light & comfortable to hold, best storage/travel case of all my toys, body-safe & nonporous silicone

Cons: rattles when pressed against the body, vibrations easily travel through handle, seems expensive when compared with more powerful wand vibrators

Special thanks to my affiliate, Lovehoney, for sending me this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. 

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