Tantus Duchess Review

One thing that I love about Tantus (and there are several) is that they are continuously working on improving their line of quality silicone toys & making them more accessible to customers. Love their designs, but low on cash? They decided to use up spare silicone to create super-cheap grab bags. Need just a bit more reach during masturbation? They developed dildos with handles. Love girthy toys, but struggle a bit with comfortable insertion? Just another wonderful use for their O2 dual density silicone.description text

Tantus DuchessMeet the Tantus Duchess: the exact same design as their older Duke dildo — but squishier! Tantus’ O2 line of dual density silicone toys are made from two layers of silicone. First, there is the firm inner core which gives the toy stability and prevents it from drooping or folding over on itself when bent. Then, there is the softer outer layer which provides a much more comfortable, forgiving surface. I’m a big fan of dual density silicone in general; I simply love the way it feels. But when a toy is pushing my limits in girth, that extra squish can make all the difference.

The Duchess is available in 2 colors: ice (blue) & candy (pink). It has a super straight shaft that measures a fairly average 1.5″ in diameter. However, at the end of that shaft is a thick, 1.8″ bulbous head that definitely enters into more girthy territory. Although the entire design is more simplified than realistic, it does include the semblance of a frenulum and a very pronounced coronal ridge. Its insertable length measures 6.5″.

Tantus DuchessThe Duchess is one of Tantus’ “vibrators,” but it’s really more of a “vibrating dildo” — a silicone cock with a hole in the base for the addition of a vibrating bullet. (Tantus will include one of their own bullet vibes, but it works well with my beloved We-Vibe Tango too.) This hole also accommodates Tantus’ suction cups, and the base (measuring approximately 2.75″ across) makes this toy both harness compatible and anal safe.

Made from 100% silicone, the Duchess is both body-safe & nonporous. It also has a unique combination of different silicone finishes. While most of the toy is matte, the head is ever-so-subtly shiny. And although both of these textures create a lot of drag when not lubricated properly, the glossiness of the head seems to lubricate easier and assist with insertion. (Unfortunately, this gloss finish also attracts loads of dust, hair, & lint — so keep that toy cleaner handy!)

I received my Duchess as a bulk review item from SheVibe, so it did not come with any packaging. However, I can say from experience that Tantus’ packaging is always super tasteful and gender-neutral.

Tantus Duchess

As you may be able to notice, the color (and therefore, the consistency) of my Duchess is slightly uneven. The inner core was not entirely centered during the molding process, leaving one side squishy & white and allowing much more of the firm, blue silicone to show through on the other. I’m happy to say that although it doesn’t look like the stock photos, this has not affected my experience with the toy in use. 

experience textTantus DuchessIn the past, I have gravitated towards insertable toys with a girth of about 1.5″ — branching out to 1.75″ only when my vagina was feeling particularly mighty. But ever since Woodhull (when I was suddenly & irrevocably inspired by Lunabelle‘s beautiful collection), I’ve decided to up the ante.

My first attempt at something a little bit larger was the Blush Novelties Luxe Mio. I liked it a lot, but it didn’t really mesh with my masturbation habits. I had to slowly work up to it with other toys, carefully choose my lubricants, and still be prepared for the inevitable hint of pain. For someone who usually likes to knock out a few orgasms and then return to her latest Netflix obsession … it was all a bit too time-consuming. A real “special occasion” dildo.

Even with the same diameter, the Tantus Duchess is wildly different. All of its challenge lies in the head; a head that, while certainly bulbous, is made entirely from squishy & glossy silicone. It lubricates easily and offers up a friendly, give & take relationship with my vagina. (I don’t even have to focus on using my most cushiony lubricant or choosing my next largest dildo as a warm-up toy!) On the rare occasion when I have felt discomfort with the Duchess, it’s completely limited to my vaginal opening and it’s over before I know it. Since the size immediately drops at the shaft, there’s no lingering ache while I anxiously wait for my vagina to adjust to the size. (Seriously NOT my idea of pleasurable pain.)

Tantus Duchess - Bullet VibeThe completely straight shaft also allows me to use the Duchess as a thrusting dildo. It doesn’t hook behind my pubic bone. And despite its size, it doesn’t get stuck in place by my clenching muscles like the Luxe Mio does. (Just remember to reapply lube, because the matte silicone can — and probably will — dry out.) The large coronal ridge feels wonderful when it grazes against the front wall of my vagina and the bulbous head provides great pressure. The Duchess is actually one of the few dildos I own that I love to use for both active thrusting & stationary pressure/clenching.

As for the addition of a vibrating bullet? Meh. As with most Tantus products, I feel that the design is fantastic on its own; I actually find vibrations to be a little distracting. However, I am happy to say that despite the thick silicone, vibrations do travel down through the tip of the toy. (They are pretty muffled though, so this is yet another time when I would suggest a really powerful bullet vibe like the We-Vibe Tango.)

bottom line text

I’m surprised by how much I love the Tantus Duchess. Sure, if I’m looking for intense & direct G-spot action (which I usually am), I’ll reach for another toy. But for those times when I want to challenge myself just a little; when I want to be able to thrust with wild abandon & still get some stimulation & pressure on the front wall of my vagina; when I want to clench my muscles around a nice, thick chunk of soft silicone…the Duchess is perfect. Huge plus that I don’t have spend all night working up to it, too.

Although it is a little bit pricey ($89.99 at SheVibe), I can assure you that this is one very high quality dual-density sex toy — and one of my personal favorites for experimenting with larger sizes. You really don’t get better than Tantus.


Pros: bulbous & larger-than-average head, pronounced coronal ridge, softer dual-density silicone (with firm core) makes size more comfortable, straight shaft makes thrusting easy, body-safe/nonporous, has space for vibrating bullet or suction cup, harness compatible & anal safe

Cons: potentially uncomfortable insertion for those who are used to smaller toys

Huge thanks to my affiliate, SheVibe, for sending me this toy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review! 


If you’d like to purchase the Tantus Duchess, please consider doing so here. (And if you like the shape of the Duchess, but the dual-density isn’t important to you & you’d like to save some money, the Duke is only $64.99.)   

Tantus Gary Review


description text

The Tantus Gary is a beautiful cock; highly realistic in both form & feel. Measuring in at 8.25″ long (approximately 7″ insertable) with a 1.5″ diameter, it’s a lengthy but otherwise fairly average-sized toy. However, what truly sets the Gary apart is the attention to detail: the veins on the shaft, the wrinkles near the head that converge at the frenulum, the distinct (but not over-emphasized) coronal ridge, even the small indentation of the meatus.www.GIFCreator.me_ourPoj

Gary is made from Tantus‘ 100% Ultra-Premium body-safe silicone. But unlike many of their stiffer products (such as the Vamp or G-Spot Vibrator), this dildo is part of their dual density O2 line. This means that it has a firm inner core, surrounded by a squishy outer layer that also completely comprises the head. The dual density material makes the entire toy much more flexible. (I’m even able to bend it end-to-end.) It also feels impressively life-like, providing just a bit of give when you wrap your hand around the shaft & squeeze. All you need to do is imagine a real, rock hard penis covered in velvety soft skin. Yum.

DSC03931_phixrTo top it off, the silicone has a matte finish with an unbelievable amount of detail. The tiny wrinkles, lines, & pores all come together to create a hint of texture that is surprisingly similar to real skin. (It also creates a ton of drag, so have your lube ready!) The Gary has a firm 2.5″ base, making it both harness compatible & anal-safe, and it’s available in 3 skin-tones: cream, cocoa (pictured here), and mocha. Indeed, if dildos that resemble disembodied penises squick you out, it’s definitely best to avoid this one — because…wow.

The Gary arrives in typical Tantus packaging of printed cardboard and clear plastic. It is both tasteful & gender neutral, albeit not very discreet or long-lasting. 

experience text

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 84749 PM_phixrI wish I could say that the Tantus Gary pleased my vagina as much as it did my aesthetics… but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Mostly, it’s the shape that fails to wow me — despite how beautiful I think it is. If I’m playing with an insertable toy, there’s usually one primary goal in my mind: G-spot stimulation (even if it’s just a small amount). In this regard, the Gary does absolutely nothing for me. The shaft is too straight, narrow, & flexible to apply any pressure and the coronal ridge is not pronounced enough to rub against the front wall of my vagina in that special way.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 90434 PM_phixrWithout a curve, you’d think that I could at least thrust the Gary with wild abandon…especially since it’s extra long (easier to hold for those with difficulty reaching) and soft (doesn’t bash against the cervix). But unfortunately, I run into another problem. The matte, skin-like texture makes this dildo a total lube hog. As someone who barely lubricates naturally, I have to stay on top of this problem constantly; reapplying large quantities of lube and never allowing myself to become fully immersed in my own pleasure. I have a nagging reminder in the back of my mind that the Gary will dry out faster with excessive thrusting & without lubrication, the myriad of beautiful details simply feel abrasive to my vagina.

And so, without G-spot pressure or the ability to thrust, I’m left with pretty much just allowing my muscles to squeeze around the Gary. This feels surprisingly nice & realistic, but it’s not exactly “pleasure inducing.” More of an added bonus; something extra when I’m focusing on clitoral orgasms.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 84320 PM_phixrA special note about cleaning: The hyper-realistic texture of this toy does make cleaning slightly more time-consuming. On the product page, Tantus even states that “boiling or dishwasher use is highly recommended to ensure the tiny surface texture is completely cleaned, no matter what kind of lube is used.” I’ve also found that an old, very soft-bristled toothbrush can be helpful for getting into all those tiny crevices.

bottom line text

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 85813 PM_phixrIt’s no secret that I love Tantus more than any other sex toy manufacturer. And although this toy wasn’t right for me, I certainly believe that it could be right for someone else. The quality is impeccable, the details are amazing, and the dual density O2 material is a joy to squish (both with my hands & my vagina). If you’re looking for a hyper-realistic straight dildo with average girth, extra length, and a bit of texture…the Gary is a beautiful choice.3star

Pros: body-safe silicone, beautiful & realistic detail, soft & flexible dual density design, extra length for those with difficulty reaching, firm base

Cons: straight shaft can be boring, matte silicone creates a lot of drag, texture can feel abrasive, requires more intense cleaning

Special thanks to my affiliate, Tantus, for providing me with this item in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. If you’d like to purchase the Gary, please consider doing so here