NS Novelties Colours Pleasures 5″ Review

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NS Novelties Colours Pleasures 5"As a sex toy reviewer who is fervently part of the body-safety crusade, finding affordable “non-luxury” items is very important to me. So when one of my newer affiliates, Peepshow Toys, sent me a list of items to choose from — and one of those was a $24 silicone dildo — my decision was made almost instantly.

The Colours Pleasures line by NS Novelties comprises silicone dildos of 2 different lengths (5″ and 8″) in 5 color options (purple & electric blue available at Peepshow Toys; black, hot pink, and caucasian skin tone available elsewhere). They have a very traditional & realistic design, complete with a distinct coronal ridge, veins, wrinkles, and even testicles. They also sport a suction cup at the base.

The 5″ version actually measures 7″ in total (including the testicles & suction cup), but maxes out at approximately 5.25″ of insertable length. The shaft has a width that varies slightly from 1.25″ to 1.5″, while the suction cup and testicles (which provide a great handle) have a width of close to 2.5″. This larger base makes the Colours Pleasures dildos anal safe.

NS Novelties Colours Pleasures 5" (box)The toy is flexible enough to manually bend in half along the shaft, but firm enough to maintain its erect shape when suction-cupped to a wall. (This firmness doesn’t allow for much squish between your fingers.) The silicone itself has an extremely matte finish which creates a lot of drag and definitely requires lubricant — especially when combined with the texture of the veins. However, it doesn’t attract much dust, lint, or hair. And although the wrinkles do provide some crevices that hold onto body fluids, they don’t interfere with cleaning very much at all.

The item arrives in a simple cardboard box that is gender-neutral and non-sexualized, but certainly not discreet due to photos/glimpses of the toy inside. (Of course, Peepshow Toys will ship it in a plain brown cardboard box, so your neighbors won’t see the toy’s packaging.)

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Now, to be completely honest, I do not trust nor particularly like NS Novelties as a company. They produce a lot of items from TPE, which is notorious for being porous and unstable — and they haveNS Novelties Colours Pleasures 5" come across as being very condescending & unprofessional when arguing that their particular supply is non-porous. (Personally, I’m not buying it.) But having cheaper silicone options that are vastly more accessible to the general population is extremely important, and for that I will commend them — especially since I did a flame test, and this product passed.

Upon receiving the Colours Pleasures 5″ dildo, the first thing I noticed was just how realistically sized it is. As we all discovered earlier this year, I am certainly no size queen; yet this toy is still shorter & less girthy than the majority of my collection. When compared with real-life penises, however, I feel that it very closely resembles the “average” size — both statistically & based on my first-hand experience.

This size may prove to be beneficial not only for individuals who require smaller toys, but also those who are sensitive to texture. Personally, it didn’t do much for me either way. The dildo was too straight and narrow to do anything for my G-spot and the texture (although rather mild in appearance) felt rough and abrasive unless I was extremely close to orgasm. At first I thought it was due to my recent issues with yeast infections & painful sex. Then I thought perhaps I needed a more cushiony gel lube or a smoother toy to start with. But no matter what I try, this toy always feels at least slightly uncomfortable whenever I attempt to thrust with it.

NS Novelties Colours Pleasures 5"The one thing that has genuinely impressed me about this toy is the suction cup. My experience with suction cup dildos is limited, because I usually masturbate lying down in my bed. However, this one is leaps & bounds above what I was accustomed to. It will stick to almost anything: glass windows & tables, hardwood floors, smooth plaster walls, porcelain-lined clawfoot tubs…possibly even your forehead if you’d like to pretend to be a dildo unicorn for a few brief seconds. (I’ve obviously been getting more enjoyment out of sticking it all over the apartment rather than actually using it.)

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My rating is based primarily on my own personal (lackluster & somewhat uncomfortable) experience with this toy. But even though the NS Novelties Colours Pleasures 5″ dildo didn’t particularly work for me, I don’t necessarily think that it is a bad product. If you’re looking for a simple, no frills, average-sized dildo (and your body can handle at least a small amount of texture), this is an extremely affordable body-safe option. Plus, the suction cup lets you enjoy hands-free fun on all sorts of surfaces.


Pros: nonporous & body-safe silicone, very affordable, strong suction cup, safe for anal use, small-to-average size (larger size available)

Cons: smallish size & straight shape may not provide enough stimulation, texture may be uncomfortable


 Special thanks to my affiliate, Peepshow Toys, for providing me with this product in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. 

If you would like to purchase the NS Novelties Colours Pleasure 5″ dildo, you can do so for only $21.60 by using discount code “Mandi” at checkout! (Or if you’d prefer the 8″ version, it’s currently only $39.60!)

Tantus Gary Review


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The Tantus Gary is a beautiful cock; highly realistic in both form & feel. Measuring in at 8.25″ long (approximately 7″ insertable) with a 1.5″ diameter, it’s a lengthy but otherwise fairly average-sized toy. However, what truly sets the Gary apart is the attention to detail: the veins on the shaft, the wrinkles near the head that converge at the frenulum, the distinct (but not over-emphasized) coronal ridge, even the small indentation of the meatus.www.GIFCreator.me_ourPoj

Gary is made from Tantus‘ 100% Ultra-Premium body-safe silicone. But unlike many of their stiffer products (such as the Vamp or G-Spot Vibrator), this dildo is part of their dual density O2 line. This means that it has a firm inner core, surrounded by a squishy outer layer that also completely comprises the head. The dual density material makes the entire toy much more flexible. (I’m even able to bend it end-to-end.) It also feels impressively life-like, providing just a bit of give when you wrap your hand around the shaft & squeeze. All you need to do is imagine a real, rock hard penis covered in velvety soft skin. Yum.

DSC03931_phixrTo top it off, the silicone has a matte finish with an unbelievable amount of detail. The tiny wrinkles, lines, & pores all come together to create a hint of texture that is surprisingly similar to real skin. (It also creates a ton of drag, so have your lube ready!) The Gary has a firm 2.5″ base, making it both harness compatible & anal-safe, and it’s available in 3 skin-tones: cream, cocoa (pictured here), and mocha. Indeed, if dildos that resemble disembodied penises squick you out, it’s definitely best to avoid this one — because…wow.

The Gary arrives in typical Tantus packaging of printed cardboard and clear plastic. It is both tasteful & gender neutral, albeit not very discreet or long-lasting. 

experience text

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 84749 PM_phixrI wish I could say that the Tantus Gary pleased my vagina as much as it did my aesthetics… but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Mostly, it’s the shape that fails to wow me — despite how beautiful I think it is. If I’m playing with an insertable toy, there’s usually one primary goal in my mind: G-spot stimulation (even if it’s just a small amount). In this regard, the Gary does absolutely nothing for me. The shaft is too straight, narrow, & flexible to apply any pressure and the coronal ridge is not pronounced enough to rub against the front wall of my vagina in that special way.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 90434 PM_phixrWithout a curve, you’d think that I could at least thrust the Gary with wild abandon…especially since it’s extra long (easier to hold for those with difficulty reaching) and soft (doesn’t bash against the cervix). But unfortunately, I run into another problem. The matte, skin-like texture makes this dildo a total lube hog. As someone who barely lubricates naturally, I have to stay on top of this problem constantly; reapplying large quantities of lube and never allowing myself to become fully immersed in my own pleasure. I have a nagging reminder in the back of my mind that the Gary will dry out faster with excessive thrusting & without lubrication, the myriad of beautiful details simply feel abrasive to my vagina.

And so, without G-spot pressure or the ability to thrust, I’m left with pretty much just allowing my muscles to squeeze around the Gary. This feels surprisingly nice & realistic, but it’s not exactly “pleasure inducing.” More of an added bonus; something extra when I’m focusing on clitoral orgasms.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 84320 PM_phixrA special note about cleaning: The hyper-realistic texture of this toy does make cleaning slightly more time-consuming. On the product page, Tantus even states that “boiling or dishwasher use is highly recommended to ensure the tiny surface texture is completely cleaned, no matter what kind of lube is used.” I’ve also found that an old, very soft-bristled toothbrush can be helpful for getting into all those tiny crevices.

bottom line text

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 85813 PM_phixrIt’s no secret that I love Tantus more than any other sex toy manufacturer. And although this toy wasn’t right for me, I certainly believe that it could be right for someone else. The quality is impeccable, the details are amazing, and the dual density O2 material is a joy to squish (both with my hands & my vagina). If you’re looking for a hyper-realistic straight dildo with average girth, extra length, and a bit of texture…the Gary is a beautiful choice.3star

Pros: body-safe silicone, beautiful & realistic detail, soft & flexible dual density design, extra length for those with difficulty reaching, firm base

Cons: straight shaft can be boring, matte silicone creates a lot of drag, texture can feel abrasive, requires more intense cleaning

Special thanks to my affiliate, Tantus, for providing me with this item in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. If you’d like to purchase the Gary, please consider doing so here