Womanizer W100 Review

The notorious Womanizer W100: a sex toy that erupted onto the scene like your eccentric old aunt, showing up to the family reunion in a faux-fur coat that more closely resembles a shag carpet, embellishing her sentences with fake-jeweled fingers flying dramatically through the air, and wanting to know when that damn valet is going to park her Geo Metro.

Luxury. Am I right?

description text

Womanizer W100The Womanizer is utterly cringeworthy in both name and design. It’s left sex toy reviewers befuddled as to how anyone could possibly think that such a hideous disaster is synonymous with “female pleasure.” (Although it helps if you first reduce all clitoris owners to their most narrow & cisnormative gender stereotypes.) It’s a toy that gave Dizzy flashbacks to the 80s: all animal prints & glittering rhinestones. Lilly aptly nicknamed hers “Blanche.” And Epiphora‘s review is to blame for the horrifying mental image I had of “sucking snot” from a clitoris. Sadly, they are all incredibly spot-on.

The Womanizer W100 looks like someone got the ridiculous idea to make a designer ear thermometer — and only asked for fashion tips from 12 year old girls. It’s available in varying colors of leopard print & crocodile skin, red roses, and edgy tattoo designs. (There’s even a $500+ limited edition Swarovski crystal version.) No matter what the style, one thing is consistent: it is always ugly.

Womanizer - buttonsMaybe I’m being a bit too harsh. In an industry where innovation is often advertised — but very difficult to actually come by — the Womanizer succeeds in being a one-of-a-kind sex toy. You place the nozzle (or “treatment head,” as they disgustingly call it) over your clitoris, pressing just enough to seal the edges against your skin, and passively wait for an orgasm to wash over you.

Its magic is often attributed to a subtle combination of suction & vibration, but I’m with Lilly in not being entirely convinced that suction is what’s actually going on here. It may feel like suction at first, especially when pressed against rounded parts of your body: the pad of your finger, tip of your nose, or yes — even your clitoris. But if you hover the nozzle over your lips (one of the most sensitive & discerning parts of your body), you’ll actually notice that the Womanizer seems to be blowing cool air rather than sucking it in.

Womanizer’s promotional video describes the technology as “pulsating pressure waves” and it’s exactly these pulses, like tiny quick bursts of air, that I think might be responsible for most of the vibrating sensation too. If you place your finger on one side of the nozzle, you won’t feel hardly any movement (even at maximum intensity). That sensation only comes from the inside — “vibrating” the edges after you’ve successfully prevented the air from escaping.

Bravo, Womanizer. This shit is genius.

Womanizer - packagingLike any respectable toy, the Womanizer is made from nonporous & body-safe materials: silicone & hard ABS plastic. However, unlike many “luxury” toys, it is not waterproof. (Thankfully, the silicone nozzle is removable for easy cleaning. You can simply wipe the body of the toy with a moist cloth.) At about 6″ long and 2″ wide, it is chunky — but still light as a feather. This may create the impression that it is cheaply made, but it also makes the toy extremely comfortable to hold.

The Womanizer has 6 different intensity levels to choose from. The obnoxiously huge gemstone button increases the intensity, but the toy does not decrease unless you press the power button. This immediately returns you to its lowest setting. (The controls are definitely a pain if you’re having a Goldilocks moment, trying to find a middle setting that is “just right.”) To turn the toy off, press & hold the power button for 2-3 seconds.

The Womanizer comes packaged in a thin cardboard box that is much more tastefully designed than the toy itself, though certainly not discreet. (Photos of the confusing-looking toy get paired with amusingly sexual tag lines such as “your private delight” and “100% lust & good feeling.”) Also included is a hard-shell storage/travel case, an extra silicone nozzle, a widely translated instruction manual, and a USB charging cord without an AC adapter. A full charge takes 4 hours and lasts for up to 90 minutes.

experience text

As you’ve probably guessed by now (or read in the reviews of other bloggers), using the Womanizer is a unique experience.

Womanizer - nozzleWhen I first apply the nozzle of the Womanizer over my clitoris and turn it on, I amp up the intensity to its maximum setting. Because nothing is coming into direct contact with my clit (except for air), this still feels gentle compared to my favorite vibrators. Waiting for the toy to do its magic, I try very hard to keep my hand steady — but I always fail.

Tiny spasms of pleasure, or simply the slow passage of time, will invariably cause me to lose the perfect placement. Sometimes the sensations simply get too overwhelming, bypassing pleasure and going straight to discomfort. (Similar, but not nearly as intense as Redhead Bedhead‘s negative experience with this toy; a fantastic reminder that all bodies are different.) Whatever the cause… I’m forced to start over, spreading my labia out of the way again and readjusting the nozzle, trying to ignore that horrible gurgling noise that reminds me of the sound a toy airplane would make if it were flying through pudding.

I repeat this process at least 5 more times.

Womanizer - glowAll the while, that damn nozzle is glowing red like a clit beacon that mocks my inability to stay still. For a brief moment, I get frustrated & question whether this is really worth the effort. It feels good, but my orgasm still seems small & far away — until suddenly it doesn’t. The Womanizer makes my orgasms sneak up on me, very similar to my experience of receiving oral sex. My body instantly goes from the sexual equivalent of a dying white dwarf to an exploding supernova of pleasure. And just as quickly as it arrived, it’s over; the “pulsating pressure waves” turn into torture devices for my oversensitive little clitoris. I panic & rip my hand away, focusing on only one goal: Make. It. Stop.

Womanizer advertises that their product avoids over-sensitivity and assists with multiple orgasms, but this has NOT been my experience. There’s simply no good way to go from maximum intensity to a slow & gentle comedown with this toy; no way to patiently ride the waves of an orgasm as they gradually disappear. Even hitting the power button (returning to that first level) is too large of a jump, ending my orgasm prematurely. I’ve tried to amp back up again, but it doesn’t work. My clit remains unamused & far too exhausted to keep going. 

Womanizer W100And yet — despite how much of a pain in the ass it is — I somehow find myself reaching for the Womanizer. I crave its gentle-yet-relentless onslaught of magical air pulses. The feathery soft vibration that perfectly stimulates the area surrounding the clitoris, never touching it directly but teasing it into a frenzy.

My orgasms with the Womanizer are short. They are not necessarily better or stronger than what I can achieve with a strong vibrator. But they are subtly different — and that is something that I, as a sex toy reviewer, really appreciate.

bottom line text

This is certainly one of the most confusing, on-the-fence reviews that I’ve ever had to write. When it comes to sex toys, I enjoy unique sensations. But that doesn’t help me to formulate advice on whether or not I think that this toy will work for you, dear readers. That’s part of the reason why I chose to link to so many other blogger reviews in this post — because I think that maybe one of us will describe the sensation in a way that works (or doesn’t work) for your body.

Womanizer W100It’s tough though. At $189, the Womanizer W100 is NOT cheap. And it’s certainly not easy for many of us —myself included— to drop that much money on a sex toy (especially one that receives such varied reviews).

So, I will simply say this: If you really enjoy pinpoint clitoral stimulation, find yourself getting bored with traditional vibrators, are willing to patiently fiddle with a toy that has a bit of a learning curve, and can ignore the horrible gaudiness of gemstones & animal prints… you might just enjoy the Womanizer.

Love it or hate it; if you try this toy, I would be absolutely thrilled to hear what you think. Leave a comment below, letting us know how YOU describe this one-of-a-kind sensation! 


Pros: innovative air technology, unique sensation, pinpoint clitoral stimulation, body-safe & nonporous, 6 intensity settings, removable nozzle tips for easy cleaning, rechargeable, comes with sturdy travel/storage case

Cons: horrible name & design, makes weird gurgling noise when not pressed against skin, no way to slowly back off if stimulation becomes overwhelming, not waterproof, nozzle glows red (can be distracting for some), expensive

Huge thanks to my affiliate, SheVibe, for providing me with this product in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. 


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Lovehoney Desire Wand Review

If there is one type of sex toy that I can almost guarantee that I will enjoy, it’s the wand vibrator. As a group, wands just seem to have so much more power. And no matter if the vibrations are buzzy or rumbly, my vulva really seems to enjoy lots of intensity across a broad area. By focusing the vibrations on my labia or on top of my mons, I am able to enjoy indirect clitoral stimulation & remove the possibility of becoming overly sensitive. Wands are basically my secret weapon for multiple orgasms.

description text

Lovehoney Desire WandThe Desire Wand is part of Lovehoney‘s line of luxury, USB rechargeable sex toys — aptly named the “Desire” collection. All Desire products are made from body-safe & nonporous silicone, are completely waterproof, and range in price from $70-$100. With the exception of the cock ring, these toys also include a hard-shell travel/storage case and are only available in one color (purple).

The wand vibrator boasts 12 vibration speeds and 8 patterns. Its controls are incredibly simple. The + and – buttons control the intensity, while the circular button in the middle cycles through the patterns. Pressing and holding the + or – buttons also acts as a power switch — which unfortunately means that there is no way to turn this toy off instantly. It can, however, be locked by pressing and holding both the + and – buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds.

The Desire Wand measures nearly 8.5″ long with a head that is approximately 2″ across. This makes it much smaller than traditional electrical wands such as the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Doxy, but it’s also significantly lighter and easier to hold. The seamless silicone finish is matte and velvety soft to the touch. The handle features a smooth & shiny piece of black plastic inset on one side — although I’m not sure why.

Lovehoney Desire Wand packageOn the very bottom of the wand is the “self-healing” charging port (an area of silicone where you poke the charger through and it magically reseals itself once the plug is removed). Unlike the We-Vibe Rave, Lovehoney promises that their self-healing port will remain waterproof; I’m personally too scared to submerge my wand and find out. (It does makes for stress-free cleaning though.) The instruction manual says that a 120-minute charge will last for up to 60 minutes of use or up to 90 days when left untouched in storage.

The Desire Wand comes packaged in a large black & purple cardboard box, featuring a tasteful photo of the product and a basic description. Also included is a small instruction booklet, the USB charging cord (no AC adaptor), and the aforementioned black, hard-shell storage case. (The storage case even has a tiny lock-compatible zipper & a small hole in one corner for “discreet charging.” Maybe it’s just me, but I imagine that a cord disappearing into a locked box would simply create more curiosity.)

experience text

What can I say about Lovehoney’s Desire Wand? It’s a pretty simple toy that I enjoy using… but there’s nothing special about it to make me scream from the rooftop: “YOU MUST BUY THIS NAO!”

Lovehoney Desire Wand caseDoes it offer the strongest vibrations I’ve ever felt? No. But it’s still quite impressive for being rechargeable. In fact, my partner & I felt like the Desire Wand’s highest setting was very similar to the lowest setting of the Magic Wand Original. (It also seems more rumbly than the Magic Wand or the Doxy on their highest settings, yet buzzier than the Doxy’s lowest). It’s enough to bring me to orgasm without frustration, but I’m definitely going to need to work at it for more than a minute or two — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Unlike many wand-style vibrators, the Desire Wand doesn’t harken back to the 1970s. It has the look & feel of a high quality, modern day sex toy with nothing cheap or tacky about the design or craftsmanship. It’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or getting tangled up in cords while masturbating. It’s lighter and less tiring to hold than the larger electrical wands. And it doesn’t overheat in 20 minutes like the Original Magic Wand (or simply shut off like the Magic Wand Rechargeable).

My only complaint is the noise level. Normally, the vibrations are pretty quiet… but if you’re a “grinder” during masturbation, the extra pressure on the head makes the entire toy pretty rattley. It’s actually loud enough that I find myself getting distracted from whatever porn I’m watching — or, worst of all, from my own pleasure. It’s important to mention that the vibrations also travel through the handle, which could be an issue for some individuals as well.

bottom line text

The Desire Wand is convenient to use & does a great job of slowing me down just enough so that an orgasm isn’t ripped out of my body before I’m even aroused. It’s a toy that I’m sure I will reach for often (which is a testament in itself, considering how many toys I have amassed and how often they languish in the bottom of a drawer). But the bottom line as to whether or not I can suggest this toy really comes down to the price.

Lovehoney Desire WandLovehoney’s Desire Wand is a $100 vibrator; that’s about $40 more expensive than the Original Magic Wand and only about $20-30 cheaper than the Doxy or the Magic Wand Rechargeable — depending on where you buy them from. It’s also more expensive than plenty of other wand-style options available through Lovehoney‘s website (although I can’t speak for the vibration strength or quality of the others).

In my opinion, the Desire Wand would be good for someone who doesn’t want the most powerful bang for their buck; someone looking for a small(ish), rechargeable unit that boasts a “luxury” feel and doesn’t technically climb into the triple digits — by one little penny.

If it were me, there would be no contest: I would rather save the extra money and purchase a Magic Wand. …But you all already knew I would say that, didn’t you?


Pros: acceptable (but not overwhelming) vibration intensity, multiple settings & patterns, simple controls, rechargeable — with good battery life, waterproof, light & comfortable to hold, best storage/travel case of all my toys, body-safe & nonporous silicone

Cons: rattles when pressed against the body, vibrations easily travel through handle, seems expensive when compared with more powerful wand vibrators

Special thanks to my affiliate, Lovehoney, for sending me this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. 

Free delivery on all orders over $40

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We-Vibe Rave Review

I am a power queen.

Whenever I turn on a new sex toy for the first time, I immediately max out the vibrations. I know that most of my vibrators will never be used on anything less than their highest setting. And even then, many will simply get passed over for my 2 favorites: the We-Vibe Tango or Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s not necessarily that I can’t climax without the power of ten billion buzzing bees between my legs1, it’s that I usually don’t want to. I’d rather spend my time aiming for multiple orgasms than struggling to my first.

When I heard that We-Vibe (makers of the most powerful bullet vibe in the world!) was releasing their first G-spot vibrator, I got super excited. So far, my strongest vibrators have not been insertable. And while I don’t typically require as much internal vibration to have a good time, I was still really hoping for a chance to rattle my G-spot into a state of utter exhaustion. description text

We-Vibe RaveThe We-Vibe Rave is a strange looking toy. It’s entirely asymmetrical — swooping slightly to the left on the handle & to the right towards the head, all while bending upwards to create an almost boomerang-like angle. There is also a slight twist in the design, forming an edge that is much sharper on one side than the other. It measures approximately 7.5″ long with a 1.25″ diameter.

The Rave is covered with a thin layer of body-safe & nonporous silicone that has a matte finish and is velvety soft to the touch. It lubricates easily to minimize drag and it doesn’t attract very much dust, lint, or hair in-between uses. The inner structure is incredibly firm, offering absolutely no bend or give.

On the front of the vibrator, there are 3 small, raised buttons. The + and – buttons are used to increase and decrease the vibration intensity. The o in the middle cycles through the 10 different vibration modes, offering a variety of pulses & waves. Any button will turn the toy on, starting immediately at whichever setting you used last. You can turn it off by either pressing & holding the o button or by cycling through all of the patterns.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.04.27 AMAbove the control buttons is another small bullseye shape. This is the “self healing” charging port. (An area of silicone that you can poke the charger through without permanently damaging the toy.) Impaling a high-price toy always makes me uneasy, but that’s exactly how these sorts of chargers work. The idea is that the port will recover & protect itself against water without the need for a plug — although it’s important to notice that the Rave is only “splash-proof.” It is NOT fully waterproof. We-Vibe advertises that a 90 minute charge lasts for up to 2 hours of use.

We-Vibe Rave - ButtonsAs with many other We-Vibe products that have been released recently, the Rave is compatible with their We-Connect app. This allows you to pair the vibrator with your phone via Bluetooth and then connect with “lovers” via the app, chatting with them & giving them control over the toy’s settings. We-Connect also allows you to create your own custom vibration patterns.

The We-Vibe Rave is available in one color (purple) and comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with tasteful photos of the product & basic information printed on the outside. Included with the Rave is a USB charging cord (AC adaptor not included), storage bag, instruction booklet, and 1-year warranty.

experience text

We-Vibe Rave - PackagingThis really shouldn’t come as a surprise: I absolutely love the vibrations! The Rave make me gasp every single time that I insert & position it before turning it on. It rumbles against my G-spot in such a way that the vibrations seem to travel through my whole body — or at least my entire pelvic region. My partner believes that it has the deepest, most penetrating vibrations of The We-Vibe Trifecta. Its vibration intensity is not quite Tango level… but still much stronger than the Touch. I actually have trouble selecting a good clit vibe to pair with it, because it tends to overshadow anything with less power. (Definitely a problem that I’m okay with having.)

The asymmetrical shape, on the other hand, did not win me over. I know that plenty of people will love the unique sensations it can create, but the sharp edges are a serious turn off for me. I can’t roll the toy across the front wall of my vagina (a technique I learned to love from the Key Jopen Comet II) without feeling like I am scraping out my insides. And the curve is just a little too intense to lose myself in thrusting. (At least it doesn’t get painfully hooked behind my pubic bone!)

We-Vibe RaveMy solution? I enjoy the complete absence of motion with the Rave. I might experiment a little here or there with very subtle movements, but most of the time I resort to pure unadulterated pressure. Its form is so solid that I can press down on the handle and shove the inserted end upwards with all of my might. I get the most pleasure from holding it there, allowing the vibrations to rattle through my body. My hand & arm eventually cramping from the force I’m exerting; my G-spot pleasurably sore after a few orgasms.

The only way that I can enjoy the asymmetrical shape is during clitoral stimulation — which the Rave also excels at. Externally, the different surfaces of the toy provide options depending on what type of stimulation you find most pleasurable. Broad, flat surface? Yep. Thin, pointed edge? It has you covered. And the curved length gives you a wonderful handle too.

The only across-the-board downside that I can find with the Rave is in the little things: the charging port & the We-Connect app.

We-Vibe Rave - ChargingNot only is the charging port what prevents this toy from being waterproof, it’s also in the worst possible place to get loads of lube & bodily fluids caked in & around it. (Seriously. Why place it right by the entrance to the

The app — well, it’s just frustrating. I tried testing it with both my partner & my best friend. My friend couldn’t even get the invite link to work on her phone. Fail. My partner managed to successfully connect as my “lover” and even do a video call with me… but the custom vibration modes never would work for either of us. Long-distance, wirelessly controlled sex toys are an awesome idea, but this one simply was not user-friendly or sexy — unless you get turned on by being horribly frustrated with technology. The only thing I enjoyed about the app was that it displays a percentage for how much charge my Rave has left.

bottom line text

Even with the torture-chamber edges that totally scare my vagina and one of the most poorly designed charging ports in sex toy history, the Rave is still one of the best vibrators I have ever used. (Especially once I deleted the mobile app.)

The G-sport curve is spot on for my body & the toy is firm enough to apply loads of intense, unrelenting pressure. Add on some of the most rumbly, powerful vibrations that I have ever felt in an insertable vibrator and I am basically transported to my own personal Shangri-La.

Once again, We-Vibe proves that they know how to please the power queens of the world. And I am completely smitten.


Pros: incredibly strong & rumbly vibrations, curved for G-spot stimulation, firm enough to apply lots of pressure, asymmetry offers multiple options for clitoral stimulation, body-safe & nonporous silicone, easy controls, 10 vibration patterns, relatively quiet, rechargeable

Cons: not waterproof, charging port easily collects lube & bodily fluids, mobile/long-distance app is not user friendly, edges might feel uncomfortably sharp during internal use


Huge thanks to my wonderful affiliate, Good Vibrations, for sending me this product in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. 

If you would like to purchase the We-Vibe Rave, please consider supporting my blog by doing so here.

  1. One sex toy origin story (which is almost certainly a myth) states that the first-ever vibrator was created when Cleopatra filled a gourd with live bees. As you can imagine, this would require a whole hell of a lot of bees — and plenty of prayers that the gourd would not break.

Tantus Duchess Review

One thing that I love about Tantus (and there are several) is that they are continuously working on improving their line of quality silicone toys & making them more accessible to customers. Love their designs, but low on cash? They decided to use up spare silicone to create super-cheap grab bags. Need just a bit more reach during masturbation? They developed dildos with handles. Love girthy toys, but struggle a bit with comfortable insertion? Just another wonderful use for their O2 dual density silicone.description text

Tantus DuchessMeet the Tantus Duchess: the exact same design as their older Duke dildo — but squishier! Tantus’ O2 line of dual density silicone toys are made from two layers of silicone. First, there is the firm inner core which gives the toy stability and prevents it from drooping or folding over on itself when bent. Then, there is the softer outer layer which provides a much more comfortable, forgiving surface. I’m a big fan of dual density silicone in general; I simply love the way it feels. But when a toy is pushing my limits in girth, that extra squish can make all the difference.

The Duchess is available in 2 colors: ice (blue) & candy (pink). It has a super straight shaft that measures a fairly average 1.5″ in diameter. However, at the end of that shaft is a thick, 1.8″ bulbous head that definitely enters into more girthy territory. Although the entire design is more simplified than realistic, it does include the semblance of a frenulum and a very pronounced coronal ridge. Its insertable length measures 6.5″.

Tantus DuchessThe Duchess is one of Tantus’ “vibrators,” but it’s really more of a “vibrating dildo” — a silicone cock with a hole in the base for the addition of a vibrating bullet. (Tantus will include one of their own bullet vibes, but it works well with my beloved We-Vibe Tango too.) This hole also accommodates Tantus’ suction cups, and the base (measuring approximately 2.75″ across) makes this toy both harness compatible and anal safe.

Made from 100% silicone, the Duchess is both body-safe & nonporous. It also has a unique combination of different silicone finishes. While most of the toy is matte, the head is ever-so-subtly shiny. And although both of these textures create a lot of drag when not lubricated properly, the glossiness of the head seems to lubricate easier and assist with insertion. (Unfortunately, this gloss finish also attracts loads of dust, hair, & lint — so keep that toy cleaner handy!)

I received my Duchess as a bulk review item from SheVibe, so it did not come with any packaging. However, I can say from experience that Tantus’ packaging is always super tasteful and gender-neutral.

Tantus Duchess

As you may be able to notice, the color (and therefore, the consistency) of my Duchess is slightly uneven. The inner core was not entirely centered during the molding process, leaving one side squishy & white and allowing much more of the firm, blue silicone to show through on the other. I’m happy to say that although it doesn’t look like the stock photos, this has not affected my experience with the toy in use. 

experience textTantus DuchessIn the past, I have gravitated towards insertable toys with a girth of about 1.5″ — branching out to 1.75″ only when my vagina was feeling particularly mighty. But ever since Woodhull (when I was suddenly & irrevocably inspired by Lunabelle‘s beautiful collection), I’ve decided to up the ante.

My first attempt at something a little bit larger was the Blush Novelties Luxe Mio. I liked it a lot, but it didn’t really mesh with my masturbation habits. I had to slowly work up to it with other toys, carefully choose my lubricants, and still be prepared for the inevitable hint of pain. For someone who usually likes to knock out a few orgasms and then return to her latest Netflix obsession … it was all a bit too time-consuming. A real “special occasion” dildo.

Even with the same diameter, the Tantus Duchess is wildly different. All of its challenge lies in the head; a head that, while certainly bulbous, is made entirely from squishy & glossy silicone. It lubricates easily and offers up a friendly, give & take relationship with my vagina. (I don’t even have to focus on using my most cushiony lubricant or choosing my next largest dildo as a warm-up toy!) On the rare occasion when I have felt discomfort with the Duchess, it’s completely limited to my vaginal opening and it’s over before I know it. Since the size immediately drops at the shaft, there’s no lingering ache while I anxiously wait for my vagina to adjust to the size. (Seriously NOT my idea of pleasurable pain.)

Tantus Duchess - Bullet VibeThe completely straight shaft also allows me to use the Duchess as a thrusting dildo. It doesn’t hook behind my pubic bone. And despite its size, it doesn’t get stuck in place by my clenching muscles like the Luxe Mio does. (Just remember to reapply lube, because the matte silicone can — and probably will — dry out.) The large coronal ridge feels wonderful when it grazes against the front wall of my vagina and the bulbous head provides great pressure. The Duchess is actually one of the few dildos I own that I love to use for both active thrusting & stationary pressure/clenching.

As for the addition of a vibrating bullet? Meh. As with most Tantus products, I feel that the design is fantastic on its own; I actually find vibrations to be a little distracting. However, I am happy to say that despite the thick silicone, vibrations do travel down through the tip of the toy. (They are pretty muffled though, so this is yet another time when I would suggest a really powerful bullet vibe like the We-Vibe Tango.)

bottom line text

I’m surprised by how much I love the Tantus Duchess. Sure, if I’m looking for intense & direct G-spot action (which I usually am), I’ll reach for another toy. But for those times when I want to challenge myself just a little; when I want to be able to thrust with wild abandon & still get some stimulation & pressure on the front wall of my vagina; when I want to clench my muscles around a nice, thick chunk of soft silicone…the Duchess is perfect. Huge plus that I don’t have spend all night working up to it, too.

Although it is a little bit pricey ($89.99 at SheVibe), I can assure you that this is one very high quality dual-density sex toy — and one of my personal favorites for experimenting with larger sizes. You really don’t get better than Tantus.


Pros: bulbous & larger-than-average head, pronounced coronal ridge, softer dual-density silicone (with firm core) makes size more comfortable, straight shaft makes thrusting easy, body-safe/nonporous, has space for vibrating bullet or suction cup, harness compatible & anal safe

Cons: potentially uncomfortable insertion for those who are used to smaller toys

Huge thanks to my affiliate, SheVibe, for sending me this toy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review! 


If you’d like to purchase the Tantus Duchess, please consider doing so here. (And if you like the shape of the Duchess, but the dual-density isn’t important to you & you’d like to save some money, the Duke is only $64.99.)   

Perfect Plug & Perfect Plug Plus

Tantus Perfect Plug Kit Review

description text

Tantus Perfect Plug Kit - Packaging

The Perfect Plug Kit by Tantus is packaged within a clear plastic clamshell case with a single sheet of basic information and contains 2 different anal toys: the smaller, original Perfect Plug and the larger, vibrating Perfect Plug Plus (3-speed waterproof bullet vibrator included). Although they vary in size, each plug features the same basic design: a tapered end followed by a rounded bulge, a straight shaft, and a long skinny base that is made to fit comfortably between one’s asscheeks. Both plugs are made from 100% high quality, body-safe silicone which the packaging aptly describes as “plush” and “velvety.” (It actually reminds me a lot of Lelo’s famous silicone, reducing drag and fending off large amounts of dust, lint, & hair.) The silicone is firm to the touch, but the toys themselves are thin enough to bend & flex with your body. Each plug — or plug set — is available in two colors: black & purple.

Perfect Plug

With its incredibly small size and gently tapered point, the Perfect Plug was created with the first-time anal player in mind.  It has a total length of 3.5″ and a diameter of just 0.75″ at its widest insertable point. At almost the exact same size as a single finger, it’s definitely one of the most unassuming anal toys that I’ve ever seen. Plus, the thin diamond-shaped base offers a sturdy 2.5″ in length; you won’t have to worry about these butt plugs escaping into your colon and sending you to the ER.

Perfect Plug & Perfect Plug Plus

 Perfect Plug Plus

The Perfect Plug Plus, although slightly larger than the original, is still relatively small and beginner-friendly when compared to the overall anal plug market. The Plus has a total length of 4″ and a diameter of 1.2″ at it’s widest insertable point. The base measures in at approximately 2.75″ long. Instead of being solid silicone, the bottom half of the Plus is hollowed out to accommodate a vibrating bullet. It snuggly holds the included Tantus bullet as well as my beloved We-Vibe Tango. (Although the Tango is a slightly tighter fit with a bit of extra length poking out.) Both are still easy to remove with or without lubricant, which seems to be incredibly rare for bullet-compatible toys.

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Like I mentioned in my review for the Fun Factory Bootie, anal play isn’t an activity that I often engage in anymore. At the ripe old age of about 25, my body decided to develop minor internal hemorrhoids that — even if they’re not currently acting up — have put the fear of god in me. (Or at least the fear of a painfully itchy booty.) My ass has gradually gone from a source of taboo pleasure to a desexualized, off-limits area. I have to be extremely aware of the diameter of toys I want to try. I have to constantly remind myself to slow down and take deep breaths. I basically have to start from square one.

Perfect Plug

Perfect Plug BaseAs a butt-shy, second-time-around anal beginner, the Perfect Plug was exactly that: perfect. The tip is so small and the taper is so gradual that with the help of a little lubricant, the plug just slips right in there without a problem. No pain, no discomfort; it doesn’t challenge my body at all — which I consider to be a very good thing right now.

Once inserted, the Perfect Plug rests comfortably inside of me, quietly asserting its presence without screaming for attention. I can walk or sit down and it doesn’t interfere at all. It even remains unobtrusive during PIV intercourse; I never did feel like it was going to pop out simply because my partner’s thrusts were nudging the base. Overall, it’s almost like this plug is invisible. While my partner really enjoyed the experience of wearing it while walking up & down stairs, I failed to find it “pleasurable” in any context — but that’s the case with all anal toys right now. For me, it is a simple & very comfortable stepping stone for taking my ass back. That’s all I’m asking for right now.

Perfect Plug Plus

The Perfect Plug Plus, on the other hand, was a bit of a challenge. The increase in size is less gradual with this plug, and that caused my partner to write it off after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at insertion. I was suddenly afraid. Although shape is often more of a determining factor for him than size, he has in general been much more successful with anal play than I have been lately. If it wasn’t working for him…how in the world would it work for me?!

Perfect Plug Plus with Vibes

I’m happy to say that forging ahead with the Perfect Plug Plus was not nearly as scary as I had imagined. At the same time, I must admit that I probably won’t be using it again any time soon. Inserting the Plus is not easy for me. I experience a fair amount of resistance as well as the occasional brief moment of discomfort. Once the plug is finally in place, it takes me a long time to get used to the size — if I ever do. Walking & sitting doesn’t feel natural anymore. It’s distracting and just a bit too much for my body overall.

As expected, the Plus is slightly less inconspicuous during PIV intercourse or vaginal masturbation, but it never made either activity uncomfortable; it simply felt like my partner might dislodge the plug when thrusting. By far, my favorite part about the Perfect Plug Plus was the vibrations and their effect on my partner. The 3-speed Tantus bullet was enough to take some time off of his endurance — but he was truly a lost cause with the addition of the We-Vibe Tango! (I’m not a huge fan of anal vibrations, but I also enjoyed the Tango somewhat more. It was powerful enough for the vibrations to travel to my vagina — and it was much less buzzy/itchy.)

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Perfect Plug Plus & Bullet

The Perfect Plug Kit by Tantus is a fantastic choice for anal beginners or those individuals who simply prefer smaller butt toys. Both plugs sport a very sleek, body-conforming shape that helps with easy insertion as well as comfortable extended wear. The Perfect Plug Plus even allows for experimentation with vibrations, which is not as easy to find in small anal toys! Best of all, you get TWO body-safe & nonporous butt plugs for one affordable price ($68 through the Tantus website).

Although the Plus isn’t extremely comfortable for my body at this time, this will certainly not be the case for everyone — not even for all anal beginners. If, however, you are extremely concerned about size (or already know that you cannot handle more than a finger and don’t care to try), I still highly recommend the Perfect Plug on its own ($33.60). On the other hand, if there’s any chance that you’d like to work up to something larger over time, my advice is to go ahead and get the Kit. It’ll save you some money in the long run!


Pros: small with beginner-friendly shapes, two sizes allow for anal experimentation & advancement, larger plug is bullet compatible (vibrations!), body-safe & nonporous silicone, long/thin base for safe & comfortable wear, affordable price, can buy plugs separately if you know that one size just isn’t for you

Cons: larger plug can still be too large/not tapered enough for absolute anal beginners

Special thanks to Tantus for sending me this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review! 


If you would like to purchase the Perfect Plug Kit, please consider doing so through one of my affiliates: Tantus or SheVibe.